Monday, June 30, 2008

an update on yours truly!

So after a few sleepless nights of hanging around on these hot summer nights in short shorts and tank tops I actually came home early last night if you consider 1.30am early. To me it is. I just passed right out. Saturday night me and the girls went for a bellini and appies.. YUM! It was soo hot we were lying on the floor with the fan blasting on us when we got to one of the girls' house/ falling asleep. Great night.

I headed out to kits beach yesterday and it was scorching hot. Hotter than the day before. It took us 20 minutes to find pay parking. When I hit the sand I took of my flats as the sand kept getting in them and the sand pretty much burnt my feet! Anyhow it was good to catch up with one of my girl friends from school. We later hit up Red Robin's balcony on Robson and had a delightful meal. The sun straight up owned me... aka I'm slightly burnt in a few places. I guess that's what you get for putting on lotion with no spf..?

As one of my girl friends is currently single we were planning to hit up the club but realized we were way to lazy. So we hit up good old Starbucks and had a nice chit chat about the happenings in our lives outside. Of course her ex called and I guess they are trying to see what's the next step.. if they'll move on or stay together. Who knows. So I headed for my guy friends house where we just chilled and caught up on our lives. Ee I'm soo glad I don't have school tomorrow. Thank goooodness for Canada day!! It's soo wierd how I haven't gone clubbing or drinking for like 2 weeks now? That bellini didn't count. I think.. that's a record for me!

I think now I've gotten out all the unwanted things in my life and am really starting to enjoy summer. This is how it should be and it's damn well about time. <3

Married to the Mob

Ahh.. yet another streetwear line for the ladies. Married to the Mob started in the summer of 2004 in NYC... ofcourse. Leah (the creator) realized there was a niche for her as there were hardly any dope streetwear lines for the ladies. She created the saying "most official bitches" because of her girls who always had her back through thick and the thin. The clothes are based strictly NY street style. I love the story behind the clothing and the attitude it has such as the bold statements: "let's talk shit", "men are the new women", "head bitch" etc. A regular shirt costs about $40, and shoes are $170. Above is a preview of the summer 08 collection. I loveee the shoes... except they're sold out. Rattled! <3

Rogue Status

Rogue Status stated by Jo Esbensen, Rob Dyrdek (skateboarder from Rob & Big) and Rex holloway. Their clothing is designed to extort response and dialogue. Most of their garments are derived from current events. The brand took off in downtown Venice Beach, California and is now known world wide. The Company has currently created a Rogue Statue girl line, and I really like the photography for their pictures. My favourite tee is the top right one. Check out their website here.<3

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ahh what a marvelous day. The sun is scorching down on us and hitting the 30 degree mark. What else is better than hitting up the beach!? That's exactly what I did. I'm probably about 5 shades darker.. and just loving it! Yay me.. except just heading there with a few girls turned into a high school reunion.... Oh well I had a great time anyways and I'm probably heading to kits tomorrow for another beach day. The sun has totally drained me out, but why waste my summer sleeping when I can hang out and enjoy with the people I love most! Enjoy the weather! I hope it lasts. The only bad thing is that I think I burnt my lips.. hehe well I guessed that's what sunkissed is. I'm so rattled I didn't bring my camera! I bring my camera everywhere too..! Long weekend! Woop woop!! <3

American Apparel Jewelry

American Apparel is known for their funky simplistic creations and design ranging from head bands, shirts, dresses, leggings, leg warmers, for all ages. Now they have come out with their own jewelry. Hmm in my opinion, a little on the chunky side and nothing special to it. But I guess it fits with their clothing style. The price ranges from $20-$48. They are solid metal and then plated with gold or silver. Not my style! But just thought I'd throw it out there. <3

for the boys

Most of my posts have been girly I know.. but today I thought I'd do something different and add some boy interests as my mouse bumped into these ties! They're pretty dope. The line is called Sovereign Beck Ties and they are pretty snazzy. This Company was started in 2005 by Ryan Sovereign and William Beck who went to The Rhode Island School of Design. Their flair for design in ties is described as "understated and provocative, classic and cutting edge". Who knew that so much work and understanding could be put into a tie (which is a strip of cloth)! Each tie is worth $90. Not bad not bad at all for a designer tie. Check it out! <3

