Thursday, April 30, 2009

the swimsuit edition

I absolutely love V Magazines artsy photography shots, and coming May 6 will be the swimsuit edition. So if you didn't know.. now ya know. Hot hot hot! <3

such a great opportunity

Guess what!? Holt Renfrew is looking for a Contemporary Correspondent from not until May 28th. What exactly does this entail? You get a chance to blog, muse and photograph behind the scenes of Holt Renfrew Toronto, Vancouver or Montreal! Also you could win a wardrobe of $1000 (aka a dress) and a Sony Vaio (my fav laptops)! To enter, you must submit a picture or short video of yourself along with a 200 word blog on why it should be you. Two finalists each city will be selected and Facebook fans will be voting for you! Head here to enter and more info! I wanna do it, I'm a little intimidated but it can't hurt.. right?<3

song of the day: Don't Mess with My Man

OMG!!! I don't know how but this song popped into my head the other day. I totally forgot about this song. Wow. I absolutely love it. It's by Nivea and Jagged Edge. Yes, Nivea like the face cream brand. Haha. Sorry! Don't have the real music video! <3

come what may

(one of my all time favourite pictures)

I just recently had this talk with the boy minus the friend. It was about our goals and dreams. But before I go on, there's something you should know. Him and I have become really close friend wise and I tell him exactly what I think. I told him that I would never give up my goals and aspirations up for a guy and that if I had to move (which I want to) I would do it and I would never let anyone stop me. After all why shouldn't you chase your dreams? And my mentality is whatever happens happens for a reason and true friends will remain friends and whatever happens with boys if it's meant to be it will even if it's down the road.

He agrees with me but at the same time the way he sees things is that if you wanted to be with the person you would try to. You may think I'm totally ruthless but I swear I'm not. Yes I will be sad to leave people that I love including friends and family and if it comes down to it yes a guy but it's your life. I'd rather die chasing my dreams then staying put and with someone. A lot of people find it difficult to move or take that risk to follow their dreams because they're scared to fall flat on their faces. As for me, I'm not. What will be will be and people will love you for doing what you do best.<3

shopping without money

That's exactly what I'm doing. Bad right? I know tell me about it. Ugh. I should be saving but instead I went to H&M today and bought $105 worth of stuff! That was without tax! Ugh. Looking good really does add up. Hehe but I love the items I bought! I got:

  • Yet another white bandeau bikini with clear sequins on it. it's sooo hot! and will look amazing when I'm tanned! That was a summer necessity
  • Peacock printed dress. I love peacock feathers and the dress is super sexy hot/cute, and you can dress it up or down
  • White flowy shirt with a feather print which will look SUPER CUTE with shorts in the summer
  • Cream tank top with studs on the straps which you can dress up and down
So my justification is that I needed new summer clothes and gives me a reason to get a bigger wardrobe? Perhaps the Sex in the City closet.. haha I wish. <3

picture of the day: cutest dog

OMG! Usually I'd never post a picture like this cuz I do more artsy things but I think this is the cutest dog EVER! I want it! He's a white toy pomeranian. Love at first sight. <3

hockey night in Canada indeed

Today I rushed back home to watch the Canucks game. Woohoo was it ever hockey night in Canada. We finished with 5-2 and we it was so intense cuz Chicago caught up so quickly! But then we came back in the last 3 minutes and scored 2 goals. Sick Sick SIIIICK! I'm so happy! I want to boogie! But no.. I got school work.... bummer. Oooh and Kessler scored his first playoff goal! <3

the newest puff?

