Sunday, November 30, 2008

song of the day: Single

Haha this song is so corny boy band but it's so addictive. It's by Ne-Yo and New Kids on The Block. <3

here's an equation for you



love= friendship+sex-reason

haha love it <3

quote of the day: Mariah Carey

remember when...

I love music and I don't know what I'd do without. The other day I was listening to some old songs and they just make you think. Just thinking about the past and how there is an empty feeling involved. A feeling that no one else can take from you. It makes you take a trip down memory land for a split second. The feeling of reminiscing. It's sad to think that time had gone by so quickly and that you could have changed something to make it better. As hard as it is, live in the present because you can't change the past and the present will only become your future. <3

grow your boobs naturally

Every woman has a part of their body they would like to change yet scared to go under the knife. Well what about turning to a natural source?

In Chinese tradition, it has been found that certain foods and drinks enhance the breast size. Foods such as soya milk contain natural estrogen and this is supposed to help. So a suggestion would be to have more soy rich products. Also, lots of fruit and veggies is supposed to do this to. So time to get in gear and eat healthy ladies! <3

the dress factor

As fashion is revolving and fashions are coming and going, it is difficult to find a dress that is unique and fits you perfectly. That is why I have been secretly designing my own dresses. Anyhow, I think that the back of a dress is really important. Many people just look at the front of a dress but the back is truly important. It is when a person is watching you walk away. It defines the elegance and makes an overall amazing dress. The front can be simple and chic, but the minute you turn around, it's a jaw opener. Valentino has managed to perfect the art of this. <3

Saturday, November 29, 2008

song of the day: You Know What

This is an N.E.R.D. song to fulfill your ears and tap your feet! It's not the real music video because there isn't one but here ya go!

then you kiss my cheek,
my knees get weak,
my heart just skipped a beat,
so I just froze


it's not you.. it's me

So I received a call today from Mr. Submissive and we ended up talking for an hour. Totally got along, went well, it was just an overall good conversation. Anyhow, I've been thinking about it and I just don't know. Yeah we get along, yeah everything's well, but it's me. My commitment issues are taking a hold of me. I know, things have just really started but it just doesn't feel like I know exactly what I'm doing, and if this works out that means I'd have to commit and frankly, I'm scared.

Just putting yourself out on the line and maybe having something bad happen? I guess it's also about risk and I have to jump to see whether I fall or fly. This is all happening so suddenly and I just don't know what I want and it's not fair to the guys I know that much. I just have to keep telling myself one step at at a time. Usually I'm so confident, but when it comes to boys it gets blurry. We seem so compatible, but I don't know what I want?! But this whole time it seems like I've been trying to find Mr. Right. *sigh*<3

quote of the day: Karl Lagerfeld

Holiday Shopathon!

Let me enlighten you on the Holiday Shopathon put on by The Style Spy. There are actually 4 different events and stores over a 2 week period which include crazy discounts, along with special gifts with your purchases and a goodie bag! Also, you'll get free alchy and goodies with music and giveaways.

Tickets are $20 for VIP which gives you access to all the parties and General admission is $8 per party.

This is the holiday schedule:


black friday turns to a black day

So I didn't want to talk about black Friday because I wasn't in the States. As I have mentioned before, this is the day when there are massive sales on in the States, which are larger than Boxing Day. My friend went and ended up getting True Religions and 7s for under $100 each. GRRR. Anyhow, this is not the point.

In Nassauc County, NY, a 34 year old Wal-Mart worker was killed by the crazy shoppers who broke down the doors of Wal-Mart and trampled into the store. Why are people so crazy about Wal-Mart? Especially on Black Friday. You would think people would be going else where. Those who broke down the doors were asked to leave but they carried on.

The worker was knocked down at 5.03 in the morning, taken to the hospital and was found to be dead exactly an hour later. This worker was not the only one injured, four other shopper were taken to the hospital from that same store location. WHAT A MESS. Are people so hungry to shop... like really? Wal-Mart? <3


haha last night was purrrrre fun.

So we were running an hour late. We went to my friend's grandpa's house and got ready and headed downtown to an amazingly yummy Greek restaurant. It was soooo delicious. We had a dick of a cab driver but it all worked out. Whatever. During the time we were getting ready we were taking shots. Grey Goose and cranberry juice. It went down HORRIBLY. It was soo disgusting. But we did it anyways because we didn't want to pay in the end.
At the restaurant we met 11 other people and ate the best Greek food ever, and ordered more drinks ofcourse!

