Saturday, May 30, 2009

the seventh day in LA

This was outside of the ScienCenter and I thought it was cute

Today was an action packed day. It was my last full day in LA. We started off by going to the ScienCenter which was like our version of Science World but Science World is way cooler. It was fun though. I felt like a kid again, plus it was free so why not right!?

We then headed to FIDM which is Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. If you don't know, that's the school that Lauren Conrad went to and Stephanie Pratt? Ring a bell at all? It is in the downtown core of LA.. which isn't exactly the best part but it looked pretty nice! We went into the store too which was pretty neat, filled with extra scrap cloth, clothing and accessories which was pretty cool.

My fortune cookie!

After that, we headed to the Universal Citywalk which is right outside of Universal Studios. It was filled with cute stores and restaurants with flashy lights. We ended up having dinner there too. I got a fortune cookie which was sooo me! It was a great way to end the trip, and it's weird to think that it is coming to and end! I just finished packing. I came with a pretty light suitcase, and now I'm struggling to find room! Hehe it's a good thing though!

I didn't think I would say this but I'm going to miss LA. Gives me more of an excuse to visit my friend! <3

the real top models

Forbes' annual top-earning models list is out again and Gisele Bundchen is number 1 for the 5th year in a row. Top three included Gisele, Heidi Klum and Kate Moss who have all maintained their spots for the second year in a row. <3

Friday, May 29, 2009

matching outfits almost?

Haha, I saw this picture of Cameron Diaz and it totally reminded me of my outfit today. Gotta love baggy white tanks, jeans, sandals and a black casual blazer! <3

Anja Rubik x Terry Richardson = Great Vogue Paris photoshoot

Being shot in front of the Eiffel Tower can never go wrong. Nor sipping tea at a cafe in Paris. This is the new Vogue Paris photoshoot with Anja Rubik and shot by Terry Richardson. And I LOVE IT! <3

so hung up

Hardly anyone uses their own landlines now. Everyone is attached to their iPhones or Berry's. So what is the new creation? Handsets which plug into your phones, retro style. Crazy, I know. Gimicky, I know. Funny, indeed! <3

the sixth day in LA

Today we went to The Getty Center. It was created by Paul Getty who was a recluse and an art collector. It was such a gorgeous building, words cannot even describe it. We spent a lot of time there as it was large. We had to take a tram to get up there. It was so modern and contemporary. You just have to see it. It was on the top of a hill.

After we headed to UCLA. It is such a gorgeous university. It kind of reminds me of UBC but way nicer. There's just so much character to it. Speaking of school. I got a text from my friend from school saying grades are up! I was so not excited about it. I had butterflies all day until I got home!

I just checked and (drum roll please)... I'm getting my diploma!!! Eee.. I was scared on the last test, but it's done it's done it's done! And I did substantially well! This has only made my summer better!

We also ate at a little Japanese place for dinner, wanting to try their California rolls thinking that they would be better as we're in California. To be honest, I like Vancouver's better! Way better! <3

Adriana Lima's dark side

She is the new face of Givenchy and it took me a while to actually see it was her! Adriana Lima is going out of her sexy box and entering Marilyn Manson's box to try out new things I guess. It's kind of scary if you ask me....<3

i've got my answer...

Remember how I was unsure about how Australia man was coming back this summer and what I was going to do? Well last night I talked to him. He said that he would probably only come back in October if he has enough money, and then he would take off again and go somewhere else. He said the only reason that he's really coming back is to see a handful of people cuz he really misses them. I was like ohh thanks.. he's like I never said one of them wasn't you. Ugh. Like he's so frustrating! Like what do you want. It's just that we left without a real end to things, but I'm not just gonna wait around. I guess it's just always going to be in the back of my head. But right now we're on different paths and pages. I'm so happy right now, but I guess it's just the fact that something can be gone in the blink of an eye. <3

Thursday, May 28, 2009

how many feathers does it take for a custom tutu?

Well ask Karl Lagerfeld! He customized a tutu for Elena Glurdjidze, a famous ballerina. It took of 2,500 feathers! Lagerfeld only gets the best for his clients. It took over 100 hours to create. Crazy eh? I wonder how much it cost?!