Have you guys heard that US kids are starting to resort to candies called Smarties? They're not like our chocolate smarties that we have, they're more like Rockets. Check out this YouTube video. It's crazy. I can't really explain it. Just watch! P.S. Don't try it, it's bad for your lungs! And ever so stupid! <3

bitches be crazy

Girls are crazy! Honestly, they taint each other and influence each other. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worst. I don't know but I absolutely hate it when girls mix with the wrong girls and get themselves to become the worst of the worst. In today's society, it's so difficult to have your head on straight and just be grounded. Yet everyday, I find friends backstab and mix with the wrong crowds. If you didn't know by now, guys are so much easier to chill with. My opinion anyways. Ah There's my rant of the day! <3

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Milestones Date Night

Milestones is celebrating and hosting Date Night. It's perfect that it's falling on hump day. Hehe, basically you order a meal at Milestones and your dates meal is FREE! And every Wednesday in May, you can dine for only $50 a couple! <3

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

song of the day: Knock You Down

This song by Keri Hilson, Ne-Yo and Kanye is about two people who fall in love even though she was with another person. Ah the temptation right? I think this is one of my favourite songs of the moment.<3

shoegasmic or not?!

Hmm.. I'm not sure if I'm completely liking these Christian Louboutin's Barneys Trash Slingback Platforms or not. I like them but they are on the borderline of tacky a lil? But who are we kidding?! Christian Louboutin is never tacky!! I kinda like the collage look to them.

Rihanna happens to own these super high shoes which look like you could cause some serious damage. Hmm.. is that why Rihanna bought them? To stilleto Chris Brown in the face?! Hehe Just kidding!! What do you think of the shoes!? Shoegasmic or not?! Keep in mind they are $995. No big deal... <3

V Magazine x Ford Models

All you wannabe models, strike a pose! V Magazine (one of my favourite magazines) and Ford Models have joined up to find the latest face of fashion and it could be plain jane YOU! It's called the V A Model contest. They are asking prospective models to submit photos online from now till June. If you are the selected model, this entails a Ford Models contract. This could launch your career as a sexy supermodel! <3

Getting ready for Mama's day with no other than Victoria's Secret!

As Mother's Day is fast approaching, Victoria's Secret is holding a contest called Love You Mom. Enter your mother to show her your love! From now till May 9, submit a photo with a statement on why you love your mother! If she wins, Victoria's Secret will treat you and your mama to a getaway to New York City and a VIP shopping spree at their flagship store! I think this contest is calling my name! Contest details are here.<3

party on

Barbie's birthday is still going on. After all she is the big five oh!! Kartell went all out and transformed their flagship store in Milan to a pink doll haven. Every room and window has a life-size Barbie wearing a vintage Moschino outfit along with Ken. Oh how I love Barbie! <3

tip of the day: florals

Florals are supposed to be in for this spring/summer. If you can pull it off then power to you! I'm honestly not a giant fan, but I randomly found this super cute dress that I want! It's by Milly. Who has a bunch of cute, chic things that are totally me! I love the line. <3

She's Baaaaack!

One of my favourite ladies, Dita von Teese! Remember a while back I posted about her Wonderbra collection? Well she's making a second collection full of glamour puss 1940s and 1950s sexy lingerie. I love her vintageness!

The sex kitten says, "I've always wanted to do something with lingerie and it was important for the finished product to be something I would wear myself." <3

The Hill's gossip

So if you didn't watch The Hills and you are going to, do not read on!

But anyhow, for those that did, holy juicy!! I love Audrina and think she's totally gorgeous, but I don't understand why she has to stoop so low! First Justin-Bobby and now she got with Brody! I'm not hating on Brody cuz I love him but I mean he has a girlfriend! And the fact she didn't care?! Woah, slutty a little bit. My respect for her definitely lowered a bit. Still love her though, but even Lauren's face was a little bit shocked.

As for Heidi and Spencer. Sigh. They are just a lost caused. This was not on the show but they got married on Saturday. For the second time! And the cast of The Hills and some from Laguna Beach: Audrina, Brody, Kristin Cavalli, Lo and even Lauren attended the nuptials. Apparently Ms. Conrad sunuck out after saying she would not attend. I think that hair dye really got to her head and he's just a manipulative douche bag! Also, her CD comes out today. If you're interested.... haha. I think you know my opinion on that one. In two words: a joke.

