Sunday, August 31, 2008

ohhh Sienna

haha... I like this pic of Sienna.It's so careless! I think it's a paparazzi pic. Clearly. <3

the newest angel

Doutzen Kroes! No, I'm not speaking another language, it's her name (she's Danish). She's the newest member of the Victoria Secret angels. She has been in the shows before, but has never been given her own set of wings. Now Kroes is up there with Heidi and Gisele. Kroes has done huge shows such as Valentino and has posed in many Vogue issues. <3

"everyday is saturday night.. but i can't wait for sunday morning"

Last night was by far the most random night in my life! It was the last summer saturday.. and how did I spend it!? So one of my best guy friends is leaving Monday, and as he has a girl friend he will be seeing her today. So I went out with him last night and his guy friends. We ended up missing guest list for this club, and there was no way we were getting in because the line was just ridiculously long. It was so stupid. Anyways, we went to his guy friends house for a bit and then we headed back to the club to see if the line was shorter but it definitely wasn't. So where did we end up? Haha no where but Celebrities (the gay club). It was soooo funny because we were with 4 guys and me and this other girl. The girls had to protect the boys!! haha for once. The boys I were with were sooo scared. It was the most hilarious thing I've seen in a while, but now it's hitting me and I'm feeling really down about my friend leaving. Honestly, he has been a big part of my summer and my life and now he's gone. Why do the people I get close with leave? :( <3

Friday, August 29, 2008

bye bye summer

It's the last free Friday of mindless, care free thoughts. No more basking in the sun aka back to being albino. The rainfall has already started here and it's more than depressing. It's the last chance to truly show summer how to party!! So make sure you're weekend goes well and you have too much to drink! Might as well lose the calories during school because it's back to being a nerd! 8 courses here I come! Ooh I received a letter from my school in the mail yesterday and I get to go back to school on Sept 3, because all the first years have orientation on the 2nd! haha suckerrs! Better claim a locker before they get their grubby little hands on the good ones! Have an amazing drunk/hungover weekend! <3

j'adore sales!

Yesterday, being the trooper I am, I woke up at 6am to go to the Aritzia sale by myself. I've been going for the past 5 years and have always gotten something! I headed downtown during the morning rush hour in the pouring rain. Honestly, it was all worth it. It was even better than previous years! Being in a new location I thought that they would have down sized, but no. It was just that much bigger and better! Here's the goodies I ended up finding:
  • a pair of Rock & Republics: $74.99
  • Wilfred tank purple: $9.99
  • Wilfred tank white: $9.99
  • one shoulder shirt: $14.99
  • green T-shirt: $9.99
  • brown wool sweater: $39.99
  • cream cardigan: $29.99
That's a total of $189.93!!!!! That's so good! You couldn't even buy one pair of Rocks at regular price with that money! Ahh.. I'm tres content. The sale continues on till this Monday, but I doubt there'll be any sizes left! <3

truly a SUPER model

What's the difference between a super model and a regular model!? Well you truly know you're super when you are made into a 110 poumd solid gold statue for the British Museum in London. Who was this you ask!? Ofcourse, Kate Moss. It is a $1.5 million sculpture. It is said to be the largest gold statue since Pharaoh in Egypt. The sculpture was created by Marc Quinn and has been inspired by the super model before. He sees her as the ideal beauty of the moment. This statue was unveiled yesterday and will be featured in the Statuephilia exhibition from Oct 4- Jan 25. That's pure insanity right there! <3

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"last night a dj saved my life"

Last night is going to be added to my collection of fun clubbing nights. Holy was it amazing. We hit up Celebrities, but last night was straight night. It was so amazingly fun. We were running a bit late and totally missed guest list which was a horrid idea. It was pissing rain literally and the line up at the club was all the way down the block. The line would have probably taken an hour to an hour and a half to get in?! Anyways, we graced the bouncer 20 each plus cover. Lame, but it was worth it in the end. The music was straight dirty house music and a little teensy bit of top 40 mixed in. It was deliciously good. The place was the most packed that I've ever seen a club. I honestly danced for the whole night and probably lost all the calories I ate that day. I can't even describe how good it was. Usually at a club you'll see alot of people seated. Not at Celebrities! EVERYONE was on the dance floor. It was a straight gong show. Sucks that I have school next week otherwise I'd be there every Tuesday! I got home around 3am, had to wake up at 8am! And I've been working all day too. Yuck. But probably the best Tuesday ever. <3

Upper East Siders need to stop dissing Brooklyn because...

