Sunday, March 28, 2010

bling your food out

Who comes up with these things?! The Deli Garage in Germany apparently does.

They have created Esslack Food Spray to eat gold or silver food. It's basically edible spray paint to spray over your food. <3

glasses & gaga

Lady Gaga has finally entered the celebrity designer field. It was just a matter of time. She will be partnering with Linda Farrow, a London label, to design... sunglasses of course! Can't wait til they come out! <3

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tom Binns inspired by Alice in Wonderland... but who isn't!?

Tom Binns created a jewelry line based on Alice in Wonderland. It's quite splendid! Check out the video! <3

so considerate

Konstantin Datz has been so considerate to create a Rubik's Cube for the blind. Check it. <3

Thursday, March 25, 2010

empire state building shoes

These Empire State Building shoes by Geox of all people are the most talked about shoe right now. They are limited edition shoes for their Sprin/Summer 2010 collection, and the heel is the Empire State Building. They will be available in April in NYC. Maybe I'll see them there when I go! Too bad they are fugly for $230. <3

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

SATC stills

We have the trailer yes, but now are some fabulous stills. I haven't heard much on the story line except they travel to North Africa & the Sahara Desert and that a wedding and a baby is on the way. Could it be Samantha?! Also, Carrie and Big's relationship is a bit shaky. Oooh! Check out the pics! I love the one where they're all eating in the desert, Carrie and her closet, and the one of Samantha. <3

Forever 21 is collabing!

Forever 21 is collaborating with a designer for the very first time. Since they are based in California, they are using an LA designer, Brian Lichtenberg. He is known for his loud holographics which he has designed for M.I.A., Santogold and Beyonce. He is to make graphic tees just for Forever 21 in the next few coming months.

are you seeing right?

The Italian Trade Commission and Italian Optical Goods Manufacturer’s Association decided to open an Eyewear from the Beginning to the Future, which is history of eyeglasses from Italy's trends. Tomorrow is the last day to see everything!! I love these Sir Elton John ones! <3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saab Aero

I think I'm in love with concept cars. First the Audi one, and now this beautiful Saab! And I'm not the type to even drool over cars! Plus it was featured on Pharrell's blog! <3

no one likes saggy body parts

I'm not just talking boobs this time, that's right, I'm talking about butts! There is something called the Biniki Butt Bra. It is said to, "lift and define the derriere, smooth out the backs of the thighs and, in general, beautify the backside." They even have a maniki for men! Haha <3

Too Faced Mood Swing

Doesn't sound too great now does it? But Too Faced the make up company has come up with a lip gloss which changes color with your mood. It comes with a color chart too and deep crimson =horny! ;) There are 4 different colors and it is $18.50 each. <3

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

picture of the day: yummy hello kitty

If someone is nice enough, please make me these cookies that I can keep forever! <3

what is happening with GAP vancouver?

Before you check out the pictures and say "WTF?!", GAP is promoting their new loyalty program, Sprize at the GAP in Vancouver, BC... aka where I live. They turned the entire store upside down and even took it outside. Dramatic, yes but needed. Neat, I think so. <3

the blinged out iPad

It's just teasing us Canadians because we can't even get the iPad here yet! This iPad though is diamond studded and has 11.43 carats of diamonds. You won't believe that it is going for $19,999 aka $20, 000 on June 1. Oy. <3

Canada's favourite model is....

I love this shoot of Coco Rocha and her soon to be hubby! <3

The Runaways

Look at Dakota Fanning all grown up!! I want to see this movie even though I don't like the girl! <3

the next socialite celebrity designer

It was pretty much in her veins that Olivia Palermo would be designing. Why? Because she is now established due to The City, she is extremely stylish, wealthy and has lots of connections. She will start of with designing jewelry alongside Roberta Freymann. It will be called The Roberta Freymann by Olivia Palermo Collection. It will be available this Spring at Roberta Freymann boutiques and select retailers. Prices will range from $175 to $300. The line is inspired by their favourite cities. Can't wait to see what she comes up with! <3

couple hellos & goodbyes

First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Whatever that means to you. Just another day and another way to wear green, drink lots of beer and paint the town green. Instead, I'm sitting her flooded in papers, assignments and everything you can think of school related. Frankly, it's driving me insane!

