Friday, July 31, 2009

highschool will always be highschool

So yesterday night, I ended up with all my high school friends which haven't seen in ages! A few of them have gone away and come back, but they are exactly the same. On a chill hot July night at a gathering they are still getting wasted. I'm not saying I'm above them or anything but I just don't understand how they do it almost every night! It's crazy! It was good seeing them though I'll admit. And to be honest they are a really close group which is nice to have, but sometimes I need downtime. I don't understand how they do it! And it's weird how somehow they know every bit of your life before you open your mouth. Small world I suppose. They felt exactly the same as how I left them in high school. <3

Rad by Rad

Paris-based Canadian, Rad Hourani introduces his secondary line: Rad by Rad Hourani. I love his hard-edged, dark style with some casualness. Wholesale prices range from $100-$300, and his pieces are made of organic cotton. I love organic cotton! He is planning to debut this line in NY Fashion Week and is scheduled on Sept. 1. Rad will be sold in stores and online in November! <3

Thursday, July 30, 2009

LMFAO Concert

On Tuesday night I went to the LMFAO concert at a local club. We got to the club and we had to stand in line to get our tickets. Then after, we had to wait in line for our tickets! The concrete soaked up the sun all day so it was extremely hot!! It felt like I was in Hong Kong in the summer time or something!

Anyhow, we waited and were hyped up for LMFAO to come on and then they finally came on. They really got the crowd going, but I was not really feeling them. My friend got to meet them and she said that they smelt like puke and were gross. Ah. Overall it was one interesting night. I still like them though! <3

picture with Rankin

Rankin the iconic British photographer shot Kate Moss, Vivienne Westwood and Queen and you could be the next to be shot! Sky News is offering the chance for you to get your own photoshoot with Rankin. All you have to do is answer: Which famous fashion designer has John Rankin photographed? And you could be the next pretty face! It's due in Friday midnight! If you are interested, click here!<3

movie review: Funny People

Today I went to the premiere of Funny People.. two days before it comes out! It was a really good movie. I really liked it. The only problem was that it was a tad too long for me! It started at 7 and ended at 9.45! Usually movies like that don't take that long! I ended up having to sit third row because it was so busy and we left later than expected. Oy, but I suggest you go see it Friday. Just be prepared to get a little uncomfortable in your seat as the movie drags on a little too long! <3

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Duff x DKNY

Hilary Duff and DKNY have teamed up for Femme, the DKNY Jeans collection. This has been released and the campaign will run in the fall issues of Seventeen and Teen Vogue. It actually looks good and is super chic. Also, Hilary Duff will be on an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl! She's really making her move in the fashion industry eh?! <3

newest Chanel ads

Karl Lagerfeld has a love for Lily Allen and there has decided that she would be best for the new Chanel Ads. It's so Breakfast at Tiffany's! I like Lily Allen at times, but these ads are so classically and tastefully done. But would Chanel have it any other way?! Pchaa. No way. <3

song of the day: Sexy Bitch

Shut up and listen to this song. It's sooo good in terms of going to a club and getting on the dance floor. It's even better that it's by David Guetta ft Akon! <3

ice cream

I never knew ice cream could get so interesting. I went out with the guy who has liked me for a five years to ice cream. We haven't talked in a while and it was more of a friendly catch up. I learnt about the inside info of all that high school crowd and about his latest dating life. It was weird when we talked about our past. It felt like we were on a tv show like Laguna Beach of something. You know like Lauren Conrad reuniting with Stephen Coletti or something. Oy. It was kind of weird but felt friendly which is good right!? <3

Sunday, July 26, 2009

a day of randomness

Last night I was promoting, mingling and just doing my job. I met a few people and the night was pretty good overall. Before going out I went out to the beach. Right when we got to the beach, the sky started clouding over. Luckily it was so hot out. The type of humidity you just want to strip down in and jump in a bucket of ice. We brought my friend's dog and they went swimming. This guy, and his hook ended up getting stuck in Roxy (the dog's) mouth! It was disaster that we had to head back shortly. Also when I was out last night.. I ended up getting movie passes to Funny People! I'm pretty stoked. It's on Wednesday. I'm thinking of going to that and then heading to the fireworks!

