Wednesday, December 31, 2008

featured photographer: Bruno Dayan

One of my favourite French fashion photographers Bruno Dayan creates such exquisite, unique, contemporary images. I love love looooove his work. It kind of reminds me of my other favourite, Miles Aldridge. It's so hard to make it big as a fashion photographer but his pictures are AMAZING! Tres bien. Here are SOME of his marvellous images. <3

he says she says

Rumour has it that Christina Aguilera will be designing for Topshop. It's just a rumour I'm not 100% sure yet so all you fashionistas, hold on! I know it's exciting news and it will either flunk or fly. We'll have to see for ourselves. I'm thinking it'll be very 50s pin up and sexy sophisticated. I'll keep you posted. <3

why so serious?

Last night I watched the Dark Knight, finally, and I like how unpredictable it is. I don't see the huge hype on the movie but I did enjoy it. I think there should be a little bit more love to it but whatever! Plus, the cast wasn't that attractive. It was a very guy movie, but it was tres interesting! <3

funny well so I thought

Call me immature but yesterday on my caller id I came across a missed call name which read

Man Dick Poon.

Like woah, quite the name. I would instantaneously get a name change! Lindsay Lohan's face says it all. That is all! <3

last day of the year

hide your hangover

New Years Eve, most people aren't scared of the hangover the next day until it actually comes. I stumbled across the secrets to keep yourself well, looking like yourself the next morning. This was posted by Harper's Bazaar through Kate Lee of Chanel and Joanna Schlip of Physicians Formula.
  1. It's all in the eyes. Literally. Hold a washcloth full of ice cubes on your face for five to de-bloat and follow up with redness removing eye drops.
  2. After a night of full makeup and second hand smoke, your skin deserves a clean break. Cleanse and moisturize well as soon as you get home.
  3. Combat dull skin by adding some shimmer to tinted moisturizer.
  4. Put the powder down (it settles into every crease of dry skin) and use a cream blush to add a luminous glow.
  5. Use a bright, moisturizing lipstick to take the focus off of tired eyes. Try red or of-the-moment fuchsia.
So there you have it, no reason to look like living hell on the first day of the year!!!! As for curing the hangover itself, you're on your own. Everyone has their own solutions. For me, it's drinking a huge glass of water before bed. But personally, I like vodka water lime to drink so that helps with the hangover too! Plus it's clear and spillage will not be seen<3

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

picture of the day: defining moments

Remember how I mentioned before about how those models kept falling at the Prada show while walking the runway? Well this lady fell 3 times before she fell 5 feet away from the Sartorialist who managed to capture this amazing image. She took her shoes off and walked barefoot the rest of the way. Haha,I'm still laughing even though the show was months ago. <3

sweet but why?

So I stumbled across these knitted object. I crochet so I stumble across these things. But why would people make these? Maybe they are anorexics who like to look at food but can't eat it? I have no clue. Wierd, but craazy! I'm not hating.. i'm just stating.<3

speaking of bows

Check out Valentino's Noeud d'Amore clutch! Told you it was all about bows. It's very Blair Waldorf. At first sight I thought it was a pillow. But nope, it's a clutch!!! You can pick this baby up for $1095 at Neiman Marcus. <3

shoegasm: Stella McCartney

As there are tons of festive events and happenings going around, it's the perfect time to dress up and strut it. Please no ugly Christmas sweater parties unless they match these shoes. These shoes are fabulous. And bows are soooo in right now. But when aren't they? Lalala love at first sight costing $1295. <3

who knew Chanel was so sporty?

The tennis racket? Now snowboards?! Don't get me wrong, I love love lovvvvee fashion, especially Chanel, and I loooove snowboarding. I guess you can combine the two, but I think the two should stick to their specialty areas. So for those girly little things out there, even if you suck at snowboarding, you are better than anyone else because you have a Chanel board darling. It is a high gloss, piano black finished board with the Chanel monogram by the front binding. The board itself is made of fiberglass and would for flexibility and rigidity. Sounds good to me if you want to spend $1250 on a spankin new fashion limited edition board! <3

H&M is sexy in Barcelona

I was honestly sooo stoked that Vancouver got at H&M last summer. But then I look at this and I'm like WTF. Some dude, Edtudio Mariscal did the architecture, lighting, furniture, graphics and shopping bags for H&M in Barcelona. It's sexy as hell. Check These pictures out for yourself friends. I think this should be my house?