Then we headed to a club in the pouring rain. It was so nasty. The club was really dead when we went in, but got a little busier. Mr. Submissive ended up coming and he wasn't so submissive. haha It was lots of fun and I'm sooo happy he came. He was supposed to come with one of his friends who bailed. I couldn't believe he still came by himself though!! Just for me haha.

Oh yes, and this is for the OhEmGee part. So, when I was dancing, I didn't realize that my dress somehow managed to come undone and my zipper got stuck! Like literally jammed. I grabbed my friend and we ran to the bathroom and I couldn't get it to move!!!! It was the most embarassing thing and I was missing all the good songs! We were laughing soooo hard. It was the funniest thing ever. So my friend went to grab my jacket and we made plans to leave. What a crazy night. Too crazy, too messy, too fun. It's my last night out before exams. :( <3

Thursday, November 27, 2008

quote of the day: Gianni Versace

Prada x TY?

Remember kicken it old school with Beanie Babies back in the day? They were the plush toy. Well Prada in face has teamed up with them to create key chains in order to create this obsession again. Can you believe these things are $117? I think they're pretty ugly... EEEEEKS. Bad move Prada. <3

accessory of the day: tights

Tights are making a major comeback in the world of fashion like you wouldn't believe. I remember having to wear tights to ballet with that leotard. Not fun at all, but those aren't the ones I'm talking about. I'm talking about sexy, patterned tights which you can wear with dresses. Kind of with a vintage feel to them. They look hot with a closed toe ankle high boot. But don't go overboard with the pattern because I think at that point it starts to go tacky! <3

boys will be boys

Sooo rumour has it that people actually enjoy hearing about my love life? Relatable? Maybe so, but honestly, ever since that one went to Australia I had no one. Until most recently. Now I'm just trying to juggle! I don't mind, I honestly love it and that's the best part of being single. So let's categorize them there's:

a) Mr. Submissive So this is the guy who I've eyed but never thought anything would happen. Until we hit up the club together then he was the one who kept asking me to dance and had a whole different vibe to him. He's good looking and everyone says we look cute together. But, (ofcourse there's a but) he's more conservative! I would be the wild one in the relationship but maybe that's good because I tend to go towards more of the aggressive bad boy. He just seems so innocent and cute and we have a definite connection. I love a guy who makes you feel like he wants you and no one else and staying in the side lines doesn't do anything. Go after what you want!!!

b) Mr. Aggressive So this guy is aggressive. Well more aggressive than Mr. Submissive. He texts me every day and is flirtatious at times, yet he is hot and cold. He would do anything for me, yet he is too available. I tend to play it off like a guy. I mean if guys can do it to girls, girls should be able to too and this whole availibility thing is way to eager. It's all about the game, but for now he's keeping me entertained.

c) Mr. Player
I only see this one out randomly but when I do he's all about me. He's the sweet talker and I'm a sucker for that. Yet, he knows a kabillion and one girls and the minute you turn your head these girls throw themselves at him. It's dumb but he's just there and fun to tease! The thing with him is that he's not even that good looking but his presence and aura makes him sexy.

So that is my update just before the weekend. So much fun and madness. I honestly don't know how I keep up during school but I manage! It's called work-life balance and everyone should have it. Tomorrow is a girl from school's birthday and things should get interesting. Mr. Submissive may come but with drinks in him he may not be so submissive! <3

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

quote of the day: Winnie the Pooh

Dita von Teese x Playboy

Dita von Teese is in German Playboy creating a sexy spread December 2008. This is Dita's 4th time in Playboy. She is a Playboy star with the best style. She's way better off without Marilyn Manson. <3

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

quote of the day: anonymous

grunge era

In fashion it feels as if grunge is coming back, well has been building for a while. I think it's mixed with an indie chic style. The grunge era was known to be in the early 90s, but as fashion evolves, it's back. This includes those plaid, flannel shirts and dark colours. Plaid has been building for several years now. Marc Jacobs notoriously created a grunge collection for Perry Ellis about 10 years ago and is reintroducing some of the products into his line. Think Mary-Kate when you think of grunge. I like some aspects of the fashion but not all!!! Some are a bit much. Alot of my pictures I put up on here are grungy too. <3