Vicky B's next move

As we all know now.. Victoria Beckham is one of my favourite leading ladies. As much as I like her $300 jeans which hasn't done too well, she's moving onto bigger and better things. Something at what she loves most which are designer dresses. That's right. Victoria Beckham is designing designer dresses. Hopefully she will promote this better! Since she is always dressed amazingly well (mainly in dresses) I think this may take off.... I hope she succeeds! <3

Friday, June 27, 2008

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton's show is in Paris today!! For menswear that is. And who other is attending than 2 stylish guys: Kanye (the Louis Vuitton don himself) and Pharrell (my lover). Just thought I'd fill you in! Apparently I'm just all about Kanye today. <3


Nike and Kanye team up to make a boom with Air Yeezy. These are highly anticipated as Kanye is just exploding everywhere. Chooked I'm a little late on it.. but that's okay! I'm featuring it now. They are high tops with perforated leather and a patent leather strap. No one knows when they'll come out yet though!! Here is the first official picture of Kanye wearing the Air Yeezy. <3

I-mad benchelor-ate

So... guess what this is?! I have to give credit to Kanye for this post. But when I saw this I'm like what the.... Giant, hard, mishaped, uncomfortable dildo? haha. Nope. It's apparently a designed luxury space piece of furniture which is supposed to shape and compliment every woman. It's supposed to "compliment the loneliness of every woman's needs". In other words, its a bench to accentuate a woman's body. Ohhh the future of tomorrow.... It looks so uncomfortable?! <3

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

shopping for labels. shopping for love.

So today I'm really happy actually. No ranting from this end. I'm ever so grateful for having guy friends.. because who else is better to take advice about boys from a boy! So I took it.. surprisingly. The thing is I never thought I would be able to let go. I've been guarding myself and my heart so I wouldn't get hurt, and have been keeping my options open. I've been very light hearted about things. Pretty much just playing the field like a boy.. minus the player label and the sluttiness. But I think I've gotten passed that and am ready to let go about what has happened in the past with the right person. I totally forgot how this feeling felt. Basically, after my long term relationship, I wasn't able to open up to people as much as before. I learned the hard way through relationships and friends how people can betray you and how you can only say certain things to certain people. As much as I hated the crazy drama, yelling matches and tears this is where I am today. Just content to be me. I just feel like I have changed. For the better that is when it comes to relationships, friendships and all. I'm not used to the feeling of butterflies and the excitement, but it's damn well been long enough. Try 3 years? Yay me! <3

the inside scoop with Patricia Field & Sex and the City

Just obsessed with Sex and the City! Well I found some fun facts on the movie from Patricia Field herself.. wouldn't you just love to know?! Well I have them.. and you can find them in the SATC book.. which I want but I'm not willing to pay $30. My theory? Wait a month... it'll be cheaper haha. Anyways here goes! <3
  • There are many vintage garments and accessories in the movie and this includes Carrie's infamous belt. Many of these came from Santiago's Warehouse in Miami. They raided NY's vintage stores and Goodwills to find other garments too.
  • Sarah Jessica Parker made 81 wardrobe changes in the movie. In total there were probably around 300 wardrobe changes. In total there were probably over 1000 wardrobe changes for all of the SATC cast. (Holy! I wish I had that many wardrobe changes!)
  • You know the fabulous wedding dress Carrie wore? The Vivienne Westwood one? It was $25,000! And they sewed an inner tube inside so it wouldn't drag along the streets of NY.
  • The fashion show during the fashion week was all by Vivienne Westwood. In the movie, Carrie is wearing Dolce & Gabbana; Charlotte is in Gianfranco Ferré; Miranda is wearing J. Mendel and Prada; while Samantha is in a Fur by PK and Sonia Rykiel. Also located in front row of the fashion show included Kelis and Lil Kim.
  • Patricia Field has won two Emmys for costuming. She also works for Cashmere Mafia (wannabe SATC) and the 2009 movie Confessions of a Shopaholic (omg! I'm reading the series now! They're sooo deliciously good!)
  • The breakfast/coffee shop scene has Carrie and Lily coloring in a Cinderella book. Carrie is coloring Cinderella's glass slippers blue, a reference to the blue Manolo Blahnik shoes that Big puts on Carrie's foot at the film's finale. Also, Carrie reads Cinderella to Lily when putting her to bed.
  • Remember the cute cupcake purse Lily (Charlotte's daughter) is carrying? The one she puts Carrie's pink Swarovski crystal-encrusted cell phone in? The clutch is made by Judith Leiber which retails for $4,300.
  • Carrie's hair color changeis actually a wig by Martial Corneville. (looks pretty damn real to me)
  • The Manolo Blahnik shoes Carrie places in her new walk-in closet retail for $525. The company, wisely, named a shoe after Sarah Jessica Parker.