This is just entering the store

There's sooo much more but this is just a taste! Pretty yummy eh? <3

chick flicks

So yesterday I went to the States for a day trip. Can you believe I bought nothing on a shopping trip!? Nada. So devastating. It really pissed me off actually. Anyhow, I came home and the roads were super icy. It was really sketchy/scary! My friend and I decided to make plans. As I headed down the hill to her house the road narrowed on a 2 way street. My car gave out and wouldn't let me break! It was sooo scary as I was going head on to a huge SUV. Thank God he moved his huge car to the side otherwise there would have been a huge accident.

I ended up getting to my friends house safely. We had a HUGGGE conversation to catch up before watching The House Bunny. We just wanted a light chick flick movie. The movie was dumbly hilarious and extremely predictable. We'd laugh 5 minutes after because we weren't sure whether or not it was just dumb or funny. No matter what, we'd laugh anyways.

And can you believe.... I forgot to watch The City! Whitney's show. I love it. It's better than The Hills and it's oh so juicy. If you haven't watched it, go find it because it's amazing and you havvvveee to watch it. Anyhow, those were my reviews. I ended up going home later laaaater because I was too scared to drive home. But I faced my fears and ended up getting stuck in the snow right outside my friends house. It was sooo annoying and pissed me off. I just didn't know what to do so I called my friend that I just left her house and she was helping me through it. So probably after 15 minutes I got out of that mess of snow! Ahh. Eventful? Perhaps. <3

the problem with New Years Eve

1) Everything's too expensive for what it is
2) Friend's can't agree on a place

3) It's overall just one giant hype

People are paying $60-who knows what to try and make one night of the year amazingly fun, when most of the time it ends up in a dramatic mess because you try to effing hard. They are paying these crazy amounts of money to count down from 10 and kiss some random whore. Wow, I can count backwards too and I don't have to be a sleaze at the same time! Why couldn't I just be at Times Square.

Can you believe NYE is tomorrow and as for plans I know nothing. I know it should just come easy, but it hasn't and frankly, it's been pissing me off. It's nice to have an event to be stressed over rather than school work but still. But it's just super dumb I find. Personally I'd like to have a party with a bunch of close people I'd like to spend time with. But as for now it does not seem to be going that way! <3

Monday, December 29, 2008

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Last night I saw The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was interesting for sure if you're wanting to sit there for 3 hours. I'd say you're better waiting til the movie comes out. I saw the interview on Oprah and became fascinated by the storyline. It was indeed a very interesting story line, mainly about 2 people who fell in love but he was born as an old man. Ofcourse this complicated things. I did and I didn't like the movie. I definitely thought it carried on for way too long, but the storyline was very interesting. And I love Cate Blanchett. I think she's super elegant. <3

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Louis V and the 80s

Everyone's hitting up the past. The bright colours, the grungy style and the old school looks. Louis Vuitton has decided to launch the welovesprouse website to celebrate Stephen Sprouse and The Stephen Sprouse Book, which will be released in January.

Who exactly was Sprouse?
He was a major influence on the downtown scene in NYC. He was a designer who worked along with Debbie Harry, Andy Warhol, Axl Rose and Duran Duran.

So what does this have to do with Louis V?
Sprouse's art is screened onto LV bags. The website also includes his life, artwork, collabs and other fashion projects. <3

Hello Kitty's album

I'm not talking about a picture album. I'm talking about an actual singing album. So she's not only a cartoon icon and a Japanese tourism ambassador, she is a singer of her own band! Her debut album is called Hello World (ofcourse). Anyways, at the magazine NYLON, one reader will win her new CD along with a sick Hello Kitty Fender guitar, tote bag, alarm clock, watch, stuffed toy and earphones. You can check out the link to listen to her songs. Haha super kawaii! <3