well hellooooo

It has been a while hasn't it? I haven't blogged in so long. Honestly, I've been doing sooo much that today feels like Thursday. I'm sooo tired and have probably gotten 6 hours of sleep in the last 4 days. Great. Finals are coming up which I'm nervous for! Anyways, it was my friend's birthday today and she wanted me to help her pick out her outfit as I'm her stylist. Anyhow, I really did want to save my money, but I could not resist. Guess what I ended up getting myself?! I got the IT boot!!! Aka, the over the knee high flat boot that I've been wanting. The ones I originally wanted did not fit my leg properly and looked silly as they bagged out at the top, but I passed by this little asian no name shoe store and got myself the perfect pair in black. They are soooo hot, and they were only $40!!! On top of it all, I also got a black and white plaid tube top dress with ruffles and buttons going down the front. It's fitted all the way down and is sooo me. Actually it reminds me of Naoimi from 90210. Also, I got a v-neck gray tee with a wing on the front. Sounds dorky but I loveeee it. Such good buys all at $90!!! <3

Saturday, November 22, 2008

quote of the day: Anon

the rebirth

Guess what?! Alice in Wonderland is being remade for 2010! It will be directed by Tim Burton. I don't have too much information on it but Johnny Depp will be the Mad Hatter (sooo suitable), and Anne Hathaway will be the White Queen. As for the others I don't really know who they are. The main character, will be Mia Wasikowska. Never heard of her but maybe she will be the new it girl in 2010? Who knows. <3

a wonderful reunion

So it's actually happening and I'm stoooooked! No Doubt is regrouping and heading out on a world tour. The band hasn't been on tour since 2004 as my favourite, Gwen Stefani, has been busy over the past 4 years growing in her solo career, fashion line and having babies! I really wonder how the tour will go and how they will sound! I'm soo digging the picture too. <3

Hello Kitty x MAC

I'm telling you that Hello Kitty is the new it girl! MAC is teaming up with Hello Kitty to create make-up and random accessories including key chains, bracelets and tote bags. There will be 2 collections which will be Hello Kitty Colour Collection and Hello Kitty Kouture. The Hello Kitty Colour Collection is for the more mature customer, while Hello Kitty Kouture is to bring in the kid market. There will also be something called Sheer Myster Powder incorporated into the lines which comes in a white Swarovski crystal Hello Kitty compact, and this is priced at $90. I'm all over it! <3

Target is on target

With the economy meltdown, people have been resorting to big boxed discount stores such as Wal-Mart, Target, etc. Nothing wrong with them, in fact you can find such treasures that are actually new for a great price point. Anyhow, Alexander McQueen will be designing a collection for Target.

The collection will be a younger line followed by his current diffusion line McQ. He has used Leila Moss, a lead singer of a band called The Duke Spirit as his muse for Target. I guess this is an upside to the recession? <3>

style currency

Karl Lagerfeld produced the candy currency to celebrate the 125th birthday of Coco Chanel. On one side is a picture of Chanel and the other is the number 5 (if your dumb it's really for Chanel No. 5)! <3

red headed slut..

.. that was the drink of the evening. Last night was drunk. That's the one word I would describe it with. Or messy. Anyhow, you get the point. So my friend drove us down and we drank a mixture of Absolut Cranberry, Grey Goose and Gingerale. I don't drink pop so it wasn't really going down to nicely. When we hit the club we had more drinks. Anyhow, 3 of my guys on my guy list were there and it was a disastrous tug-of-war. I pretty much went wherever cuz I didn't know what was happening. It didn't help that I had 4 hours of sleep before! Today I'm really feeling the effects. I was to have a group meeting at my school, and I set my alarm but I guess I slept through it?! My friends ended up calling me the time the meeting was starting and I was soooo shocked. It's so unlike my character! Oops! Today, my legs are sooo sore from dancing and my foot kept jamming into the front of my show and so my toe is bruised and I'm limping. Eeeeks. Anyways, it was really fun though and let's say.. interesting for sure! Too juicy for the internet. Sorry loves! <3

Friday, November 21, 2008

featured artist: Nikki Farquharson

Nikki Farquharson's art was shown at the YCN Alive exhibit in September. In 2007, she started a website, Random Got Beautiful for people to submit images focused on a specific colour. Farquharson does 3D pieces which she changes around and puts her creativity to work. Itreminds me of some of the stuff I draw! <3

wicky wicky

Check it out! This is the "diamond" turntable by Scheu Ananlog. It is designed for women as it combines a curvy shape and frosty recorded holder. It is very non traditional. This baby is going for $3900 Euro. It's cute eh!? I would love to mix my own beats but you know there's only so much you can do. <3

up in the club where we do things

So last night I got 4 hours of sleep. I finished writing my 50 page business plan. It's pretty intense, and all this hard work will pay off. I just have to keep that in mind! Tonight my school is having a party at a local club. It's a fundraiser called Dress for Success which helps put low income women. So party time for me!!! I honestly need to get out and drink. Sounds like alcoholism but I swear I'm not! It should get interesting. There's this guy who likes me who's going to be there, but a different guy which I like who is going to be there! Ahh.. I'm just an innocent one! Have a great weekend and grab a drink. You'll feel better:)! <3

Thursday, November 20, 2008

sorry my lovers!