Also, if Alexander McQueen were still alive today, he would be celebrating his 41st birthday. I hope he's resting in peace with Coco Chanel. He was more than fabulous. <3

drink chic

Would you like a designer to bathe in your tea? Well you can have a designer join you for a cup of tea brought to you by Donkey Products, a German company. They are attached to your tea bag and just sit at the side of your cup! They are going for $10. So cute! <3

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

69 year old female DJ

When I heard this on the radio I thought this was a joke, or that she would be absolutely pathetic. But, DJ Ruth Flowers is actually a pretty good DJ at the ate of 69. In fact, she's one of the most popular DJ's in Paris! She decided she wanted to spin after attending her grandon's birthday at a local nightclub! You have to check this out. Youtube it because it won't let me attach it! UGH! <3

Friday, March 12, 2010

if I had an iPhone

As part of the Truly Gifted III program by Joyce, Alexander McQueen did a USB stick. This year, Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten, Marni, Etro, Anna Sui an dBless created these iPhone cases! I love them! They are a must have if you have an iPhone my friend! <3

snowboarding expedition

Yesterday I went to work and headed to one of the local mountains right after and caught up with a good friend of mine. It was amazingly fun. Mother Nature decided to make it snow right after the Olympics left. It was snowing the entire time on the mountain and the powder was AMAZING to ride on. Plus there were cute guys who were trying to pick us up to ride with me and my friend. We didn't end up riding with any of them, but it really reminded me of how much I love snowboarding!! I want to go again! TGIF! <3

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

glam rock shoes

I'm so in love with these Nika shoes by Rock & Republic. They are so sexy yet hard core too. I love it! They are $295 and you can get them at footcandyshoes! <3

House of Dereon s/s 10

Beyonce looks stunning in the Spring 2010 collection of her and her mother's collection House of Dereon. Her huge hair works for this shoot and the colors look amazing on her! <3

Carey Mulligan's award winning dress

The Academy Awards were on Sunday if you didn't know and were completely unaware! But I absolutely loved Carey Mulligan's Prada dress. It was so chic, yet still had a playful character to it. It was simple, but was beaded in little scissors and forks! it was so cute! Plus I love her short pixie hair. It suits her so well and her fresh, cutesy face.

Another dress I loved was Rachel McAdams Elie Saab dress. Not to mention I love her! She looked gorgeous! <3

Karl always knows how to do it

Karl Lagerfeld changed the Grand Palais into a giant melting iceberg. It even had the "arctic ocean" and a centimeter of water. The models got there faux fur boots wet. It was inspired from the ice hotel in Sweden. Love it! <3

Monday, March 8, 2010

movie review: Alice in Wonderland in 3D

So Friday I went to see Alice in Wonderland in 3D. The effects were absolutely fabulous along with the actors and costume design. The storyline on the other hand was blah. The beginning was good, but the end was dumb. It reminded me of a Harry Potter movie or something. I wish it wasn't so predictable. The acting was fabulous though and each character really fit the part. I liked it but didn't, but it was worth watching in 3D. <3

i never thought i would hate writing so much

I thought I enjoyed writing, but clearly I don't. Every Monday I dread going to this one English course because it's scholarly writing, and so different from what I'm used to which are business and marketing plans and writing for case studies. PRACTICAL writing basically. When the eff am I ever going to write like a scholar besides school? Yet this course is killing me because my writing is so bad in it. Or so I feel. It's just thrown me off balance with my once upon a time love for writing. The funny thing is in my other English course, I'm doing so much better in and getting B+/A level because it has a more creative side. Ugh. I never thought this Monday English course would make me want to rip my hair out (which I would never do). Just had to rant somewhere. <3

Friday, March 5, 2010

for all you photographers

Check out this cute thermos for photographers! Such a good gift idea for your photo loving friends!

Urban Outfitters for Weddings

Now this is an odd combo! I love Urban Outfitters, but I would never shop there for my wedding. Apparently they are to launch a bridal collection from $1000 to $5000 with intentions of their dresses being family heirlooms. They will also bridesmaid dresses, jewelry, accessories, shoes, invitations and even a registry! What the eff? I would never picture them to be your next bridal shop. Oh well. Let's see if they will fly and if women will say I do to Urban Outfitters. <3

it's all coming back with Club Monaco

I remember having those oversized sweaters when I was little from Club Monaco with the huge logo on them. Well now they are back and have a fitted aspect to them. I saw them in real life and they are kind of cute, although not a huge fan of oversized logos. The fit looks quite good on the mannequin that is. I doubt I'll throw another one on but thought I show you what's up. <3

i heart aldo's commercial

Have you seen the new Aldo commercial? Canadian model Jessica Stam is in it and I heart her. It reminds me of Marc Jacobs campaign with the oversized props along with H&M's style. I thought it was for a clothing line at first because I don't think it really portrays shoes. I love the whole theme and the simplistic approach though! <3

hello kitty obsession

If you didn't know, my asian side comes through with my love for Hello Kitty. How could a cartoon turn into an icon? Who knows, but my love for her is there. Here are a few things I like! Who knew you could find such cute things at Hot Topic. <3

Christian Siriano for Payless shoes are out!

Not sure if you remember but I did write about how Christian Siriano shoes were going to be at Payless. There's only one pair I really like. The others are too typical. But I guess that's what you get for Payless right!? I like this Coast Printed Satin Pump, and they have a similar one in blue! Better yet it's only $34.99. Check it out. <3

H&M factory fire

H&M's factory in Bangladesh manufactures cardigans and sweaters, along with other companies clothes. It happened to catch fire and killed at least 21 workers and caused 50 people to be injured. This happened at 9pm and their workers were working into the night on March 1st. <3