...the kick off for Fashion Indie Week Brooklyn will have it's fashion show on the Brooklyn Bridge. This will occur on September 2 at 6pm. Designers are Love Brigade, Zulema Griffin, Mandate of Heaven, San & Soni, New York Couture and Brooklyn Royalty. The show will be approximately 50 minutes. That's such a sick, long runway! I love it. <3

Armani steps up

Giorgio Armani has expanded to Marassi, Egypt. He has created The Armani Residences with villas from 2500 to 5400 square feet. It is furnished by no other than Armani Casa. This resort has just about everything: a boardwalk lounge, health club, reflective pool, resort club, screening room, pools, pool deck and retailers. <3

make me an a-lister

Wouldn't we all love to go to Fashion Week!? Well I know I would. Designers are all hustling and bustling about for NY Fashion Week! So exciting.. I can smell the couture. Anyways, everyone including myself want to go, but how you ask? It's invite only, as sad as that is. EXCEPT!..ofcourse there is always an except. Rumour has it that there is a concierge company called In the Know Experiences, who can get anyone into any show... as long as you pay the bucks! Too bad I'll be in school! <3

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

thank god i'm a light weight

Okay okay. Let's not all freak out now. I was having this discussion today about how you can drink liquor soooo fast and don't realize how many calories you're chugging down your body in one night. So I did a little research myself wanting to find out how many calories per shot the alcohol I drink. All I can say is that I'm sooo grateful school's starting soon so I won't be going all out in my drinking habits. It's not like we even enjoy the taste for goodness sake! This next weekend coming up is going to have alot of calories packed into it for sure! Here are my findings:

Per shot of regular Smirnoff vodka or tequila: 97 calories

Per shot of Malibu rum: 48 calories

I stopped at that.. I think that caught me off guard already. Eeeks! <3

Monday, August 25, 2008

it goes on and on and on

My obsession for shoes and oversized bags contiunes at ASOS! Click to enlarge! <3

only Marc Jacobs

First he sticks Victoria Beckham in a large bag,

now he's picking the two lesbian lovers t.A.T.u.! Remember them? They are those Russian singers. Yes, well Mr. Marc Jacobs has decided to use them as the new face of his line. I guess everyone's starting to aim at the new lesbian/gay society. I can't believe these 2 are still together?! <3

Taylor Momsen's test shots

Lil J looks absolutely fab in her test shots for IMG. Remember how I said she was signed onto IMG Models!? Well here are the results. I love the photography and I think she's going to blow up in the fashion world. This girl is going to be seen shooting for high fashion at such a young age. The girl hasn't even left high school! Here are a few of my favs. <3

another coffee table book

Victoria Secret is coming out with their own coffee table book. It's called Supermodel Obsession. The only real super model you'll find in the book is Gisele. Apparently, it's basically going to look like a giant Victoria Secret catalogue minus your address on it! <3

sorry to do this Dita...

How does a guy like Marilyn Manson land 2 bombshell babes after each other. First it was Dita von Teese, and now Rachel Evan Wood. You probably know her familiar face from the movie Thirteen. Marilyn Manson had an affair with her and shortly after dumped Dita. I simply looooove Dita von Teese, and it's really wierd how Manson made Rachel Evan Wood into a replica of her. Anyways, Here are pics from her Nylon photo shoot dated a while back, she doesn't look alot like her in these pictures just because of the way it's stylized but you should check out some other pics like the above, it's just wiiierd. <3