Choice Apparel

Some guy I met once through good friends decided to start his own T-shirt line. It's Choice Apparel by Rodriogo Caula. I thought I'd feature it on my blog, you know friend/Vancouver support! Plus he's a boarder. Heck yes. Shirts are going for $20 and beanies for $10. <3

you got your hair slicked back with your WAYFARERS on baby

Hehe the cast of Gossip Girl looks so cute here rockin' the wayfarers. They look like a crazy indie band. <3

Friday, December 26, 2008

something about nerds these day

I'm not talking about full out nerds with suspenders who have pocket protectors, those are just straight dorks. I'm talking about the cute nerds. The ones who really aren't into themselves and are actually cool. The quiet ones who really come across as sexy! There's something about them that is really cute. Like Michael Cera for instance. In fact, there is an instructor at my school who reminds me exactly of him and all the girls go crazy for him. Just so nerdily cute! I love it. But check out Josh Hartnett. Usually I don't like his looks but I guess he's changed his style?! Look at those glasses, Pharrell style perhaps? I love it.The funny thing is that i have a jacket similar to his. <3

featured artist: Stella Im Hultberg

Stella Im Hultberg is a painter who lives and works in Brooklyn. She is originally from South Korea and she has studied Industrial Design and worked as a product designer. She serves as a painter and drawer. I love her work its sooo incredibly gorgeous.

be the Wonder Woman you can be

Diane von Furstenberg created a limited edition Comic Book. It features DVF's original story, The Adventures of Diva, Viva and Fifa. It is illustrated by Konstantin Kakanias, and also includes Wonder Woman cover art through the ages. This is going for $25. This also matches the Wonder Woman-inspired collection celebrated throughout the world. The book is to empower women. Yay DVF! <3

quote of the day: John Galliano

a blizzardous day

Is blizzardous even a word? Haha probably not but it's added to my dictionary. Anyways, Happy Boxing Day!! Yeah well not so happy for me. What it is I did? I hit up a mall which was a huge disaster because there were a kabillion people. I have long legs and take long strides and shuffling just does not cut it for me. In fact, it made me super tired!! I was very disappointed with the deals I found. Well at the last store I managed to find some things, but honestly, I would have rather been out and about instead of in that mess!! It was so tiring. But I ended up getting:
  • An off shoulder shirt (which is long and classy enough to wear as a dress to the clubs) for $20
  • 2 dresses- tube top, a-line with a cute bow in the middle, silk (Yes, I got 2 of the same dress, one in black one in red) for $10 each (that's exactly why I got it)
  • Waist high black and white plaid skirt for $10
  • Egyptian Cotton bed set including pillows sheets, flat sheet, duvet cover (Random, but it was necessary.Of course they are pink!) for $18
That is all, oh well. Ohh and I ordered online more ram for my baby.. aka my laptop!! I definitely found some superb deals. Besides all the good deals, it wasn't really expected to snow as much as it did today, but of course it did. Because I didn't want to have to deal with parking today, I decided to take public transit. Hmm.. bad idea. When I was leaving, there was a line up to get to the skytrain which was FOREVER. It was ridiculous. Finally, when I got on the skytrain, that took another 45 minutes. It was stalled/backed up because of a tree which fell on the tracks. It was not fun at all. My feet were killing me, I was standing shoulder to shoulder with some smelly sick randoms, and it was freezing. I was definitely not impressed. So I finally got home, but the rest of the drive home was ridiculous. I was slipping and sliding and then right before I reached my garage the car just wouldn't go. Soooo, what happened? That's right we had to dig ourselves out of the snow. Lovely. Just lovely. Now I'm at home safe and sound. Scary but yeah. What a day is all I have to say. What an effing day. <3

Thursday, December 25, 2008

stupid data plans

I really really REALLY want a Sidekick, but of course I don't live in the States, and they are only available to the States through T Mobile. I'm really sketch on getting an unlocked phone through EBay of the Sidekick, especially with no warranty and such. That is my ideal dream phone of the moment in white.

So after I came to a conclusion that I wouldn't be getting the Sidekick until I move to NY, I decided to choose between the new HTC Touch Diamond and the Blackberry Bold. I finally went to my provider to talk to them about it and didn't realize you NEED (pretty much) a data plan which allows you to send emails and do all that fancy schmancy stuff. This data plan is an extra $30 minimum on top of your other features such as caller id, voicemail and all the basics. So I started sulking about that because I found out without the plan, just the phone alone would be $550. What a waste of money.

