Sunday, July 19, 2009

claws of girls

Last night I went out to a nightclub where I didn't have to promote at. I went out to the boy's friend's birthday. I've met some of his friends before but last night they were all together. I felt kind of out of place. There were a bunch of guys and 3 girls. The guys were chillen as usual. I always get along with guys. And as for the girls super cliquey. I don't know what it is with girls, the minute they meet other girls their claws come up and the walls go up. For me, I always am nice and inviting, try to get to know the person and if I don't like them then I'll cut them off. It's weird. Then I saw them in the bathroom and some girl accidently bumped into them and one of the girls flipped out and shoved her out of the bathroom. They basically stuck to one another the whole night. I dunno.. girls are bitches let me tell you that. Good thing I get along with everyone else. And thank God I had my phone, my thumbs got a texting work out! <3

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