her name is Ciara

She's better off without bow wow. She cleaned up so well.. but I still don't like her thaaaaat much. BUT... I love her dress. I love the tight fitting off shoulder charcoal colored dress. Good choice Ciara.. I guess you're not a man after all! <3


It's almost that time of year again... Nordstrom's Anniversary Sale!!! Almost everything is on sale at this time from July 18- August 3. I remember going last year and it's definitely worth it. Anyone down to go?! This is a popular event due to the massive explosion of garments, products and shoes are marked down. There are also 100 beauty exclusives to Nordstrom which will be on sale. It is best to pre-order if you want anything!! <3

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


The show that is! As a matter of fact I have quit. After too many bad trips and the worst feeling of regret I have quit and have been clean for several months. Let's celebrate! Anyways, Weeds the show is just great and if you haven't been watching.. you need to jump on it. You never know what is going to happen next! They are currently onto their 4th season. But due to school & work I didn't even find the time to watch season 3. Just rattled! It's okay.. the third season is out now so I'm trying to catch up. But honestly.. It's such a good show.

yours truly

Is a fairly new street style (mainly tees) company which started in March 2007 in Brooklyn, NY. The creator behind it is Jenny Musitano. "This idea is reflected in the clothing company because it's not only about the clothing, yet more so about how girls take the style and make it theirs," so it says right off the website. Personally I'm not much of a T-shirt girl, but recently I've snagged up some pretty sick ones! Hmm.. my thoughts on it, I'd buy it. Not something I crave but it's pretty dope for girls street style. It's a little bit of street style inspired by girlyness if that makes sense. I think I could find a place for it in my wardrobe! Price ranges from $30-$80. Not too bad at all.. but they are a new company so maybe their heads will explode. They can be found across the States.. ofcourse, Alberta (why Alberta!?), England and online. Check it ouuutt for more info and more styles! The below pics are from the Spring 2008 line.. but they're having a fashion show coming up I believe for fall/winter line. These 2 tees were my fav. <3

like the spice girls say, "i want a man not a boy who thinks he can"

Why is it that the boys you don't want always end up being the ones that are after you? My guess.. the chase? It's been almost 5 years this guy have had an on and off i like you i hate you thing and nothing has every happened. I gave him his chance about 4 years ago and he lost that chance. I've straight up told him no it's not happening and he keeps coming back! This has been going on for a while and for a while I know that I didn't want this whole thing anymore. In fact.. I know what I want. I'm just so frustrated by this situation. I don't think it's me he wants anymore.. I think it's just turned into a game and I decided I don't want to play. The thing is he just doesn't get it and I feel like I'm stringing him along.. but it's not when you've straight up told them! The weird thing is that I've been so used to him being around and me having to deal with it that it would be weird if it wasn't there. Does that make any sense? I've dealt with the drunken fights, the lies and the drama. I want someone to actually get me and I don't want a relationship filled with mess. Yeah, I guess I'm picky and I'm a little high maintenance I'll admit but at the same time I'm so chill.. that I need someone who is just willing to do what I do and support it and not get into giant fights about every little thing! The point is I know what I want.. and it's not him. <3

Monday, June 23, 2008

Devon Aoki

Where have you seen her? Fast and the Furious. The actor/model definitely has something going for her. I don't know if she's hot or not. She definitely has an interesting face and it works! She's only 5'5'' and in case you didn't know.. models are at least 5'7''. So I guess she's definitely an investment. I just found this photo shoot for Vogue Nippon which I love. It's by David Mushegan and it's called One Day in Tokyo. Ooh and her brother is a DJ!!.. named Steve Aoki. He is based out of L.A. and is super popular at the hottest clubs out there. Too bad he looks like a really asian mess. Anyways! Here are the pics of Devon from the shoot.