So now I'm left in this situation because my current phone is sufficient and if I change my phone it feels like I will be down grading. So what my next two options are are the iPhone or the LG Vu. With the iPhone, a data plan is still necessary but it's cheaper. The LG Vu on the other hand is like (I'll admit it) a iPhone wannabe, except it doesn't need a data plan. So I'm just trying to weight out my options and it's all really frustrating. I just want an effing new phone! Data plans are laaame<3

when one thing ends another begins

As we know, The Hills ended this Monday as the season finale. Well, it's Whitney Port's time to shine as she hits up dream city NY working for DVF. I was reading the cast biography's and it sounds like a very dog eat dog world. It should be very interesting as Whitney seems to be super nice... all the time. Plus the cast seems pretty good looking!!! Her new show airs just before the New Year on December 29th at 10 pm! <3

the next thing to think about

Tomorrow is boxing day and I'm supposed to be working a 12 hour shift if I was not in L.A. but sneaky me, I'm just not going to say anything. I have a stack of cash to spend and I'm going to use it to my advantage! I'm just overwhelmed and don't even know where to start! The malls are going to be packed and filled with line ups and then you have those crazy people who wake up at 3 am to stand in line, or those who sleep outside the doors of their fav store. What the eff are they even thinking!? <3

wannabe Taylor Momsen

This is what I look like today. Yep I love little Jenny Humphrey from GG. and I loved that pic of her. I honestly didn't realize that we are similar in these pics until my sister pointed it out. Not complaining! <3

under the tree

Well this year I didn't have a tree due to the blizzard and not going to L.A. (once again) haha. But I had a few presents. We were supposed to do our shopping in L.A. for Christmas presents but that didn't go through, so presents were sparse. I ended up getting:

  • Influence book by MK & A Olsen
  • Learning to Fly by Victoria Beckham
  • 2 Hubba Bubba Story books filled with gum
  • TNA shoulder bag (which I'm returning and getting something else because knowing me I'll get it dirty)
  • $500 CDN
  • $500 US

I hope you got everything you wished for and more! Turkey dinner tonight. I'm hoping you're spending today with your loved ones and the people who TRULY matter in your life. <3

the billion dollar twins are back at it again

These girls are so hard working and just don't stop. Rumour has it they are going to create children's books. Mary-Kate is going to do the illustrations while Ashley is going to do the writing. They are soo innovative. I know they are bashed alot but that's just cuz people are jealous, as am I. <3

ring in the New Year well

5 days till NYE and I have zero plans thanks to this blizzard and me not in L.A. I would have left today. Anyways, let's not think about that one again. So 5 days till NYE means alot. There are so many things to think about such as:
  • WTF am I going to wear to look hot and make that other bitch jealous?
  • How will I lose all that turkey weight in 5 days?
  • Who am I going to kiss at midnight?
But the most important:
  • What are my New Year's resolutions?
For me that's always the hardest, yet the most meaningful. How you ring in the New Year will define the rest of your year. I really want to make resolutions to stick to and I think it's good if everyone did because it will keep you in line. I will post mine as I think of them! I mean it is 1.45 am on Christmas morning!

As for the kissing on NYE please don't kiss every boy/girl you see. You look like trash and it's really not meaningful. If you don't have anyone to kiss does that really matter? No. Just be with the people you want to be with most and have fun! Who cares who the eff you kiss unless you want to be the talk of the town the next day. <3

the China Doll says...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Lo is looking good

The last post, I had on Lo was how much of a bitch she was. Well, I jumped to conclusions and yeah. Anyways, check her here. She looks so sophisticated and chique. Maybe we can all take a few pointers? I'm liking the whole clean look: high waisted pants, collared shirts, trench coat and slicked back hair.<3

real fafinettes

These shots were taken a while ago but I had to feature them. They are fafinettes which have come to life! you know my favourite artist. This was featured in Vogue Nippon. Some people find it creepy but I love it. <3