Tuesday, May 11, 2010

a little adjusting

Oh how I am ever so exhausted. This weekend was my first full weekend from being back from new york. I worked a bit and played a bit, and I also got a new job! Anyhow, this week is also my first full week of my summer semester. Aka me having less time to play and more time to work. Oh and you will never believe it! I am in this human kinetics course which is acting as my science elective and I blindly walked into a fitness course. It also requires a 10 km run! Um I hate running!!!! Oh well, I think I'll suffer through and continue with the class because physical education as a "natural science" elective is amazing!!

This week is also gorgeous! I actually wore a pair of shorts yesterday and went golfing. I wish I could say I was pro but ilm definitely not. Bottom line is that I tried and had fun. After all, summer is all about enjoying the outdoors and trying new things! I hope I don't overload myself in school and work though! Wish me luck! By the way, I'm trying to blog on my phone, on the go while waiting for another course, and it won't let me add a picture. Sorry loves! Enjoy the sun! <3

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