Tuesday, May 25, 2010

gaga ooh lala x zara

Popped into Zara today and found these amazing little Lady Gaga tees. I am in love with the white one, but of course they were all out. It's sparkly and everything too!!

hello gorgeous marc

OMG! I want this watch so so badly. I'm so choked I didn't see it at Bloomingdale's in New York! It's $185 CAD, $175 USD. I'm in love with it. So if you're thinking of getting me a present, this would be it. It comes and white and gold to which is really gorg. But I'm more a silver person! <3

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lauren Conrad x Style

Lauren Conrad is releasing a style book. She tells PEOPLE magazine, “The first book tour I went on, I had the opportunity to meet thousands and thousands of fans. The majority of the questions were about fashion. It was fun to share all the things I had learned.” The book will cover from everything from advice and photos along with personal stories, high school horror stories and day to day dressing style. The book will come out October 5, 2010. I think that her eyes look a little too harsh in the picture, but oh how we miss hearing from her!<3

the military jacket

Olivia Palermo was wearing this jacket in the last segment of The City this week. I thought it looked amazing on her. Military jackets are a must have for Spring, and I loved this Zara one she was wearing! Time to hunt one down! <3

hate the water love the theme

I hate the sparkling water, Perrier that is, but Dita von Teese is on Perrier, which takes the bubbly water to another level!! For me anyways! I love her! It's available next month under a collaboration called Paparazzi. <3

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gaga for Philip Treacy

After all her success, she still strives for more! Lady Gaga is starting at the bottom going for an internship with Philip Treacy who is known for the best avant-garde toppers aka head pieces. She sent in her cover letter and resume and they want to see her skills before she is accepted for the internship! In hat making that is! I'm sure she'll get it no matter what. <3

Monday, May 17, 2010

shop for a cause!

This Thursday, May 20th, H&M and Designers against AIDS are to launch their Fashion against AIDS campaigne worldwide. They will be in 32 countries. Their website is full of information including messages on safe sex and allows people to upload their own clips, pics and comments. 25% of the sales prices will be going to HIV and AIDS prevention projects for kids all over the world! Go H&M! <3

i heart boobies

Klahowya Secondary School in Washington is banning breast cancer bracelets which say "I love Boobies. Keep-A-Breast"! I think they are so cute. Apparently, students have made inappropriate gestures and this is offensive. The bracelets are to be turned inside out or not worn at all. So much for standing up for the right causes?! <3

another book, another model

I think it's getting a little out of hand. Anyone can write a book, start a clothing line, do what they want if they're famous. Miranda Kerr is adding to the bookshelf, by writing a book called Treasure Yourself. It's for young women and individuality. She's lucky she's pretty! <3

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a little adjusting

Oh how I am ever so exhausted. This weekend was my first full weekend from being back from new york. I worked a bit and played a bit, and I also got a new job! Anyhow, this week is also my first full week of my summer semester. Aka me having less time to play and more time to work. Oh and you will never believe it! I am in this human kinetics course which is acting as my science elective and I blindly walked into a fitness course. It also requires a 10 km run! Um I hate running!!!! Oh well, I think I'll suffer through and continue with the class because physical education as a "natural science" elective is amazing!!

This week is also gorgeous! I actually wore a pair of shorts yesterday and went golfing. I wish I could say I was pro but ilm definitely not. Bottom line is that I tried and had fun. After all, summer is all about enjoying the outdoors and trying new things! I hope I don't overload myself in school and work though! Wish me luck! By the way, I'm trying to blog on my phone, on the go while waiting for another course, and it won't let me add a picture. Sorry loves! Enjoy the sun! <3

Friday, May 7, 2010

pour l'homme

A bag store for you boys!! Coach has rescued you from looking at women's bags by opening a men's only store today!! It will be in New York ofcourse at 370 Bleecker Street, along with Tommy, Ralph Lauren and Marc Jacobs. Definitely a boy's club! <3