Wait, I'm not done. So last night, I got home earlier than usual. I went to check my facebook and then bam! Staring me right in the face was a message from Australia man. *sigh* It's not that I don't like hearing from him, but he's a complicated one. I don't know. He always checks in on me at the right times.. but yet so wrong. And reminds me of the past. Oy. <3

Saturday, July 25, 2009

win seats at the Aritzia Fashion Show

I came across this in my email and thought.. why not?! If you wish, enter to win tickets for 2 and 2 $100 gift cards to Aritzia! Click here for details. If you win.. you better take me. <3

Sexy & Sophisticated panties

This would make the perfect, sexy girl for a girl! And it's only $55! The deal is a customized gift box where you select 12 panties from Sexy & Sophisticated. Or you can just get it for yourself! <3

go dj, that's my dj

Blueprint promotions are going to have CRAZY up and coming DJs! Check out this flier I saw for their 12th anniversary! I want to go to ALL of them! Thank GOD Vancouver is coming alive!


Friday, July 24, 2009

Spanish Vogue x LiLo

Look at who is on Spanish Vogue! Little miss Lohan. Well.. I like the cover shot, the second one and the one in all black where she's a little vixen. Either than that.. Hm... No comment. Wow people still wanna feature her eh? <3

Spread Magazine x P

Ooooh look who made it on Spread Magazine! No one other than my boyfriend Pharrell! The one and only Skateboard P! <3

blah blah blah nothing to blog about

Ahh! I haven't found anything to blog about lately. No crazy news I'm hearing or nothing! Oy. It breaks my heart. Today I went downtown to run some errands and ended up meeting up with the boy. We went to see The Ugly Truth. After that we went to grab a bite and sat on the patio. Omg.. and this little boy whipped out his penis to start peeing on the patio in front of everyone. So embarrassing for his mother!! After that we went shopping downtown in the super hot heat. Shopping... if you consider not buying anything shopping... Ugh. I just can't afford anything at the moment even if they are ever so cheap. He made me put them down and turn away!! Can you believe it?! But it's a good thing.. Yes. I have convinced myself it is a good thing. I found 2 pairs of jeans I liked but couldn't decide between the two so he made me put it down. Then I tried on this AMAZING white leather jacket from Aritzia and I truly found love with a piece of clothing. It felt amazing and fit me ever so perfectly. Seriously. Too bad it was tres expensive. Ugh.. what's a girl to do. <3

movie review: The Ugly Truth

Today I went to the opening of The Ugly Truth. I really liked it! It's the typical girl movie, but what can you expect with something like that. And it makes me really think are girls really that dumb when it comes to men? I can best believe it when I know a bunch of friends that throw themselves at guys. Ugh. What don't they get?! Anyways, check out this summer flick. It's a little bit of funny mixed with romance! <3

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Vancouver tradition

I went to the Fireworks last night, which was the first night. Every year they have the fireworks, but this year they almost didn't get the funding to keep them around. Four countries compete to win the competition every year. This year it's Canada, South Africa, UK and China. Last night was Canada's which we had the theme of Wizard of Oz. I don't like the huge huge crowds and everyone trampling and being inconsiderate, but overall it's a beautiful, fun Vancouver Tradition. <3

Slow Cow

This is the anti-energy drink for those wanting a relaxation fix. This is a new drink that Canada offers. It is like an "acupuncture session in every can". This goes against what all energy drinks believe in to help people to destress.

Energy drinks packed with caffeine increase anxiety. Slow Cow has calming ingredients such as theanine, chamomile, valerian, passiflora and more. This drink was created to increase the mental awareness of improving relaxation without and caffeine or other stimulants. <3

upcoming model alert

Alessandra Ambrosio and her cute daughter went to Malibu and hit up the beach this weekend! The two of them are ever so adorable! Perhaps a model in the works? <3

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

why we should work at Starbucks

Christian Siriano is unveiling his holiday collaboration with Starbucks today!! They won't reveal to us what he is doing exactly, but maybe he's designing clothes for the beverages to replace cardboard sleeves? Or a new outfit for the employees during the holidays? Or maybe his own drink? Who knows. Fashion and coffee. My two favs. Sounds delicious to me. <3

what did designers do way back when?

So before our favourite designers became.. well our favourite, they clearly had to do something before. Well I found that, Jason Wu used to wait tables for a BBQ restaurant in Taiwan, and Betsey Johnson used to save lives as a lifeguard! Crazy ain't it. You'd never guess as they are immersed in glamour and fame. <3

underwear stealer!