Sunday, August 24, 2008

the only time "high" & "waisted" should go together

Hehe me and my clever headings. Anyways, I used to be all about the low waisted pants, skirts, bottoms in general, but in some out fits, I gotta say you just have to rock the high waistedness. I'm a big fan of skirts and shorts which are higher waisted. I haven't quite bought my own pair of high waisted pants because I'm not quite sure if it would fit my style! Just thought I'd throw it out there as a clothing suggestion! <3

the love bracelet

Since 1970, Cartier created the Love bracelet. It is known as the world's most recognized and celebrated jewelry designs. It started out as a bracelet attached by screws which are bolted together. When these bracelets first launched, Cartier gave his and hers bracelets to the top 25 famous couples. Today, there is a newer version which are 2 miniature gold bands which are linked by a silk cord. It is now called the Love Charity bracelet. This was created in 2006. Many artists have this bracelet with a different coloured cord and are using it to back up their charities. I want one!!!! <3

can you keep up

As it's my last few days before my summer ends I'm trying to make it fun and fit in as much stuff (I hate the work stuff but I just had to use it) in as possible. Anyways, what I did this weekend? Well Thursday was my first day out of the house from being sick. I had to work, and after work I hit up a local restaurant with half off appies. We later watched 21. Such an inspirational movie to gamble. Uhh.. not so much a good thing!

From there on in the weekend took a turn and it was full of surprises. I hit up the club scenes which were totally NOT my place. It was actually really wierd. Friday I went to a club because my friend was djing and we had to go and support because it was the release of his first CD. To my surprise I saw a few randoms I haven't seen in a while other than the people I went with. Last night was gong show. I rolled downtown and it took me about 30 minutes to try and find parking. I was just about to go home because I was so angry and it was passed guest list time. The first club I went to on Saturday was good just because the music was fab. It was my usual house music. But then the people I was with wanted to hit up the club down the street. So I agreed. It was all top 40 and old top 40. BLAH. It's wierd I used to love that kind of music and dancing to it.. but I just find it sooo boring to dance to now! And I dance to everything! It was just one random night. I ended up seeing some guys I go to school with to so it was a very random night. So that was my wierd weekend. I think it was just messed up cuz all the people I usually party with are away or sick. :( I'm glad I at least went out and didn't have to spend a penny on drinks! <3

the man behind it all

Gossip Girl is known to be today's trendies TV show. Everyone is trying to find garments and accessories from the hit TV series. So who really is the one styling all the boys and girls on the show and making them look simply gorgeous while staying fashionable? That would be Eric Daman. His idea's behind styling are to make the characters look like kids can go and buy the outfit for themselves. He wants to inspire the viewers, yet be able to have fun with the costumes. He tends to mix garments with pieces from Forever 21 and H&M with designer items. No wonder why I noticed a few pieces from H&M!! He has also worked as an assistant stylist on Sex and the City!! Daman grew up in a small town in Michigan and he has claimed his fame. I predict he's just going to blow up from here on in. This just gives me more hope. <3

Saturday, August 23, 2008

only Betsey Johnson

Betsey Johnson is ever so creative and has sent out her invitations to her "Betsey Betsey Land" show in the form of a jigsaw puzzle. Last year it was a fortune teller card. These are prized collectibles! I bet they'll be selling on eBay. <3

you know you're big when...

Steiff, a famous German toy company has created a Karl Lagerfield plush bear! It resembles him in every which way including a black and white suit, KL belt buckle and ofcourse the infamous glasses. I can't believe they're even making a bear out of the Chanel designer! <3

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Burberry rainboot

Yeah yeah yeah you either love it or hate it. But personally I like it and I want it! I don't really like those brightly coloured rain boots with ducks or frogs on them. I just think those are one giant fashion faux pas. But when you put a shaped rain boot and mix it with Burberry, ofcourse it works! This is a must have, especially in Vancouver. They're going for $195 at Nordstrom. That's pretty good! I think they're hitting around $300 at Holt and I know there's a waiting list. I'm already thinking of wardrobe options....<3

it really sucks to be sick

I really didn't want to blog about this but I have no choice. I woke up Monday morning feeling like absolute crap. I had everything: dizzyness, nausea, head cold, sore throat, cough just everything! I couldn't hold any food down. It was horrible. Anyways.. since Monday, it has carried onto light symptoms today. I feel so helpless and weak, and I hate feeling like this. This is supposed to be my last few weeks of summer and I'm supposed to be enjoying it! At least it's been rainy so I haven't been missing out on good tanning time. But still. This feeling is horrendous. You think I would have blogged even more but no, I'm just that sick, I couldn't even get up until these last 2 days. Just sad. <3

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

they're here!