Thursday, May 6, 2010

How I adore Anna Wintour

Guess what! Since Fashion's Night Out was a huge success, Anna Wintour has extended it to a six-night global shopping affair!!!! This means, Fashion's Night Out will reach 16 countries and 15 foreign editions of Vogue will be involved. It will start on September 7th in France, move to England and Korea on the 8th, Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain on the 9th, Inda, Russa and the States on the 10th, China, Japan and Taiwan on the 11th, and finally Greece and Turkey on the 16th. Ahem.. this is WHY I should be in New York! Doesn't even reach Canada! I guess I will be at home watching the CBS Special on Fashion's Night Out on september 15th at 8pm. How exciting! <3

pirate boots

It's very Johnny Depp of me, but ever since I went to New York and tried a pair of these on, I have become obsessed with these clunky, old school pirate boots and want a pair of my own. They are $125 at Urban Outfitters, where I tried them on. <3

Lanvin printed umbrella

I've been so obsessed with umbrellas lately as a rainy day necessity accessory. This umbrellas is so cute. It is a Lanvin printed umbrella with little faces all over them. The umbrella goes for a whopping $140. <3

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

just missed

Fell in love with a little store called Uniqlo in New York. I got this amazing Minnie Mouse shirt from there. But anyhow, Emily Deyn, who is Agyness Deyn's little sister is a featured designer for Uniqlo! Her Uniqlo line went on sale April 30 but I didn't even see it! She has made tanks to tees with polaroids of her sister and favourite things. Oh the perks of New York. <3

Monday, May 3, 2010


Omg, it's about time they made this! Check out Barbiefoot! Not just your average foosball table. The players are Barbies!!! Haha girly enough for ya? <3

officially back

Oh how I miss the city lights and Manhattan's skyline. Where do I even start? Such an amazing trip it was.

Day 1
I left for Seattle and stayed a night there. Nothing too too exciting. Finished packing in the early morning and drove down there. Stayed in a hotel that claimed to have wifi, but didn't! Oh well, only a night right? Oh yes, and for all you Canadians who haven't touched an iPod, I did! It was great!
Day 2
Woke up and was jittery in my stomach! We got a ride to the airport and looked at all the gift shops and did the little things you usually do when you wait two hours for your flight. We left to Denver from Seattle and had to quickly transfer to our flight to New York! The flight from Denver was 2.5 hours. The sky in Denver is so weird! It snowed that night, and the clouds were so heavy and flat. It reminded me of the Wizard of Oz. They even had tornado zones to go to when a tornado hits! Anyhow, we were off! Which was really a 3-4 hour flight. Ohh the whole day of traveling, especially when you lose time due to the time difference! The flight to New York was way better than the flight to Denver because Deborah Norville from Inside Edition was doing a little segment on a day in the life of a flight attendant. She served us, and we we treated amazingly! So I may be on TV. Not sure when it's airing yet though!

Anyhow, I got into New York at LaGuardia Airport around 9 pm and caught a cab to the apartment we were staying at in East Village. Super central to everything, it was great. We were jet lagged from the time difference and ended up sleeping at 3 in the morning. We settled in and went around East Village to check out our surroundings. Full of life and lots of young people.

Day 3
We woke up at around 10.30 am and headed out. Not exactly sure what we should do. We ended up going to Times Square which is seriously PACKED with bright lights and advertisements. I loved how there is seating in the middle of the road and you can have your lunch there or do whatever. We ended up wandering to the Fashion District along with the Upper East Side and the Empire State Building, just the bottom level. We ended up going to the Guggenheim Museum as well. It was nice and sunny. Something I haven't felt in a while! I was so surprised to see how dirty the city was though. Especially how run down the subway line was. Not too impressed. I wish the city of NY would invest a little in it especially because it is so well used. Plus the fair is so cheap anyone could use it! Also, the tracks were so confusing! There were so many different lines and learning where to go was such a challenge.

Day 4
Headed to SoHo for an amazing time of something I do best, shopping. It was so incredibly fun on Broadway. So many things to do and see from window displays to the cute things you would never find in Vancouver. But it was raining, something I'm very used to in Vancouver. Broadway had so many of the same shops that we have except so much better, filled with unique inventory. Uniqlo was such a cool shop from Japan too. I loved their simple unique look and concept. We also headed to Chinatown and went around Little Italy. I definitely fell in love with the little area of SoHo. I didn't even finish the entire street! At Bloomingdale's they had a Go Green campaign and had manequins dressed in recycled products which looked amazing!!
Day 5
Headed back to SoHo to finish of the rest! Didn't buy anything unfortunately though! Went to Union Square as well as NYU. Again it was another rainy day! Ugh, this time a down pour. Still made the best of it and had fun. We went to Parsons School of Design and the later that day headed to the Financial District. The New York Stock Exchange was completely blocked off due to 9/11. Sad.

