Monday, October 5, 2009

Myers Briggs Personality Test

You might have done this in school.. or not. But either way it is great to know yourself and put it in words. I had to do this test during one of our team building meetings at Vancouver Fashion Week and I did do it in school as well. Anyhow, these were my results:


For ESTPs the dominant quality in their lives is their enthusiastic attention to the outer world of hands-on and real-life experiences. ESTPs are excited by continuous involvement in new activities and in the pursuit of new challenges. ESTPs tend to be logical and analytical in their approach to life, and they have an acute sense of how objects, events, and people in the world work. ESTPs are typically energetic and adaptable realists, who prefer to experience and accept life rather than to judge or organize it.

It's so weird cuz its EXACTLY like me! Click here to do it. Answer those 4 questions to get your 4 letters then click on 16 type descriptions and read about yourself! Enjoy! <3

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