A 56-year-old German man was seen stealing three pairs of men's underwear from a sports center. The Police in Gelhausen which is in Frankfurt had identified the man before he took off. Later, they searched the man's home and found over 1000 underpants and 100 tracksuit trouser. The guy faces theft and misappropriation. What an effing freaaaak! <3

Monday, July 20, 2009

picture of the day: most appetizing meal

Danny Roberts x Harajuku Lovers

One of my favourite artists and one of my favourite lines. Umm.. Probably the best combo ever!? The Danny Roberts x Harajuku Lovers purse line is out and I am loving it! I want a purse now! Here are 2 of the bags. <3

from blog to book

One of the blogs I follow is The Sartorialist. Well believe it or not, Scott Schuman, the master behind the street & fashion photography is coming out with a printed book August 12th. There will be a paperback version and a limited edition hardcover. Hew will also e doing a book signing. The wonders of a camera and a blog! <3

faux muff

Whitney Port from The City has style.. but maybe not for bathing suit season? Check out her bikini bottoms in this picture. Looks like she has some major muff from far away. Bad place for a black frilly trimming my friend. <3

get Fresh-Out

K seriously ladies. Get on this. I stumbled across Fresh-Out. Basically it's a private shopping experience with trends from LA. You pay Industry Insider Wholesale Prices on Jeans, Tops, Handbags, Shoes and Accessories. Better yet, everythings from $5-$50! I found out about this and had a shopaholigasm!!! You heard it here! <3

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Block

I went to the bookstore today and came across this magazine called The Block. It is a Vancouver magazine that kind of reminds me of Nylon. There's not many ads and there's lots of photography in it. It's the perfect mix of fashion, culture and style. <3

The Gay Pride Parade

Gay Pride Parade will be August 2nd in Vancouver starting and noon!! The Gay Pride Parade is super fun. There are always a whole bunch of sponsors and people who dress up super crazily! I love going to the clubs that weekend too because the streets are filled with people and everyone is pumped to party. I believe it is going to be on the long weekend too! So take out your rainbow colors and lets boogie! <3


I'm officially going to the Lil Wayne, Drake, Soulja Boy and Jeezy Concert August 17th in Vancouver!! I'm pretty stoked. I just saw the T-Wayne concert in January and now I'm going to see him again!! I'm kinda choked I missed the No Doubt Concert last night though. I love going to concerts! <3

claws of girls

Last night I went out to a nightclub where I didn't have to promote at. I went out to the boy's friend's birthday. I've met some of his friends before but last night they were all together. I felt kind of out of place. There were a bunch of guys and 3 girls. The guys were chillen as usual. I always get along with guys. And as for the girls super cliquey. I don't know what it is with girls, the minute they meet other girls their claws come up and the walls go up. For me, I always am nice and inviting, try to get to know the person and if I don't like them then I'll cut them off. It's weird. Then I saw them in the bathroom and some girl accidently bumped into them and one of the girls flipped out and shoved her out of the bathroom. They basically stuck to one another the whole night. I dunno.. girls are bitches let me tell you that. Good thing I get along with everyone else. And thank God I had my phone, my thumbs got a texting work out! <3

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bridget Jones III

Bridget Jones is coming back with her big knickers. If this is for sure verified then production will start next year! I don't know if I like the movie that much but I mean the general public does. Don't get me wrong. I'll probably watch it like I watched the others. <3

what happened to that OC star?!

Mischa Barton was admitted to the hospital after the police called her home in LA on Wednesday. It was due to a medical issue apparently.She was under the same involuntary psychiatric hold as Britney Spears before being transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Oyy. <3

Chanel inspiration

Earlier this week, there was an exhibit by Paul Rusconi outside Chanel in Beverly Hills. It was inspired by a fashion icon by the name of Mary-Kate Olsen! This was created with Chanel's limited edition nail polish colors. Coco Baby! <3

what would you do for fashion?

I love love love fashion but I would never do such a trend of bleaching or waxing my eyebrows. It creates an "alien creature completely void of expression". It started on the Fall 2009 runways of Balenciaga and Prada and then Adriana Lima was also seen in the browless campaign for Givenchy. Ugh. <3

Friday, July 17, 2009

early Megan Fox

Everyone finds Megan Fox to be super hot, but I don't think hot includes cocky. I used to think she was gorgeous, but over time you can tell by her manerisms that she thinks she is soo hot. I found these early photos of her when she was hot with a sweeter face. <3

David Sykes Photography

I came across this David Sykes picture and found it amazing! Thought I would share! The things you can do with balloons <3

the anti-paparazzi device

This clutch purse designed by Adam Harvey is probably the best accessory for female celebs. It is an LED flash built into a clutch purse. When the device detects a camera flash, it sends out a brighter flash to blind the camera. Pretty sick eh?

It is not quite perfected and Harvey is refining the design. He hopes to reduce the size down to the point of a pendant or a tack. He is working on creating a patent for it. <3