And omg, when Colby (her ex) and his gf came to visit, his girlfriend mentioned how different Heidi looked! I don't think she realized Heidi's gotten so much plastic surgery. It became so awkward and Heidi kept trying to avoid it. Ah. When will the girl learn?! <3

Sunday, April 26, 2009

the new thing: flirt texting

Some boys just aren't good on the phone. Especially when it comes to the beginning stages of dating, aka the chase. Plus texting always keeps us entertained, gives us a reason to be doing something else and lets us think about what to say before we say it! Debra and Olivia wrote a book called Flirtexting to make a user friendly guide for ladies who need help in this area of sending a flirty message to that sexy man you want.

Here are some of their tips:

1. Leave an Option Out: If you want to see your latest crush on Friday night- don’t text “I’m going to the movies on Friday night, do you want to go?” The point is, you probably want to see him more than the movie! So instead say that you’re “thinking about catching a flick” and see if he’s interested. Maybe he’ll offer up seats to the Britney comeback tour instead.

2. DO NOT follow up a flirtext with “did you get my text” if he hasn’t responded.

3. If he texts “What are you up to tonight” don’t respond with “nothing” hoping that he’ll suggest hanging out. Try the gustier approach “You tell me” which will send him thinking and blushing.

4. Not that into a guy? Try calling him “pal, sport, buddy, or dude” and he’ll surely get the point.

Hehe sounds like a cute quick read! <3>

the phone call that made my day!

I got an unknown phone call on my cellular today. I decided to pick it up. Thank God! It was my best friend who moved to LA! I haven't heard his voice for probably 8 months now and I was so happy to hear from him! He told me about all the stars that he saw at his gym and crazy neat things like watching a movie with Zac Efron. Luckily I will see him out there in a couple of weeks and then he's coming back! I'm soooo happy for him because he's doing really well and has totally adapted to the lifestyle. Plus for his 21st bday he'll be heading to Vegas then back here to see me! I'm so excited. I cannot wait til summer now! I didn't realize how much I missed him. <3

when stars try to do too much

I simply love Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) from Gossip Girl. But apparently she just signed a deal with Universal Republic Records. That means she will be singing? I don't know, I've never heard her sing!? But I guess we will just have to wait and see! <3

ugly ass passport pictures

I'm headed to LA in a few weeks and I had to renew my passport. I went to take the passport pictures today and I hate them! Actually I like it better than my previous one, but they make you adjust your hair so it's not near your eyes. You can't smile or anything! It's so annoying. So all my flyaways were showing and there was one strand of hair which you can totally see going across my face. I was so tempted to just make a funny face and piss them off. Cuz I hate taking those pictures! Looks like you're having such a miserable experience. Might as well be a mugshot! P.S. I love Daisy Lowe (to the left)<3

upscale vending machines

U*tique is the world's first interactive, automated luxury store for "life's little emergencies and indulgences." At Fred Segal in LA, U*tique allows consumers to choose luxury and personal care products through a vending machine through the swipe of a credit card. 50 products are available in this vending machine and they are specificall picked through global beatuy, trend-hunting and innovation.

This vending machine it touch screen and interactive. Such products include products by Lancome, Bliss, Lancaster and many many more! U*tique CEO Mara Segal explains: "I wanted to help simplify the shopping experience for customers. Our store is like an interactive gallery, each item is hand selected and celebrated. Consumers can experience that wonderful kid-in-candy-store feeling—their eye is delighted, their desires are met, the only difficult part is choosing which treat to buy.”<3

what is style!?

I was interviewed today for someone's paper report on style and they asked me how I would define MY style. That was probably one of the hardest personal question someone has asked me. I would have to say I'm honestly a little bit of everything. Overall, I'm kind of indie chic, but when I feel like it I can dress sexy or cute, but I also have a little bit of snowboarder and rocker in me?! I don't know, does that even make sense? I love almost every style and I just mix it all together. It's probably one of the most difficult questions because a lot of the time, people have a defined style. But I guess that's what makes us each unique! <3

Saturday, April 25, 2009

better off without Marilyn Manson?

Check out the wannabe Dita von Teese, Evan Rachel Wood in her sexy GQ spread. Remember her in the movie Thirteen!? Boy she's changed alot. The look totally caught my eye cuz I simply love pin-up girls! <3

Too Faced?