I've been awaiting for these!!! I've known this for some time but they have finally come out. Gwen Stefani has released her collection of scents for her Harajuku Lovers line. There are 5 different scents which look like her 4 harajuku girls and herself. They are so cute and I want them all. Even though I'm a big big fan of Gwen, I wasn't too impressed with the scent of L which was her perfume for the L.A.M.B. collection. I really hope these babies will smell delicious just like her line! <3

you know you're ballin when...

Remember when dressing up your dog was known to be ridiculous?! Well check this out. It's a dog house decorated with 7 600 crystal beads and a Hello Kitty pillow inside of it! How much is it worth you ask? Oh you know... just $32 000!!! It's the most expensive doghouse on the market. And we thought that today's real estate market was crazy. Well now try housing your dog with this bad boy. <3

Dita Von Teese lingerie line

Being one of my favourite women, who else is better than Dita Von Teese to start up her own lingerie line!? Her and Wonderbra have created 1940's and 50's style lingerie. It will be accessible in September. She wants to create this line because:

"I love it when you can go about your daily business with the knowledge that you have a little secret of your own on underneath. Lingerie shouldn't be something you put on for your lover; you should do it for you. It's not about seducing men, it's about embracing womanhood."


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Lo is a bitch

For those who watched The Hills premiere last night, do you not agree that Lo is a bitch?! I used to like her because she spoke her mind and she seemed like a spunky character, but near the end of season 3 and this first episode which aired displayed a horrible jealous side of her! I love Audrina. She seems so down to earth and genuinely nice. Maybe it's just how TV portrays it. Who knows! <3

out of this club

Everyone knows how fond I am of the house music and the booming bass. But I'm obsessed with this new Pussycat Dolls song. It's called Out of this Club and it features R. Kelly. It's so good. It reminds me much of myself right now. Just sick of the whole single life. Here are some of the lyrics. Download it! I'm sure you'll just love it too. <3

Baby won't you take me out of this club
I wanna be with you
Baby let me take you out of this club
I make your dreams come true
Baby won't you take me out of this club
I wanna be with you

I smiled enough
I flirted enough
I posed enough
Got freaky enough

Took pictures enough
Conversated enough
I sipped enough
I got enough

Sunday, August 17, 2008

humidity does nothing good

Oh my the temperature has been increasing daily, except the sun isn't coming out! Instead it's been cloudy and smoggy and just plain yucky! Anyways, I was really disappointed with Robson Street. I couldn't find a thing! I ended up buying a sweater and a necklace, but I'm still contemplating on a pair of jeans. It's just the whole money factor you know. Going back to school and all I have to be thrifty still, even though I love to pretend I'm ballin out of control. haha don't we all. This weekend was pretty chill, I didn't hit the clubs which is a big surprise considering I finished my exam! I'm just soooo tired and just felt like hanging out. There was still a few delicious drinks involved but you know. Oh well there's the next 2 whole weeks ahead to hear more about my crazy adventures! <3

Friday, August 15, 2008

a little gossip girl tidbit

WARNING!!! This is going to spoil a little bit of Gossip Girl in the third episode!

Abigail Lorick is the real fashion designer behind Eleanor Waldorf's (Blair's mom's) fashion line. Lorick is actually having her full runway show in Fashion Week, and just 7 days later (Sept. 15), the catwalk show will repeat on the show as Eleanor's line. This time it will be on national television! Exciting! I can't wait to see! A lot of the clothing is seen on Gossip Girl. I loveeee her garments. <3

it was all in the fortune cookie

Yesterday I went to get ice cream with was hanging out with a girl friend and we watched The Nanny Diaries. Throughout the movie, everyone was calling and texting me other than the guy that I wanted to. We were supposed to hang out this week, but I didn't hear a work for him. Anyways, my friend had one last fortune cookie and she gave it to me. I wasn't even thinking about the whole situation, and I'm not very superstitious but I cracked the cookie in half and read the message. What did it say you ask? Well it read:

Minimize expectations to avoid being disappointed.