Some other random I liked of her

there's a place & time for everything

Okay.. why is it that girls find it so difficult to be single? As much as a boy treats them like crap, they just do not want to let go. If he's treating you like you're nothing now.. how is that going to change in the long run. I'm sorry... but you're just wasting time. I'm not just saying this happens to girls, but mostly it does and the girl shows no respect for themselves when they do this! Clearly the guy doesn't either. Grr.. just so angering. I always get a phone call from one of the girls sobbing over a guy. Of course I'm there to listen, comfort and give my best therapeutic phone session. Is it worth it to cry over a boy that much, for them to cause you heartache? Honestly just break it off. Don't even consider a break. What is a break anyways? To spend some time apart and venture out and see if you want to be with other people? That's ridiculously dumb. You're either together or not. Face it dear! I've seen independent girls flop and fall to this level for a guy. In the end... is it really worth it? You clearly know my answer now! So walk away with pride. If it's meant to be it will happen, if it doesn't then it was never meant to be. Sorry for the harsh words! <3

People's Hottest Bachelor

You know how they usually pick George Clooney.. or some white guy. Well well guess who it is!? Do you remember AC Slater off of Saved by the Bell?! The host from America's Best Dance crew? Yes Well that is the guy.. no other than Mario Lopez. Hmm.. good looking yes.. probably not the hottest bachelor in my mind though. Pssht. <3

Patrick Demarchelier

If you didn't know by now, you should know I'm a fan of Sex and the City. The movie, the show, the fashion, the shoes ... just everything. So anyways. I fell in love with the Vogue photo shoot in the movie. It was really shot by Annie Leibovitz (a favourite), but Demarchelier was the one seen in the movie as shooting Carrie in SATC for Vogue. He is a pretty popular fashion photographer for big magazines. I don't know why they just didn't get Leibovitz to be behind the camera in the movie. Anyways.. that's a little tidbit for you. Here's some of my favorite photos of his work.<3

guess who's back with the ill behaviour

I just got back from the States not too long ago! Finished unpacking, made a few phone calls and what not and here I am. A little disappointed with the amount of purchases I made but at the same time I guess it's good to be picky with your shopping... right?! Well I ended up buying the cutest black with white polkadot bandeau bikini with red trim, a coral cotton waist high skirt, a turquoise dress, a green going out shirt, and red shorts. I guess it's better than nothing and I added to my cute summer clothing collection! So I stayed at the nicest hotel with free internet access (but as I said I wasn't going to blog), continental breakfast and they were connected to a 24 hour gym. I was expecting a dinky little hole in the wall gym, but no this was hcore. It was like a fitness world but better. It was huge and there were also racquetball courts and basketball courts. Just the whole works. After my work out which was probably around 1am, my sister and I headed to the pool and had a relaxing time in the hot tub. Ahh... it was too good. Now I'm incredibly sore. It was definitely some good family time spent together though. I definitely won't be on here as much though as I start school again Tuesday for a summer semester... yes... barf. <3

Friday, June 20, 2008

start em' young

Oh my! Are you actually serious!! These are so ridiculously cute. There is a brand called Heelarious, which is described as high heel crib shoes. You want to know what they are?! Take a closer look. Get this, they are little soft high heel shoes for baby girls (0-6 months)... unless you want gay sons. But they are definitely Heelarious. The Company was started by Hayden Porter and Britta Bacon. The designs are supposed to be cute, functional and dressy for those cute little baby girls out there. That's the only reason why I want a kid.. to dress the up! Either than that.. uh.. nope. If you are interested head here to order! But check them out. <3


Yay! The weekend is here again. Which means party!! Except for me it will really be minus the partying. I will be off in the States getting my fash'on. So there won't be any posts for a few days. I'm leaving tomorrow morning. But as soon as I get back we'll be back in business.