I love this cutely packaged Too Faced Love Lisa SPF 15 Lip Balm. The Love Lisa line by Too Faced originally started by Jerrod Blandino. He created this line to raise money to fight Melanoma when his sister Lisa was found with the disease. So help Blandino by raising the money with this super cute lip balm all for $16! I bet it's really delicious too!<3

yet another pair of sexy shoes

Toni Maticevski Sequined Embroidered Heels from his Fall/Winter 2009 collection is oh so sexy!! Beyonce was seen wearing them and I'm loving the simplicity yet intricacy of the shoe, if that even makes sense! I love the peep toe and the shape, yet i hate the girls feet withe her toes overhanging<3

picture of the day: Stina Persson

Stina Persson is an illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. She works with many fashion magazines and all sorts of clients. <3

maybe sometimes it's worth to pay less at Payless

Christian Siriano from Project Runway is releasing a line of shoes at Payless for Fall 2009. All of his shoes will be under $45 and a few celebs have already gotten a hold of a pair! Seems like Payless is in the market for style too? I do not have a problem with that at all!! I'm so digging these rocker chic shoes!<3

Friday, April 24, 2009

yay i've reached my 1000th visitor!

Thanks to you guys I've reached my 1000th visitor! Yay! I love you all. Xoxo <3

favourite face products

Nice skin has always been in! I have just found my official favourite cleanser. It's the Biore warming anti-blackhead cream cleanser. I use it once at night and it has micro beads to scrub your face, while warming up your face creating such a soothing feeling. It makes skin feel super clean and nice. It does dry out the face so I suggest to use my my favourite moisturizer Impruv. It's a moisture intensive cream so make sure you use it only at night so your face does not look all oily and nasty in the day! Try it out. I have sensitive skin so these products should be good for you if you have sensitive skin as well. It's really important to take care of your
skin! <3

tip of the day: the boyfriend blazer

The boyfriend cardigan was in and now it's heading toward the boyfriend blazer. A slightly larger blazer with rolled up sleeves is soo in right now. I wore mine the other night when I headed out for a night out of town but mine was more fitted. I think it looks soo good if you can pull it off. Some girls can't quite pull it off, but if you can rock it with heels and a fitted outfit underneath, it looks sexily sweet! <3

my day summed up in one word: UGH?!

Ohemgee! I had such a horrible day today. Well 17 minutes ago today. Anyhow, in school we do a whole bunch of case studies in teams. This time my group completely clashed and I was with them for several hours today and we ended up getting into a disastrous argument. Not too great. And I also seemed to have misplaced (another word for hoping something is not lost) my planner! I honestly write EVERYTHING in my planner and it helps me keep up to date on what needs to be done. Plus I designed it myself! Ugh. Life is over! Well now that I'm reading it it sounds silly but it's one of those you had to be there moments. Ah the frustrations of life, yet I'm still full of love. Funny how that works! Made me feel like I was in dire need of a smoke. <3

NLA Sample Sale

It was my second year going to this sale and this time it's even better! My friends got a bunch of stuff but I got two bikinis for $30. Pretty sweet eh?! I love sample sale season! It's honestly so great finding deals but it's that time of year I spend so much money. Ugh. Anyways, I suggest you check it out. Plus it's at the dollhouse studios ;). I like! The people who work their are complete bitches but either than that the sale is pretty good! <3

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

song of the day: Sunshine

Omg, I remember used to LOVE this song when I was about.. 14? haha. I remember we'd be hanging out with the older guys and obsessing over this song. I just thought of it because it's been such beautiful weather! Enjoy! <3

quote of the day: Helen Keller

technically i'm living in yesterday as it's past 12am

Haha, I couldn't think of a title so here I am! I got home not too long ago. Went for coffee with my boy minus the friend and watched the hockey game! How sick was Canucks win today against St. Louis! It was tough as it was 2-2 and ended up in overtime! Then bam!! with a few more seconds to go Burrows scored the goal! So sick. I thought we'd definitely go into a second overtime! Everyone was honking on the streets and it was such a wild party.

