Sunday, February 15, 2009

i hate this part right here II

I think I found a few more things to add to the list:

7. People that pick fights with people just because- wow do you have anything else to do!?

8. Hard headed people- get over it. You're not always right

9. Crying- it's a horrible feeling when you're crying for the most part and your eyes get puffy

10. Goodbyes.. there is no good in bye

11. Having your heart broken: probably one of the worst feelings in the world <3

it's a small world

So I was looking on The Sartorialist. I haven't been on his blog forever. Anyhow, he takes pics randomly everywhere he goes of style and things he likes. He's a famous photographer and is blowing up all around the world. Anyways, I found a picture of Olivia from the City! Everyone runs into everyone. It's a small small world. <3

the numbers are back up

Oh dear. Just when I thought I was settling down, interesting things come up again. GREAT. I don't know. Things are going really good with my boy right now. I'm still rocking the single status though. Anyhow, he treats me sooo well, we never fight and things are going peachy. Then all of a sudden, one of my best friends best friend gets involved (who is a guy obviously) and out of the blue starts to like me. We were friends before and we sooo get along. He's lots of fun and super sensible. He definitely has his head on right.

Anyhow, he ended up coming out for Valentine's day with us because he had nothing else to do. It was chill and was fun for sure. Just cracking jokes all night and having craazy convo. It was just chill, like what I wanted.

Then today I checked my facebook and I got this random message from this guy who is friends with one of my friends. He just moved here from Ontario and is going to a local college. He's good looking, built and seems super nice. Usually I don't message people back that message me and that I don't really know, but he seemed really genuine and nice. And we've been messaging each other all day!

I don't know what overcame me! I finally narrowed it down to one and all of a sudden I'm back up to 3?! What the eff is wrong with me. <3

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Hello Kitty x MAC Part III

As I have mentioned Hello Kitty is at Mac. Here's the commercial. It's pretty messed up. It's very Alice in Wonderland/Gwen Stefani! <3

uhhh it's called try acting your own age

Wow.. I really think Madonna should start reading my blogs about her because this is really getting out of hand. Check out her new pictures in W magazine with her new boy toy. Dude.. once again. The chick's beyond 50! <3

wtf M.I.A.!?

As you know, the Grammy's were last Sunday. One question I have is wtf were you thinking M.I.A.!? Love her but really?! It was her due date on this night for her pregnancy and she made a very bold fashion statement. This was created by House of Holland. Yuck. <3

Ed Westwick's magazine

March's edition of Harper's Bazaar. Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass is in the editorial shot by Terry Richardson. He is being seduced by a girl and is seen in Max Mara, Oscar de la Renta, Dolce & Gabbana and Burberry. <3

song of the day: Greenlight

I love John Legend & Andre 3000!!! This song is so catchy. I love it! <3

love day

Happy Valentine's day! I'm not a mushy person but hopefully you're doing whatever you like most and spending it with the people who love you. It's not all about the kinkyness, flowers and bears! A big kiss goes out to my readers. Xoxo Get sexy bitches!

P.S. DVB are probably the hottest couple ever! <3

Thursday, February 12, 2009

can't believe it has been a year...

...since I got my hair cut. The last time I cut my hair it was the Victoria Beckham bob. I can't believe it's been year! So I'm finally getting my hair cut next Wednesday. I'm pretty stoked. I'm getting front bangs and crazy choppy, texturized layers. Just something new. I'm so bored with my hair. I'm pretty excited!!!! I really love this picture I found randomly trying to find hair images. She's so cute and I love the whole messy, I just got out of bed hair! <3

olympic news

Exactly a year from today the Olympics will commence. Everyone has different opinions on the Olympics and it couldn't come at a worst time. This recession and the Olympics will put a lot of our nation in debt. GREAT. Like we need that right now...<3

Britney Spear x Alllure

I've been looking for these pictures of Britney Spears and I have finally found them. I was looking for one where she's fingering the camera but I can't seem to find it! This was her photoshoot for Allure in.. September 2007. The above is my fav.<3

love game

I've come to a realization. Besides the fact that I'm a total guy in relationships, I have figured out something. I make excuses or pick on little things that I don't like about guys and make that my reason to exit... when really they are totally fine. You know how I figured this out, when I was talking to my potential. I realized this as it felt I was trying to pick a fight with him (which is impossible) because he's such a gentleman. It's so weird! Maybe he is the right one? I just can't open myself up to it. <3

when is thin too thin?