This was soooo true! It had clicked.. yet again. Why do I have so many high expectations when I've just been let down again and again!? So, I'm like yeahh what am I doing! I just need to clear my mind and get him out of my head. So anyways, we continued with the movie and I looked down at my phone and it said I had received a new text. I thought it was this other guy who's really annoying, but no it was the one I'm actually interested in! What are the odds? Actually though.
Anyways, he ended up wanting me to hang out but I didn't because I ended up hanging out with other friends and I'd rather put them first over a boy. Plus it's all in the chase right? That's the long story short, but I've kept the fortune. Maybe I should buy the lottery numbers too! haha <3

compatibility tests

I'm super bored and decided to do a compatibility test with the guy I'm interested in. It's basically a survey which you fill in about you and that person. It's not bad. I ended up getting 80% compatibility with the guy. Here were my results:
Melissa and ____ have never gotten together romantically, but perhaps some day they will. They both drink, so there is no incompatibility there. Their astrological signs are in harmony, which is a plus. They share a favorite season, and that is good. And their views on children are similar. Overall, Melissa and ____ are quite compatible. There are a few rough spots, but nothing that cannot be overcome.
I took out the name if you didn't notice. haha Click here if you are wondering about a person too! It takes like 5 minutes! Ehhh why not! <3

fafinette look alike

I was looking through pictures on one of my websites.. and I found this girl who totally reminded me of a fafinette! I love it. Ahh the things I find....<3

Married to the Mob Fall 2008

I looove the photography for the new Married to the Mob fall line. Check out some of my fav pics. <3

Thursday, August 14, 2008

picture of the day

I love this picture! It's by the Sartorialist. I simply love his work. He is a fashion photographer who finds fashionable people or what he thinks is fashionable on the streets and posts them up on his website. I like the picture because I love this girl's hair! It's that messy beachy look with a full bang. <3

fun in the sun

Ahhh!!!!!!!!!!! My summer has officially started!!! 2 weeks of time off.. filled with work that is.. yucky! Anyways, I really want to go away this weekend.. to Kelowna perhaps, but no girls are down or they're working so I'd be rolling up with the boys. Today I headed down to the beach. It was 32 degrees! Hottest day of the week. I think I burnt my lip, and with all the heat and stress, it just hasn't been good on my face. What a lovely day! I'm finished my exam and it was scorching hot! Let the partying begin! <3

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

the countdown is on

Tomorrow is my final exam for my course! I know I should be studying but I'm waiting for my study buddies to get here. I'm kind of nervous, but at the same time all I can think about is it for it to be over! I'll have 2 weeks of real summer and then it's back to 8 courses, stress and a whole lot of coffee. All my friends studying abroad will be leaving me too. Just devastating. Starting tomorrow I'm partying hard, working lots and going to enjoy myself.

Anyways, I was talking to one of my friends last night and we keep talking about the same guy problems over and over again for hours on end.. but it goes no where! Nothing is resolved and we just end up even more frustrated about it then we would have been from the start! It's just soo annoying. Why do boys play such a big role in a girls life? Boys create such an emotional roller coaster for us whether we're in a relationship or just seeking potentials. I say it's so annoying but at the same time that's the fun of it. I was saying yesterday that I wish I knew where it would end up, but at the same time that would take away all the fun! Oh boys.. what would we girls do without you....<3

rumour has it...

My friend was listening to the radio and happened to tell me that rumour has it that the amazing opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics is one big fraaaaaud! First off.. there was a little girl "singing" in a red dress. I put those in quotations because she was actually lip syncing. Better yet, it wasn't even her voice! The rumour is that the actual girl wasn't cute enough. Above is a picture of the girl in the red dress who lip synced and the real girl who sang. Wow.. that's a bitch move right there. Second of all, the amazing fireworks we saw on out TV screens were digitally mastered and some of the fireworks were super imposed. That's so deceiving and just plain rude. To think I was getting all excited for a phony show. Pfft. But honestly, the rest was amazing. I'm sure there are other things which were fake to but that's all I got so far.

Another thing that has come up about the Olympics, I think it was Spain's men's basketball team who was posing for a picture for the newspapers. Right when they clicked the camera, the whole basketball team put their fingers to their temples and pulled back the skin to make their eyes look "Chinese". I don't know whether or not they were trying to fit in with China or if they were straight up being racial. Who knows, but that's the controversy right now. Eeeks! Good luck with that one boys! <3