I haven't hung out with my boy minus the friend in a while like just us two hanging out so it was nice to get away from the school atmosphere and just spend time with one another. I like that. Ah dumb school. Speaking of school, I'm crossing my fingers that I will get into the BBA program! Please cross your fingers with me! Hehe

I'm also soo not excited for work tomorrow! Well technically today. Blah. I'm so exhausted and my things to do list just increases by the minute! I swear! Oooh and I'm also attending this bootcamp at my school. It's really good exercise and I find myself sore after every class! Yesterday he made us run four laps and I nearly died as I have asthma. I turned all shaky and my lungs were kiling me!! It was horrid. And on top of it all my inhaler expired and I didn't even realize it! Anyways all is well now! Wahooo. <3

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Earth Day x Starbucks

Tomorrow is Earth Day everyone!! I wanted to post this today because I found out something magical! Being a huge coffee fan I was emailed this to my benefit and now yours! Basically, bring in a travel mug to your neighbourhood Starbucks and it will be filled with their Pike Place Roast.... for free!!! And every time you bring in your travel mug you will receive 10 cents off your coffee! Yummy and environmentally friendly! Can't go wrong! Go GREEN! <3

the once a year shoe haven

Tomorrow at 8am will be madness for many ladies. Why you ask? It's Army & Navy's annual shoe sale! You'll find brands like House of Dereon, Isaac Mizrahi, Naughty Monkey, BCBC, Steve Madden, Arturo Chian and Rocket Dog. These will be 80% off! Make sure to check out their flier here! So get ready ladies! <3

sepaking of related Gossip Girl things...

Here is the new Gossip Girl spin-off series, Valley Girls. Remember how I mentioned that the show will be based on Lily Van der Woodsen (Serena's mother in Gossip Girl)? This prequel is set in the 80's and is about her and Rufus Humphrew before they grew up and all that drama happend! <3 This is the leaked promo poster! <3

another one of my favs

Taylor Momsen is just blowing up all over the fashion scene. She is found in the latest Nylon photo spread. Personally, I really like her and totally admire the girl. Nylons says that she has now adjusted to the crazy surroundings and on location shoots in New York as lots of kids ditched class to go watch the filming. The girl is doing so much in her life and I'm pretty jealous! I really admire the 15 year old! Here are a few of my fav pics. <3

uh-oh lil miss California

Sunday night was Miss USA with Miss North Carolina winning. But that is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about Miss California. She was in the top 5 and was asked an interesting question by Perez Hilton which has now created lots of controversy. I think it's interesting that she did stick to her morals ultimately which was good, but at the same time it was such a huge risk. Check it out yourself. <3

Sunday, April 19, 2009

quote of the day

featured photographer: Tom Hines

I love this vintage photography Tom Hines puts out. It's very Hitchcock! I love it! Here are a few of my favourite pics.<3

site of the day:

I came across this website with some sweet finds. I love the shoes! It's a very indie/retro type of online store. There are very unique things and it's one of those places where you have to dig!

Check out these Hampton Party Slingbacks for $23.99And these Plump Pumps in Venetian for $89.99

And this Kensington Gardens Dress is so pretty for the summer for $129.99

Ooh and this Torch Song Dress for $137.99! It's so elegant and reminds me of Audrey Hepburn.

movie review: Slumdog Millionaire

I guess lately I have been watching really good movies, because this is a must see movie! It's so touching that just one guy out of all the slumdogs would make it in this life. There's so much love and sacrifice in this movie and it's really touching. It's sad to think that the world is really like this, and even sadder that parents would have children living in poverty and having to go through this kind of life. The movie was really really good! You have to see it! <3

Saturday, April 18, 2009

featured celebrity: Adriana Lima

I never really used to like Adriana Lima. She was that typical hot girl which everyone found hot. But in her March 2009 issue of Elle, I think she looks fashion forward. Not just the face of Victoria Secret. I don't think that being in lingerie makes one sexy but more of the confidence in yourself, and this is how I feel this photo shoot is. Here are my favourite pics. <3