I absolutely love this dress Victoria Beckham wore. It's a Marc Jacobs gown with an asymmetric hemline. You know, short in the front, long in the back. It's sooo hot! God I love her! <3

mark your calendars ladies!

On September 10 is the first night of Spring 2010 Fashion Week. Stores across 5 boroughs of NY and around the world stay open til 11pm to lure customers with designer, model and celebrity appearances, as well as fashion shows and other marvellous things.

Mayor Michael Bloomboer announced plans for the citywide initiative to boost retail sales as the economy is sliding. This does not only serve consumers, but also helps in New York's retail industry as well as benefits the right cause. 40% of proceeds from Fashion's Night Out clothes purchased will go to HIV and Aids charities. For more info go here. Those participating will be Barneys, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Tory Burch, Phillip Lim, Coach, and many other designers. Wahoo!! <3

the fifth day in LA

Today we headed out to Fashion District in LA. It is where they sell all the wholesale clothing and all. Also, there is this Alley called Santee Alley. It's in the heart of the Fashion District and it's more or less like a market type place where you bargain and there are fake things and just random things to buy. It was quite fun! I ended up getting this super cute light grey bag for $20. And the leather is so soft. It was so hot out today and I was wearing a one shouldered shirt and I ended up getting a one shoulder tan. GREAT. haha

Later on, we went to Santa Monica Beach. I thought it would still be hot but it was actually freaking cold! The clouds came over and the wind started blowing by the ocean water. Santa Monica is the beach with the fair right on the dock. It's where Spencer asked Heidi to marry him in the Hills episode 8 I believe?! haha Two weeks ago?! Yeah that's the one. I sucked it up and we took lots of pictures. It was lots of fun. We later stopped off at a mall and I got a hot pair of skinny jeans at Nordstrom! Ahh.. the time is going by so fast. Tomorrow is the boyfey's birthday.. my bad for missing it! Oh well he'll be to drunk to even remember! But I only say that to make myself feel better for missing it! <3

Marc Jacobs Love Story Big Heart Satchel

Ahhh I absolutely love this bag. I saw it in Saks yesterday and fell in love. It's so sweet and so unique. It reminds me of that dress I featured in the beginning of the Spring/Summer collection. I want it! It's selling for $1845 at Saks. <3

Swatch Bow Watch

Yesterday I saw this watch and thought it was so me! It has a black patent leather strap and a pink face. And to top it all off there is a little bow which holds in the strap! It's oh so cute! And it's only $80. But the thing is, I don't really wear watches....<3

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

when is skinny bad?!

Are baggy jeans coming back in!? I think we will all want to know the answer to this after you hear this Medical experts are saying that there is a rise in the number of women with nerve damage in their legs. But guess why!? Because of skinny jeans!!

Apparently, there is a nerve that runs down the side of the leg. Anything tight around that area could compress the nerve that goes there. And to top it all off, heels makes it worse as it pushes your pelvis in an unnatural way.

I pretty much only wear skinnies and I haven't had any pains?! Maybe I get ones that ACTUALLY fit me rather than squeezing my legs in like they're sausages? Haha still a scare though! <3

the fourth day in LA

I loved this lady's style so I had to take the pic!

Phew! What a tiring day today!! Filled with busy LA lifestyle fun. This morning we headed out to the ever so famous Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. The streets were filled with all the top couture lines from Juicy Couture to Versace. It had its own character and rich feel and it was ever so luxurious. There were tourists like us as well as those typical old rich women and fancy schmancy rich business people. It was so lovely seeing people out on the street at the luxurious cafes. And OMG! The weather was so hot! I just wanted to bask in the sun! Ahh sunny L.A.

After walking around through the glorious brand name stores, we headed out to Hollywood! We went to Mann's Chinese Theatre. You know where all the handprints are and the stars on the sidewalk!? Except the handprint part was closed due to an event. Also, there will be the priemiere of Will Ferrel's movie on Saturday and he will be there, but I hate the guy.

Anyways, the Kodak Theatre was there too. I got lots of great shots. It was such a fun-filled day. We also ate at The Cheesecake Factory, one of my favourite restaurants in the States. There were so many people dressed up as the stars at Mann's Chinese Theatre! This included Marilyn Monroe, Spider Man, Cat Woman, and more. But the thing is that they were beggers pretty much. It was so sad, they would smile for the camera but you could see this empty feeling.