I also saw the sight where the twin towers once were and visited the memorial. It was so sad. The plans for the site were also in the memorial (above). They are going to have 2 large square waterfalls where the twin towers once were, and around them are going to be the names of all the people that passed. After that, we went to Century 21. It was a full day in the rain.

Day 6
Went to the Met Museum and spent at least a good 5 hours there. A Picasso exhibition had just been released on that very day which was a coincidence. The place was packed! We then headed to 5th ave. Saw the Trump Tower, Apple and FAO. We drank coffee at Starbucks in the Trump tower, and they write your name on the cup! Which was different from what we do back home.

We also went to Grand Central Station. The rain had let up which was nice! But it was oh so windy. We also went to this little Japanese place it Little Tokyo for dinner. The best part was free cotton candy. When they give you your bill, they give you this sugar thing which allows you to make your own cotton candy! Cute concept!

Day 7
We woke up and went to Staten Island and saw the Statue of Liberty! We went back to Wall Street, during the day and it was so busy with young good looking business men just filling the street. After that, we headed to Fashion Institute of Technology and saw their museum which had amazing vintage pieces from Dior to YSL. We went to Saks which had amazing styling on the manequins, and also went to IchiUmi which was an amazing Japanese buffet! We also went to Dylan's Candy Shop. We then headed to the Empire State Building to watch the sunset and the moon rise. It was an amazing, gorgeous view from the top, except it was SO cold and windy! Thank God it wasn't raining too! Such a good way to end our day.

Day 8
The day I could get my license back, but I wasn't in Vancouver. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge and walked on it. It was amazing. The sun was super hot and just beaming on us! We later headed out for lunch and went to the Trump tower to get Starbucks coffee! Mm. Anyhow, there was a private event at the bottom level of the Trump tower, and Trump was down there shaking hands with everyone etc. We were peering from the next level up. Anyhow, he ended up coming up the escalator, and I ran and met him! It was amazing! I was in shock and was so surprised.

Anyhow, we then went to Carnegie Hall, Bloomingdale's and went for a Pedicab ride in Central Park which was absolutely gorgeous!!

Day 9
Ah the last day in the big apple. We headed to all the sights which we hadn't seen, including TriBeCa (the were hosting the TriBeCa film festival there), along with Chelsea and the Meat Packing District. I absolutely loved it!! We went to Battery Park in TriBeCa where you could look across to New Jersey. It was gorgeous to be so close to the Hudson River. The Meat Packing District had amazing boutiques and super gorgeous, stylish people which I loved. Chelsea was the Gay area, and we went to the market filled with yummy bakeries that looked pretty and delicious! After that, we headed to the Fashion Institute of Technology to check out the students' work inspired by Valentino. It was alright. Only one piece I really liked, but the drawings and sketches were AMAZING! After that we got Tim Horton's (yep, only found in NY in the States, otherwise only in Canada). I have to say, they were so delicious, better than Canada almost? We then headed to the Museum of Modern Art. It was interesting but some pieces are just stupid and anyone could do!

There was this one artist who sat there and let people enter in on a chair across from her one at a time. She did not move, drink or talk. She just sat and blinked as long as the museum was open. She was quite a sick lady, by her art where she would do crazy experiments with people. Her name is Marina Abramovic. To finish off the night, we headed to Little Italy for a splendid meal.

Day 10
The very last day. Sad that the trip had to come to an end, but believe me New York. I'll be back! Headed to SoHo for the last time of the trip. I bought so much that I hadn't seen before! Then sadly finished packing, caught a cab and headed back to good old Vancouver. Ended up coming home at 5 am yesterday morning. What a vacation. A vacation to definitely remember. Oh yes and one more thing. I saw Tim Gunn at the Seattle airport! In suit and all! He was coming back from Hawaii!

So now I'm home, starting my summer semester, going back to work and adjusting back to the time difference. There was my trip in one single blogpost!<3