Curvy is in now. The world isn't going thin anymore. People are accepting real beauty. For me though, I just feel that I could never get myself fat or to a certain point of thickness but I'm not mode thin either. When I saw this picture for Matt & Nat bags I was so taken a back. Does anyone think this picture is even good looking?! This girl is grey. And I know that it's lighting and all, but she seems very sickly. Dead almost. I have to give this a YUCK. <3

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

at least the thought passed me by

So.. today I was at the mall and I saw all this Valentine day stuff which makes me sick. But then I thought passed by me and I was thinking of maybe getting something for my guy I'm seeingish.. and surprise him just because he knows how much I hate Valentine's day. I was thinking of getting him something little like some cute chocolate thing. But everything had some gross mushy crap on it which made me feel gross and I backed out. But hey at least the though passed my mind. EW. To think that I was breaking in.. eff that. Haha. <3

song of the day: Top of the World

So I've been wondering what song is the theme song of The City, well it's the Pussycat Dolls Top of the World.

Gimme them bright lights, long nights, high rise, overtime


Bye Bye Project Runway?

Rumour has it that one of my favourite shows, Project Runway will never air again. <3

when a perfect relationship isn't so perfect

Can you believe the latest celebrity gossip?! Not a big fan, but I mean I like Chris Brown and Rihanna. Well as for Chris Brown, I respect his music but not so much of what he did. You've probably heard, but if you haven't let me update you and give you a little bit of an insight. As you know the Grammy's happenend over the weekend. Well Rihanna and CB were in a car and they got into a huge fight. CB ended up hitting Rihanna and then freaked out taking the keys and leaving her in the car. Someone had called the police as they had heard the screaming. They are thinking that CB was under the influence of some sort, but he came from an abusive background which makes me so angry because you would think that he would break that whole cycle. Anyhow, people were not exactly sure if it was her in the hospital, but the hospital confirmed Rihanna had huge scratches on her face and bruises. What an asshole. The kid's only 19 and needs help. WOW. All his Wrigley's gum commercials are pulled off the air. He's officially created a bad image for himself which will follow him. <3

Monday, February 9, 2009

Most Expensive Shirt in the WORLD!

Eton of Sweden opened their first posh US store at the Plaza Hotel.

A few weeks ago, Eton of Sweden opened their first posh U.S. store at the Plaza Hotel. The opening Diamond Party celebration, also marking Eton’s 80th anniversary, featured the debut of the world’s most expensive shirt. The Eton Diamond Shirt, encased in a hand-carved black oak box, is a traditional dress shirt made from the finest Egyptian cotton and detailed with natural colored diamonds set in black enamel borders–valued at a cool $40,000. The shirt will be auctioned off by Harrods of London this spring, with all proceeds going to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. We can’t wait to meet the owner…we bet Louis the XIV is itching for the shirt from his grave.

Most Expensive Shirt in the WORLD!

