Saturday, July 11, 2009

there is nothing i would change except for you to be here with us today

I went on a road trip out to Kelowna for my friend's funeral. I wrote a long letter and crocheted him a snowboarding headband. Something that he wanted, but due to school I just didn't have the time to make it. It was such a sad funeral, yet left me with closure. You could just tell that there was so much love amongst his family and so much support. Being back in Vancouver, people don't know what I feel because they didn't know the relationship between us two and how he was. It almost feels really empty to be back in Vancouver without that support and love.

It was like he was an angel that I met, who taught me to live life to the fullest and keep a smile on my face and to not sweat the small stuff. There was a reason he came into my life, and his memory is all I have left of him. This last week has been really difficult to get through. He was a really special person in my life, and just having that love and support around me was really encouraging. My friends and I last night each made a little pact stating what we would want to different. I just said to be positive as I am a pretty cynical person, and to live life as it should be with no regrets.

He was like my older brother, my friend and a person who brought me pure happiness. I wouldn't change or take back anything for the world and I definitely do not regret any moment I have had with him. Not a single negative thing comes to mind when I think of Andrew Walker. May he rest in peace and be that guardian angel watching over us. The one who put my life into perspective and the one who taught me true love. <3

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