Tonight's a write-off!!! I'm taking this day off. I'm sick and I'm going to be up to the wee mornings. Forgive you. I know I was on a role!!! xoxo mwah Mwah MWAH! <3

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

quote of the day: Jay-Z

Hollywood Pinups

I love the sexy pin-up look. Ever since Halloween, I've been obsessed. Anyways, once again I'm talking about the Olsen twins. Mary-Kate and Ashley have joined Hollywood's elite and are stripping to pose for a new photography book. The above pic is of them You wouldn't be able to tell eh? It is called Hollywood Pinups and is by Timothy White. Others modelling will include Molly Sims, Angie Harmon, Kate Hudson, Elisha Cuthbert and even Susan Sarandon. I want it!!! It's going to be one steamy book for the cold winter season! On top of it all, it's only $14!<3

it's an honour

So my good girl friend wants me to design her New Years dress and perhaps make it if I have the time. It's such an honour, and I've already designed about 12 dresses. The thing is that she can't decide between them because she loves them all! I'm extremely flattered. Now other people want me designing dresses for them as well, but it's just not feasible for me to make 5 dresses in such a short amount of time! I was very surprised, and I customized the dresses to her style. That is probably why she is having a hard time deciding. This makes me so excited. Perhaps future plans?! I like that idea. I don't have my designs here, they're all hand drawn. That one is not mine! <3

winter must have

The weather is getting ridiculously cold, and one way to keep warm is through your feet and legs. It feels as if people bundle and layer on the top, but do you ever find your legs to be cold? Well problem solved. I've loved these for ages now, but they seem to be actually fashionable this year. So let me share. Knee high socks is what I'm talking about. They are so comfy to wear and super cute. If you want to display the cute design, I personally wear them over my leggings and wear a knee high boot with the top part of the sock showing. Does that make sense? Haha, if not, you can hide them under your pants. It's like the new age leg warmer and it really works. My fav are the juicy one, but they have really cute ones else where as well! Make your feet happy! Isn't that picture adorable!? <3

one of a kind

BC Place Stadium is opening their doors for holiday shoppers on November 30th. What do you mean by this you ask? Well, it's a show featuring over 150 creators, artists and artisans. Its is meant for you to find a perfect and unique gift, and keeps you away from the mall, if that's your thing. This year Vancouver has decided to bring the One of a Kind Show and Sale to Vancouver. It will be happening from Thursday November 20th to Sunday November 23rd, and is open from 10-9 and Sunday 10-6.

Adults $10.00
Seniors (65+) $6.50
Students (13-17) $6.50
Children (12 and under) Free

Time to get into the Christmas mood! <3

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

quote of the day: Gore Vidal

fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it

So remember how I was talking about this bus boy I see almost every morning? Well I've still been seeing him, but there has been no interacting between us. He's like morning eye candy. I mean in sweatpants he can look good? That really says something. I know it's a little creepy but it's just a crush. The weird thing is that I've been seeing him everywhere lately and just randomly bumping into each other, and a smirk will come across our faces. He seems like a shy kind of guy. Very mysterious and submissive, but at the same time just a genuine person. Today my friend surprised me in the library and if she hadn't I would not have turned around and seen that he was sitting directly behind me. I don't know what it is but I will talk to him. Eventually. I just need to build up the courage. haha P.S. I've come to realize, I really don't have a particular type of guy I go for. Weird. <3

the it boot

I've been looking out for the perfect pair of thigh high flat boots but I haven't found the right one. It's much like shopping for a boy! It's soo difficult, but when you know, your really know and you must have it. Anyways, I'm on the hunt and I'm guessing that this will be the IT boot of the winter! Here is Blake Lively with a pair of Chinese Laundry ones. Just GORGEOUS. <3

cheap and chic

Forever 21 is probably one of my favourite stores in the States to find cheap, good quality, good looking products. Well, now they are thinking of the big picture and heading to my future home in NYC. Times Square to be exact. New York is preparing to welcome a massive 100,000 sq foot shopping establishment in midtown. This will fill up the former Tower Records, and Forever 21 will be one of the few stores in this massive building! They just have to wait for me!!! <3

but why?

