Thursday, May 6, 2010

How I adore Anna Wintour

Guess what! Since Fashion's Night Out was a huge success, Anna Wintour has extended it to a six-night global shopping affair!!!! This means, Fashion's Night Out will reach 16 countries and 15 foreign editions of Vogue will be involved. It will start on September 7th in France, move to England and Korea on the 8th, Australia, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain on the 9th, Inda, Russa and the States on the 10th, China, Japan and Taiwan on the 11th, and finally Greece and Turkey on the 16th. Ahem.. this is WHY I should be in New York! Doesn't even reach Canada! I guess I will be at home watching the CBS Special on Fashion's Night Out on september 15th at 8pm. How exciting! <3


  1. That is so exciting!
    I was uber jealous when It happened last year, and I wanted it to come to Australia.

  2. So jealous of you!! You better tell me how amazing it is!