I guess that's what Hollywood really is. All the glitz and the glam, but behind it all.. it's empty. I'm learning lots about this trip. To be honest, I can't see myself living here, but I for sure like to visit! <3

Burberry Day

Remember Chanel Day?! Well now Burberry wants to have their own day in New York City. Mayor Bloomberg has declared tomorrow as in Thursday, May 28 to be Burberry Day! It coincides with the official lighting of the Burberry logo on the rooftop of the US headquarters of Burberry at 444 Madison Ave. This event will include 300+ guests.

Also, Burberry fans were invited to celebrate through support of the Burberry Foundation, which invests in charities with focus to support young people in key cities where a majority of the Burberry employees live and work. 20% of all purchases made in Burberry NY at 57th St and Spring St in SoHo tomorrow will be donated to the foundation.<3

fashion x food: what could be better?!

Check out these dresses by Joy Kampia O'Shell. They are all based around food. There's even an ice cream sundae dress! Each dress is one of a kind.. aka exclusive, aka $900. These crazy creations are definitely something I wouldn't wear, but good/fun to look at! <3

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the third day in LA

Today was more of a relaxing day which was a change from our go go go lifestyle here in LA. My nephew got really sick so we took him to the doctor's in the morning. Later on, we ended up hitting up a different set of outlets. I didn't get anything this time though! And omg, talk about deals. At Rite Aid, so many cosmetics were buy one get one free! How the eff could you go wrong?! So I got a bunch of make-up as well.

Later in the evening, I headed to Manhattan Beach. It was like typical beach city. It was so nice with super cute boutiques. I absolutely loved it, but I wish I went in the day. Well not to worry! I still have the rest of the week! Eee! Oooh and some hot boys arrived in my hotel today! <3

beyonce's style bounces back

Lately, I've found Beyonce's style to be all over the place, and personally have been finding it a BIT too outrageous! But check out her simple outfit now! I'm in love with it. All of it. It's so plain and simple, and this is her walking out of nightclub! She looks marvellous head to toe. <3

sometimes you really wonder what designers are thinking?!

OMG... check out American Apparel's Sheer Luxe Cut-Out Pantyhose! They are retarded. Who would have a use for these!? AA is a little weird at times I have to agree, but this is one of the weirdest most ugly things I've seen. What the eff can you even do with these?! <3

for the geek and chic

Marvel is to release a mini comic series based around fashion!! It will be called Models, Inc. This will be released in August, and is a murder-mystery comic based on New York Fashion Week and 4 runway models. A set designer is murdered during Fashion Week and one of the models is the prime suspect! Wow.. is Marvel running out of ideas?! or is this a good one?! P.S. My hotel is around Marvel! <3

Monday, May 25, 2009

the second day in LA

I hit up the Camarillo Outlets today!! It literally took the whole day to drive out there, shop and drive back! It was ridiculous. I left the place at 9.15am and got home at 10.45pm. no wonder why I'm so exhausted everyday. Plus my feet hurt from all the walking. You don't understand. These outlets are giant!

Hmm.. Today I bought 3 shirts from Bebe, 2 shirts and a jacket from Guess, 4 pairs of heels, sandals, 2 bangles, and 1 necklace. I am such a shopaholic!! It's ridiculous. I seriously am so happy to be in bed right now because all that walking was retarded. I really think that shopping should be a sport. Why wouldn't it?!

It's also Memorial Day weekend in the States so everyone had it as a holiday. That means a whole bunch of consumer whores out on the prowl!! <3

Sunday, May 24, 2009

the first day in LA

Today I was soo tired. I stayed up last night just on the computer and what not. We ended up going to what they call Fashion District. If you mean fashion district as in a grungy, bad part of town then sure? It seemed like what would be all Sirens and Stitches back home. Anyways, the stores in that area were closed and its where a lot of the people buy wholesale. So we went through downtown LA which was not any better. Still really scary, and you would think that DOWNTOWN would be nice. But no. We ended up going to Westfield, one of the largest malls. I didn't find too much, but I got three things from Forever 21. This included an overcoat thing, a squiglly black and white tank and a purple ruffled shirt with a black belt. That's about it!!