So last night, I received a late call from my friend's mom. She sound freaked and panicked and finally she was able to get the story out to me. Apparently, my friend got in the car with a boyfriend not knowing he was drunk late last night. They ended up crashing into a tree which the front end of the car ended up wrapping around. I ended up rushing to the hospital last night to find my friend in really bad condition. She was not even awake. I ended up sleeping at the hospital and quickly went home this morning to get ready in 15 minutes and head to school. What a day. I was so tired and my make up was straight trash. But that's the least of my worries. Apparently she has a minor concussion, but she still hasn't woken up so I don't really know what's going on. As for the guy I'm not too sure but I'm furious with him. I think the last I heard, long story short he'll be okay too. These things really question you why? Why did it have to happen to them? Why did it have to happen at all? These situations are so frustrating when they could have been controlled. *sigh* I'm feel like I have so much to say, yet at the same time I'm speechless.I don't know what will happen next in this situation but all of us can learn from it. <3

Monday, November 17, 2008

quote of the day: Diane von Furstenberg


The worst are paper cuts. I just got one and it hurts so badly! They are the smallest things ever but have the greatest effect. Those lil buggers sting! Or even cardboard cuts. Yucky. I honestly don't know how emos do it, slicing themselves while watching and not by mistake. Ahh I can't type anymore. Too gross. <3

miss meliss is exhausted

I'm sooo tired and my list has gone back up to a million and one of things to do!! I really don't like seeing myself as stressed as I get and I can hardly manage myself. It's depressing. I just have to keep thinking that this will pay off. And if you're in school, you probably feel the same pressures as me! So if you think you're the only one out there feeling this anxiety (and you really are feening for a Prime Time), you're not alone! And I love you!!!! <3

Victoria Secret's annual fashion show

All the Victoria's Secret super models were flown into Miami Beach for their extravagant once a year Christmas fashion show. Everyone I mean EVERYONE watches this show. CBS will broadcast the show only on December 3rd, and you can see all your favourite girls including Heidi Klum, Karolina Kurkova, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Selita Ebanks, and the newest angels Marisa Miller, Miranda Kerr and Doutzen Kroes! December 3rd just got HOT! I'm so stoked, I tape these scanadalous shows every year. <3

the truth about carbs

Remember how at one point there was a huge carb diet going on!? Well in the end its really not worth your time. It has been studied and shown that
  • Short term risks are extreme fatigue, constipation, and irritability
  • Long term risks are colon cancer and heart disease
  • Doctors say a minimum of 130 grams of carbs a day are needed for a healthy diet
Things which should be cut out of your diet are refined carbs (i.e. soda and foods with white flour). Instead have more of the natural foods including fruits, veggies, and whole grains. Everyone seems to be going towards a healthier trend so there shouldn't be any reason why you shouldn't be able to substitute! I know it's hard. Believe me. But I'm just looking out for your health. <3

Sunday, November 16, 2008

quote of the day: from the show Stylista

featured desinger: Diane von Furstenberg

Please do not tell me you do not know who DVF is. If you don't you are clearly not in the know. If you don't know I'll teach you a 2 minute lesson. She is a legendary fashion designer known for her wrap dress. She has started a number of successful business' including a cosmetics line, a home-shopping business, and has been exploding in the fashion world. She is iconic, and if I ever met her I would not know what to do. Her most current webpage is a blog. It just launched on November 13th, and is fun-filled with updates on fashion news, new items, horoscopes, cultural advice, personal photos and posts from the one and only Diane von Furstenberg. <3

Barbie is old but is looking younger everyday!!

For Barbie's 50th birthday, she is getting a make-over!! On top of that, she will also have a real live runway show during Fall 09 Fashion Week. Mattel wants the some fashion cred for Barbie and this will include fifty designers making life-size Barbie outfits, which includes designers such as Alexander Wang, Vera Wang and Jeremy Scott. This is sooo exciting as I love Barbie, and it will be really interesting to see fifty different designers interpret Barbie. Plus their models will have to have the perfect bodies! <3


Changeling has come out, the movie that is. I really want to see it. It looks good! Long story short, it's about a mother who's son has been kidnapped and just wants him to come home. So they think they've found him, but it is not hers. I dunno, it's a very classic movie set way back when and it just looks good! As for Angelina Jolie (the main star), she doesn't. I really don't like this look on her, she can't pull of that classic style. Someone more like Kate Beckinsale can pull it off. Oh well! <3