Monday, August 30, 2010

obsessions: the perfect fall coat

I have fallen in love with these runway fall jackets that make me want to blow all my money on! They are completely and 100% different from one another. And I want all three!

First up, the Lanvin Wool A-Line Coat. This coat is pure perfection from the oversized shoulders to the slight popped collar to the A-Line skirt of the jacket. There's no way you couldn't look amazing in this jacket for the Fall!

Second is the Dries Van Noten Trench Coat in an army green. I love the large collar and the A-line skirt of the jacket, and how the belt perfectly hugs the waist in the right place. Super cute for everyday wear.

Lastly, is the Burberry Prorsum Military Coat. How could you not like this wool jacket? It's double breasted, fits perfectly at the waist, and is fitted to the body. Not to mention the perfection of the detailing!

These coats make me love Autumn even more !<3

Saturday, August 28, 2010

what shall I wear today

Today I am wearing:
Community Cream Knit Sweater
Zara Floral Shorts
Vintage Bangles
H&M Headband

Friday, August 27, 2010

what shall I wear today

Today I am enjoying a nice summer luncheon with a long time friend and going shopping, my favourite sport.

Today I am wearing:
Zara Cargos
Fowd Silk Shirt

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Charlize Theron x Elle Russia

35 year old actress looks nothing but amazing in this photo shoot for Elle Russia's September issue. <3>

trade an ex for a pair of jeans

Now that's what I'm talking about, but really it's about trading an ex-boyfriend's sweatshirt for a pair of new jeans. The best part is that it's free (except it's in New York). The whole concept is to bring in something that does not fit you anymore and exchange it with Levi's Curve ID jeans.

Bobbie Thomas will be giving fashion tips and answering questions, and the Levi's fit specialists will fit each woman in jeans that are specifically for her! This event will be tomorrow, Friday, August 27th at Bryant Park from 10am-9pm. <3

walk walk fashion baby

As promised a few pictures from the Lady Gaga concert! Click to enlarge!

Hairy outfit


Bad Romance

Show me your teeth! <3>

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

old hollywood

Taschen Books has published a collector's edition book with photographs of Audrey Hepburn from 1953-1966 taken by Bob Willoughby. He photographed Hepburn when she arrived to hollywood in 1953 and fell in love with her beauty like the rest of us did. There are only 1000 copies of the book each signed by Bob Willoughby. The book is $500 as reported by Fashion Week Daily. <3

suitcase stickers

These suitcase stickers found on The Cheeky, are indeed cheeky, yet they are not available in Canada due to regulation. I did have to show them though because they are creative for sure. There is even a warning stating "Caution: Some of these stickers may cause offense to airport and immigration staff. But you would have figured that out whilst enjoying those cavity searches."

The stickers are 16"x12" and are $15 each or $50 for all four. <3

Jo Calderone x Vogue Hommes Japan

Rumours are flying about Jo Calderone and stating that "he" is actually none other than Lady Gaga! But there are no for sure facts. Calderone is featured on Vogue Hommes Japan. Here is a preview styled by Nicola Formichetti and photographed by Nick Knight and a little interview by Jo-Ann Furniss taken from Nicola Formichetti's Blog. This issue will be available September 10.

Vogue Hommes Japan: WHERE ARE YOU FROM?
Palermo, Sicily

Mechanic for my dad's business. This is the first time I've had my picture taken.

Well, I always helped my dad at work, since I was a kid. I thought it would be fun to have my picture taken.

I'd love to own my own car shop, I have a bunch of my own ‘muscle’ cars. Maybe if I take some more pictures I can afford it.

I met her at a shoot Nick Knight was doing. She's fuckin beautiful, and funny, and interesting. I was a little nervous for Nick to start shooting. She said, "Don't be baby, you were "born this way." I took her out after. The rest is private ;).


what shall I wear today: monster ball edition

Gaga ooh la la! Went to Lady Gaga's Monster Ball last night if you couldn't tell! It was splendid! Full of excitement and props just what I expected. But none the other she had some amazing costumes and videos between her performances. The cinematography was amazing. She was in full force, yellow hair, 6 inch heels and a crazy getup for each song. Now that's a show. I absolutely loved when she sang Speechless. She said that it was about her father the drunk in a nice clean version of what she actually said. I also loved how she played the piano too. You can definitely tell she loves the attention and the FAME! I'll probably post up some pics of the concert later!