We drove in other random places and it took us forever to get anywhere because it was super busy and we also didn't really know where we were going! Omg and remember in one of my old blog posts how I wrote about those vending machines with the iPods and electronic things etc!? Well I saw one today in Macy's!

Unfortunately the weather isn't too too hot, and I wish it was but it's still sunny California!<3

Chanel and sports

As I have featured in my posts before, Chanel has created bikes, skis, snowboards, tennis rackets, and the list goes on. But now, an environmentally friendly electric transporter (aka a segway) was created to be auctioned off. Craziness! <3

Saturday, May 23, 2009

take me on a trip I'd love to see LA!

I'm off this morning!! I got home at 3.30am last night and I had to wake up at 6.30am. I'm so tired it's ridiculous!! Anyhow, last night was nuts! It wasn't as good as last year, but it was alright? Hm where do I even start?!

So I got this one piece tube zip up, shorts outfit which looked really hot and it had a belt wrapping around it. Anyhow, so when I was getting ready, I headed to my friends house. I went to the washroom and then the zipper wouldn't zip properly! It was so retarded! We ended up having to go back to the store. Also, I forgot my ID, so we had to rush back to my house. We were running an hour late already!? It was crazy. We got to our other friend's house, chugged Crown Royal and headed out. The line up was crazy, but thank God we just got in!!

So when we were in there, I was super uber hammered! It was ridiculous! My friend ended up meeting a guy and all of us lost each other. We ended up wanting to leave so we headed out and my friend was still with the guy. Long story short, she ditched us. I was left rideless and it was ridiculous. I was pissed. I'm sorry but I'm not the kind of girl that would EVER ditch my friends over a guys, especially one we just met! So offside!

Me and my other friend ended up grabbing a late night slice of pizza and met these creepy persian guys. We ended up making fake stories about ourselves, it was hilarious! We ended up catching a ride with my friend but wow it was a retarded night indeed. While waiting we went to a coffee shop and were cracking jokes like no tomorrow! That was probably the best part.

The bf and I said a really bad goodbye and I left him there. Everyone was just so gongshowed. Ahh. I'm officially off to LA. I'll keep you up to date there ;) <3

Thursday, May 21, 2009

i can't believe this day has arrived!

WOW! So today was the last exam of my diploma for a course called Management Policy. It was definitely a difficult test but... I'm done I'm done I'm dooooooooooooooooooooooone! After a work slaving 2 years, I have gotten my diploma in Business Management! Can you believe that?! Anyhow, I just got home. It's 3am by the way. Right after the exam we met at the pub at school and got hammered! Well definitely I am a light weight and got hammered. Then we went back to one of the girls' house and ate and headed to the beach where we had a sweet bonfire. It was really chill and something that we've never done together! It was great. Wow. Wait a minute.. my summer has started?! WHAT?! OMG 2 days till L.A. Life is good. <3

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

tip of the day: the baggy jean and heels

Here's your fashion tip of the day for girls. More and more you'll slowly see that the baggier type jean and heels are in. It's a fad, yet I really like it! It looks good and I happened to rock it to work the other day. I couldn't find the exact style I was looking for in picture form, but the closest was a pic I snagged from the Sartorialist. <3

H&M Aids Project

You know how H&M has the Designers Against Aids campaign? They had it last year featuring Rihanna and Timbalnd etc. Well this year they are doing it again and it will include my all time favourite soon to be husband.. Pharrell Williams, and one of my fav girls Dita Von Teese. There will also be Dangerous Muse, Tokip Hotel, Katy Perry, Roisin Muphy, Yoko Ono and Robyn. This will be featured in over 30 countries. All of these shirts are made of organi cotton, and 25% of the sales price will be donated to HIV and AIDS prevention. This will come out in just over a week and I'm STOOOKED! <3

lady gaga would like to announce....

...that if she sleeps over at a guys house, she leaves her eyelashes on their pillow. Her fake eyelashes of course. I guess it's sort of a memory thing that she leaves you with?! To be honest, I'd be pretty scared if her eyelashes were on my pillow. <3

Sunday, May 17, 2009

my apologies

I'm so tied up in school work and planning for my summer that I haven't been able to blog! Please excuse me! You know I still love you! I'm done in 2 days!!!!!!! <3

Saturday, May 16, 2009


So my Sony Vaio adapter is slowly dying on me. My computer doesn't even charge when it's off now and I'm officially using my ghetto desktop computer. I guess better than nothing right?! GRR my whole life is on that computer and if it doesn't have a life I don't know what to do! It's pretty much a larger version of my cell phone and I'm lost without these two things! FML <3

Friday, May 15, 2009

boy minus the minus the friend?!

