Monday, March 1, 2010


First off I would like to say, sorry about pretty much not blogging for about two weeks!!

Well I was so busy with the Olympics. I was seriously going out every single day and embracing the Olympics due to work for Panasonic, at the Panasonic Pavillion in LiveCity Yaletown. I thought I would be so happy that it was all over, but I worked the very last shift last night and it was kind of sad! We watched the last firework/watershow together outside and we were dancing and just celebrating as a team. Some of the big Panasonic guys gave speeches and were sad that it was all over. We took lots of pictures and just enjoyed the time together really.

Yesterday was a really proud day to be a Canadian. We won the most medals a host city has won, we won the hockey game which was most important (and yes it was an epic game), we had the most gold medals out of anyone, and we did manage to pull through with the Olympics without snow! It actually made me happy to be Canadian. Proud almost. There was so much unity! I love it and it's sad there won't be as much partying on the streets! With overall medals we came in third but what matters most is that we got the most golds!!

Promoting on the Saturday night, we partied with the US and Canadian women's hockey teams, Norway, Finland and many more Olympians. It was so much fun. Anyhow, Goodbye world! Hello life!

P.S. My birthday is this week! <3

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