Last I went to the Monster Ball and wore:
White shirt (a creation of my own)
Zara Sailor Shorts
H&M blue and white striped blazer
Pull up tights with a garter
A giant black bow from F21
Aldo black combat shoes

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Coco & James' wedding

Out of all the videos I have posted for you to watch this would have to be the best one. It's of Coco Rocha's & James Conran's wedding. Their vows are absolutely perfect and they seem like an amazing couple together. You absolutely have to watch the full version. it is a short 19 minute film. There is a trailer of it, but I decided not to post it because you really should see this one! The cinematography is absolutely amazing, the venue is perfect and the dress is gorgeous by Zac Posen! It seriously looks like a fairytale. Love! For Coco's comments and trailer click here! <3

Friday, August 20, 2010

Modern Love with Olivia Palermo & Johannes Heubl

Seen on & For the Love of Fashion, Elle did a feature of Olivia Palermo & boyfriend Johannes Heubl, a model/photographer. They are one good looking couple! <3

Thursday, August 19, 2010

vampire love

I'm not so much into the whole vampire craze that is going on, but reported by Elle Canada, in Japan and Korea it's not about what sign you are, rather the blood type. Knowing someone's blood type is supposed to link to personality traits. If you know your blood type:

Type A: calm and patient but stubborn
Type AB: rational and sociable but indecisive
Type B: individualistic and optimistic but unpredictable
Type O: Loyal and passionate but jealous

The ones which go to together are: Type A & AB, Type B & AB, Type O & O
The bad matches are: Type O & A, Type A & B


The 2.55

Sitting on the beach reading Elle Canada, the September issue, I came across this article called Quilted Secrets. It is the inside scoop on Chanel's 2.55 iconic bag. It lists all the features in it and basically explains the truth behind the bag and why it's priced the way it is at $4080:
  • The bottom is quilted but flat so the bag sits properly
  • There is a transparent sticker with an ID number hidden in every bag which is identical to the number on the credit card. This acts as proof of authenticity.
  • There are 7 pockets which include and inner one which Chanel intended for love letters.
  • Its name 2.55 refers to the date it was released. February, 1955.
  • It takes up to 15 people to complete the 180 steps in making the bag.
  • The gentle curve of the outer back pocket was inspired by Mona Lisa which was Chanel's favourite painting.
  • The puffy jackets worn by Chanel's boyfriend's horse breeders inspired the signature quilting

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

what shall I wear today

The weather has tapered down from the hot hot heat and you can slowly smell the breath of Autumn. But I secretly hoping the weather stays warm. And best of all, exams are done!

Today I am wearing:
Wilfred Silk Pants
Banana Republic Cardigan
Sakura Tank
H&M Scarf

two of my favs just not having it

Perez Hilton from Coco Perez reported that Victoria Beckham is desperate to be on US Vogue because it has been her dream since she was little. She has begged Anna Wintour and sent her flowers and notes to get noticed. Wintour thinks that she is "too tabloid" for Vogue. I guess not refined enough?

Phillip Bloch a celebrity stylist states how Victoria Beckham is getting a bit old and how Anna Wintour prefers relevance and youth. Eeks! <3

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lily & Jae x One of a Few Pop Up Shop

Who would like to come with me? <3

Gossip Girl Sneak Peak!

SERIOUSLY! This season looks like it is going to be DELICIOUS as we head to Paris with GG! <3

the ultimate shoe bag

I don't know about you, but I always have the hardest time trying to put my shoes in my luggage without squishing them! And of course, how do you decide to only pick a couple of shoes when travelling?