Eton of Sweden opened their first posh US store at the Plaza Hotel. It was also Eton's 80th anniversary. One of their features included the most expensive shirt. Why was in so expensive? First off, the packaging. It was in a hand-carved black oak box. Basically it is a traditional dress shirt, but it is made of the finest Egyption cotton and it has natural colored diamonds set in black enamel borders. You'll never guess how much this shirt costs! Try $40,000!!!! The shirt will be autioned off by Harrods in the spring with proceeds going to the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Crazy? I think so. <3

party time now work it

Wow.. it's about time we got a high end club. Yep, Vancouver is in desperate need of it and who else may be working there? Yep... yours truly! I may be promoting for this club. It sounds so sick. It's opening date is February 28th. It's not known as a club but more of a super lounge. It will be on the 20th floor of the Renaissance Hotel with a 360 degree view of the city. It is called Vistas Lounge and will have a zen type them to it. There will be 15-42" flat screens, couches and an intimate VIP area. They are guaranteeing the "sexist, craziest, wildest ultra-lounge in Vancouver". Sounds pretty effing good to me! I'm not 100% sure if I'm doing it but I'll let you know and make you all come out for a wild night. Here is the view. <3

Sunday, February 8, 2009

it's almost likeit's not meant to be..

Yesterday was my first date with this guy. We were going to see He's Just Not That into You. I was sooo stoked and when we got there (an hour early) it was sold out!!! We ended up going for a walk then decided to head to grab a bite to eat. Everything was going really well and for once I was thinking maybe this could actually work? Anyhow, I got a phone call and some family matter came up which had me rushing to the hospital. So, 3 hours with him and the rest of my night in the hospital. Ugh. Wasn't even a date. Haha, but my night with him and what we had was amazing. <3

Friday, February 6, 2009

i hate this part right here

I've decided to start a new label. This is called "things i detest". Just because there are quite a few things I strongly disagree with or just don't like. Yep pretty depressing topic but you know. Plus I'm very much so a pessimist. So let's start the list....
  1. Fake people: I don't care how gorgeous you are, your insides make you ugly and hate to break it to you, you're going to lose friends fast
  2. Valentine's day: first off it's not a holiday, second of all it's just a way for consumers to buy. Who cares about Valentine's day? It's just another day for girls to get mad at their boyfriends and for guys to buy girls something which will probably end up in the garbage.
  3. Guys who wear Ed Hardy, Christian Audiger, Smet, Extreme Couture, and whatever else which has gaudy skulls and gold and think that they are so hard core. Most of the time they think they are gangster and just wear the clothing because guys from UFC wear it. I'm sorry, it's not fashionable unless you're GSP.
  4. PDA: if you don't know what this is.. Public Display of Affection. EW. Really do you really have to be groping you significant other all the time cuz it really makes me want to puke.
  5. The miscommunication between guys and girls: both sexes are simple but why do we make it so complicated for each other?
  6. First dates: just awkward and uncomfortable. It's such a formal atmosphere from your usual. It's not right.
That's it for now. The list will grow. Don't you worry. I'm just... passionate?<3

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

song of the day: Hatin' on the Club

My new favourite song by Rihanna. It's not the real music video because there isn't one. But take a listen. It's sad with a happy tune. <3

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

picture of the day: Daisy Lowe

I love this picture of Daisy Lowe. She's blowing up everywhere. She used to be kind of ugly but her looks have gotten her far and I'm starting to like her! She's a star. Here's the picture from the Pringles of Scotland campaign. <3

how fast is too fast?

As I slowly getting myself deeper and deeper into a relationship (I guess I'll admit it), I question myself. Is this what I really want? I've been single for so long and I'm still having fun. Am I really ready to commit? I'm not sure what he's thinking but I kind of think that he thinks I'm his girlfriend. This totally throws me up against the wall. I need to take things slowly because I'm not open to all this yet. It's been 4 years since I've been in a committed, full title relationship.

We were talking last night and we were talking about spring break. He was telling me how he wanted to surprise me and take me away for spring break. Whatever, I thought that was really sweet and thought it'd be somewhere local. Nope. He wants to take me to the Dominican. Totally cute but WOAH is all I can say. He painted me a picture of what it would be like and I really liked the idea but honestly, I'm not even his girlfriend and I wouldn't expect that until he has met my parents and we've been going out for at least like a year?! Am I crazy. Like I just don't see that as being right! Like that's moving super fast.