I didn't know if I wanted to blog about this or not but since you all have been following me, you would have missed a chunk of my life. So yesterday I finished an exam. Well really part I of an exam. I ended up studying for a bit after that and then me and the boy minus the friend went to run an errand and then we went out for dinner. Which by the way, if you go to Cactus Club, get the Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowl on brown rice. It is so effing delicious!

Anyhow, after we went out for a walk and just talked. It was pretty cute I guess. I ended up driving him home and we sat and talked in the car for a while. A while turned to a few hours. It's hard to keep track of time! I even told him about how I felt about the guy that went away to Australia and how we didn't really end things. So it was a roller coaster of a conversation. He's pretty calm and doesn't judge so I just told him cuz it's fair that he knows as Australia guy is coming back in July.

So after all that he's like I don't know why you aren't my girlfriend anyways, like we act like we're together but we're not. In my head I'm thinking uh oh.. he's going to ask me he's going to ask me! So being me I distracted him with a kiss. And he knows how I do that. I needed it to stall time just to think! And then he's like baby? and I kept giving him a peck after every time he said baby. This probably went on for about 10 minutes? We just started to laugh. And then he's like about next week.. and in my head I'm thinking phew! So I'm like what about next week?! and I was still scared he was going to ask me!! So I kept saying what about next week!? It was so funny we just burst out into laughter.

Then he did a whole speech on how much he cares about me and all that.. and at the end of it he popped the question. Which my head then nodded to. WHAT?! my head nodded!? He was so excited and it was so cute to see him like that. So I guess I'm off the market and he's the boy minus the minus the friend. <3

site of the day: FML!

Everywhere you see FML. It's almost the new OMG! If you don't know it means "fuck my life!" Now you're in the loop! There's actually a website called People write in stories that are definitely FML! You should def check it out and perhaps write in a story of your own! <3

May long weekend

Ugh I have exams next week up to the Wednesday, then I'm done done DONE! Eee! Anyhow, I will be in this whole weekend. And it's a LONG weekend! Yup. Studying like a nerd. So not fun. And I think it's sunny this weekend too so I'm so rattled. But you know what, I just have to suck it up and take it in cuz this is the last few days! Phew! <3

H. Stern x DVF

Woah check out this watch! It's the Sutra waatch by H. Stern and Diane Von Furstenberg. Together they have created other pieces including oversized chains and elegant and gorgeous jewelled pieces. <3

look at her dress!

There are several fashion events in France next week, but fashion shows begin today. Isabelle Hupert, the President of Jury has opted for this amaaaazing Giorgio Armani Prive dress. Here is the sketch of it. It looks marvellous! <3

"Marriage Hunting" bra

The Konkatsu aka the "Marriage Hunting" bra. Basically this is a bra to encourage Japanese women to get married asap. It has a customizable countdown timer which can be stopped with the insertion of an engagement ring and pockets to hold the pen and stamp seal needed to fill out the marriage license. Craazy eh!? Ohhh what the Japanese do.... <3

forever XII update

Forever 21 and Trovata are in a fashion frenzy! FXII is one of my favourite fashion fashion retailers, and Trovata is stating that Forever 21 copied thier designs. The thing is, FXII has be sued over 50 times for copyrint infringement from top designers such as DVF and Gwen Stefani, but this is the first time they're in trial. Uh ohh! <3

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hand in hand

Today I went to the boy minus the friend's house. We then headed to the library to study, then went to grab a bite. Of course we end up picking the Milestone's to go to where that guy who has liked me for 5 years' ex girlfriend's work. The weird thing is that she was always really nice to me when she was with him, but she was kinda being blah to me. P.S. She was serving us. The thing is she knows the boy minus the friend and was super friendly to him. So anyways, I feel bad. Why I feel bad is because I'm not doing anything, but he likes me! I know it's not my fault, but I don't know, I just feel bad! haha So after the looong lunch, we headed to my work. He studied in the back as I did my thanng. It was just a cute day together. We spent 11 hours together! <3