Well the Bodhi Shoe Bag has made it easy and has created a fabulous little shoe bag which holds up to 6 pairs of shoes, allowing space for extra clothing which deserves to be separate from what you wear on your feet. The Shoe Bag is going for $528 at Nordstrom and comes in black, peacock and modern print! <3

Stefani back in the tent

Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. collection is back in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, after 2 seasons at Milk Studios. I can't wait to see her new Spring 2011 collection and what she has to offer. Her show will be at Lincoln Center's Theatre. Image & Info from Fashion Week Daily.

Fashion week will be featured from September 9-16 and over 90 designers will be displaying their talents on the runway. There will be 4 locations including the Theatre, the Stage, the Studio, and the Box! Pure excitement! <3

Saturday, August 14, 2010

what shall I wear today

Embracing this hot hot weather is so hard when just last week was full of rain! Nothing to complain about except the smell of public transit in the heat!

Today I am wearing:
Propaganda Light Knit Grey Shirt
Zara New York High-Waisted Sailor Shorts in Navy
Talula Hat
Vintage Black & White Polkadot Sunglasses
Vintage Gold Bracelet with Pearls
H&M flats

Oooooh the joys of dressing up for a hot summer day<3

Friday, August 13, 2010

j'adore le commercial

I love this ad directed by Sofia Coppola. It is for Miss Cherie Dior! Enjoy! So cute, so girly, so fresh. <3

the new it accessory: friendship bracelets

I remember my sister and I would always make friendship bracelets when we were younger and pile them on with different colours, styles and designs. Well, now they are coming back, but in a more fashionable trend than ever. Whether you make your own or go and buy one, they have definitely made a come back. Maybe even give one to your bff! ;) Since they the trend of the moment you will definitely be finding some pricey ones. The ones in the pictures are a few of my favourite ranging from most expensive to the least expensive (left to right).

I absolutely LOVE the Giles & Brother Braided Wrap Bracelet which is found at Net-A-Porter for $115. I could definitely see myself wearing it! The one in the middle is from a Nakamol Design bracelet found at Kitson for $78, and the last on is from Delia's. It's a Sade Bracelet for $12.50. <3

featured movie: Burlesque

I saw this preview featured on Entertainment Tonight, and thought it looked simply delicious! I was a little bit skeptical due to Christina Aguilera acting as it does not usually pan out with singers cross over to acting and vice versa, or it simply is marvelous! But, watching the trailer definitely made me want to see this movie. It looks like a light, good girl night movie to watch! <3

quote of the day: Frederick S. Perls

I do my thing and you do your thing.
I am not in this world to live up to your expectations
And you are not in this world to live up to mine.
You are you and I am I,
And if by chance we find each other,
it's beautiful. <3

Thursday, August 12, 2010

what shall I wear today

Today was a busy day as finals are wrapping up and it is back to school season!

Today I wore:
Mossimo Grey Tee
H&M netted Pink Scarf
Wilfred Silk Shorts
Vintage Glasses

i-d Gaga edition

I know Gaga has been all over my posts lately, but she's all over the place in the media as well! What's a girl to do! I've found her i-D pictures and they look classy and simple and I would love to share them! My favourite one is up above. <3

Marie Claire: September Issue

Mary-Kate is featured on Marie Claire's September issue and I think it looks AMAZING! It was shot in the Hamptons by Tesh. I love how different each page looks and how the styling uses different textures! The photo shoot is amazing. Mary-Kate revealed that, "When we were growing up, our mother taught us never to have your belly button exposed. We’ve always been attracted to longer layers, silhouettes."

Harper Bazaar also wanted a piece of the Olsen's and they too are featured in the Harper Bazaar magazine September issue shot by Hedi Slimane. I love the black and white pictures. They look great as well. Mary-Kate says, "We're either at home or here at the studio ... I think [the paparazzi] got bored of us."

They also do not fail to mention their aspirations! Ashley says she wants Michelle Obama in their clothing line, The Row, "I'd love to get Michell Obama in the Row. The simple suits and things. It's all made in America, so why not?" <3