We're going on our 1st date this weekend. Yep, our first date and he wants to take me away. I hate dates and I think I'm going to tell him how it is and what we are.. and that's not my boyfriend. Ugh.. believe it or not I hate breaking hearts. <3

Oooh lala Katherine Sturgis

Katherine Sturgis is a talented jeweler. I absolutely love her pieces of work. Check it out here. My favourite piece is seen above, going for $175, and this is one of the cheaper ones! <3

Lo in Vancouver

Lo from the Hills was spotted in the Opus Hotel in Yaletown. She was here in Vancouver to promote Yasmin birth control! I guess the famous do come to Vancouver. Wierd! <3

Hello Kitty x MAC Part II

Remember how I mentioned that Hello Kitty and MAC were partnering up? Well it's finally out!! All the cutsey make up is exploding with love. <3

Monday, February 2, 2009

soooo Rihanna's hot

I used to really like Rihanna and then I stopped and now I'm starting to again after I saw this hot picture. <3

for all you ping pong lovers!!!

Chrome ping pong table!!! Sooo sick.. one day one day. Even though I hate ping pong. <3

who thought paper was so cool

Peter Callesen is an artist who makes things out of paper. This is origami taken to the next level. It's beautiful and amazing! Check it. <3

Married to the Mob & Kid Sister

Married to the Mob has their new collection out. I love this picture from their catalogue. To me it just screams "GETTING PAAAAAAID!!!" Haha. Kid Sister is the new face for MTTM. I love MTTM. They're beyond sick. <3

music & money

Hmm.. two of my favourite M's perhaps? This is honestly sooo sick and I love this creative idea. Yep that's right, they are cassette wallets! Remember cassettes!? Yeah, let's kick it old school. <3

Sunday, February 1, 2009

making it your own

Check out these sick bracelets I found. Someone did them herself with little sayings or words which she liked. I love the idea. Because I love words. <3

some interesting things to liven up your sunday

Look at what some people wrote on their star! That's just rude.

This is a pizza place in Toronto. Their motto: "Our Crust is as thin as Super Models" Haha. <3

quote of the day: A Good Woman

it's the love month

It's so weird to think that it's already February. You know what that means. The month of love bitches. This means Valentine's day is coming up. It puts pressure on a lot of people including your significant other just because someone decided to name this the day of love. Personally I think Valentine's day is a dumb day. First of all, it's not even a holiday, second of all it's just another reason for girls to cry over their guys. Because most of the time, the guys are dumb and just don't do anything. Or girls always expect more than a simple box of their favourite chocolates. Honestly, this day is one giant hype. I guess I'm not like most girls who just fall for these things. It's not cuz I'm bitter because believe me, I have had great Valentine's days before and I agree that they were really sweet but still. I just think this day is a joke. Sorry to all you Vday lovers out there. The few things I like about Vday are the chocolates the day after because they go on sale like craaazy and the colours of course! It's the day of love.. how are you going to spend it!? Hmm.. try SANGRIA night to all you single ladies! <3

featured model: Allie Crandell

Does this name sound familiar at all? Well it should. She is from The City and is one of Whitney's friends. She's going out with Adam. Now does that ring a bell? Now that she's on the show, I believe her rating will go up in the model world. She just had her Diesel video made which is super weird called "We Want Your Hair". Anyways, watch out for her pixie cute face. It is going to explode. You watch. <3

Calvin Klein's hot ad campaign

Calvin Klein's ads have been banned from the States of all places. Because they are too hot and steamy. They are working on an edited version, but of all place the US censors sex? Weird. These were shot by one of my favs Steven Meisel. <3

sexy always wins

GSP won last night!!! Yep yep! Just like I expected. He's such a studdddd!! <3

picture of the day: trippy

Feels like the picture is playing with your eyes!? I love it. <3