So yesterday, I went out with my nephew. We headed to Value Village and I was pretty stoked to scope out some good deals for sick clothing. But I guess my nephew wasn't as stoked as I was and I couldn't hunt as much as I wanted to. So I walked out empty handed. There was a sick pair of pumps there. They looked like Christian Louboutin's but obviously they weren't and they were a size 6. Who's a size 6!! Anyways, I had work yesterday and the past 2 days I have been working with my area manager who tends to push us to are sales, and I'm not really that kind of pushy sales person, but I had to be. In fact I hate those sales people. Sorry! But anyways, yesterday was my last shift with him and he said that I'm a good sales person and have the most consistent selling techniques. Stoooked. haha Plus I sold lots yesterday. After I headed to one of my girls' house and we watched the movie Identity. It was scary and retarded. I didn't want to drive home after... but of course I did. We ended up getting candy and chips with dip for dinner. So healthy...Ooh and she ended up giving me a dress. She said it reminded her of me! It's cute but their definitely needs to be some changes made to it. I think I might make it into a bubble dress! I'll post up pictures when it's been changed. <3

M.I.A.'s clothing line

If you didn't know, M.I.A., the singer, has/is creating a clothing line. She suspects her funky style and attitude will make it big in the business. Being the face of Marc Jacobs, she suspected that she should make a clothing line for style and comfort as Marc Jacobs is "too nice" and is nearly impossible to wear it while touring. The fashion will include leggings, bomber jackets, graphic t-shirts and generally bright styles. I'm not sure how well it will do.. but.. eee.. I wish you this best M.I.A.!!! Who is also known as Maya Arulpragasam. <3

Comme des Garçonsand H&M

I thought I'd share my wealth of knowledge even though I've known this for a while now but when I knew I never blogged! Sooo thought I'd share before it actually happens. But Comme des Garçons, a Japanese fashion designer, Rei Kawakubo, is teaming up with H&M!! Eee exciting much! She will be adding to women's, men's and a few pieces for kids. There will also be a fragrance and accessories. You should expect this line in November 2008. Her style is funky and very couture so it should be great to see what designs she'll come up with for H&M. If you don't know Comme des Garçons, don't act like you do. Just get to know it ;) haha. <3

the hot new item

For those of you who haven't watched Sex and the City movie.. number 1 you're missing out and you should get on that ASAP.. and number 2 Carrie constantly wears that black studded waist belt. I noticed it during the movie and I'm like wow girl you need to relax with that and I didn't particularly like it. But the more she flashed that belt at me the more I came to like it! Now Patricia Field (a stylist for SATC if you don't remember) is selling them on her website. They are going for $120. I know that ASOS is also selling them too. I dunno but I bet everyone's gonna be rocking them around town sooner or later. <3

Vogue's 10 best dressed of the week

Here's Vogue's top 10 best dressed people of the week! Check out what they were wearing when and where here! I don't necessarily agree with all of them but you know... it's Vogue. <3
1) Keira Knightly

2) Lauren Santo
3) Georgina Chapman
4) Joy Bryant
5) Amanda Brooks
6) Camilla Belle
7) Doutzen Kroes
8) Gretchen Mol
9) Coco Rocha
10) Rosamund Pike

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Victoria Secret being sued

A California woman, Marcrida Patterson appeared on the Today show and claimed that she put on a thong from the "Sexy Little Thing" collection of Victoria's Secret and a decorative metal piece flung up into her eye. WTF was she doing!? How can a metal piece fling up into you're eye..Apparently it permanently cut her cornea. Who knows. Maybe she had to stretch it out too much and therefore the thong snapped. Poor thong....The way her lawyer is talking for her is kind of fishy. He keeps cutting in and she keeps looking at him. I dunno. These two are sketch!! Plus, this happened a year ago! Shouldn't you have sued a year ago?! Ahh people and their complaints. Always whining about something or other. Anyways, click here to watch what she's got to say. It's not gonna stop me from buying lingerie from Victoria Secret... maybe she just wasn't good enough to be a "Sexy Little Thing";). <3

David Beckham's Armani ads

Ahh.. so are you ready or what?! Armani has just released David Beckham's new underwear ad! How exciting is that ladies? haha. Sorry I couldn't get a bigger picture. I posted up his first one too. That is all. <3

His first ad

His newest ad

"imagine all the girls ah ah ah ah & the boys ah ah ah ah"

The Ting Tings! I've started listening to their music for a bit now. If you didn't know they are an indie-pop band. Usually I don't really listen to that much garage band/indie stuff but their music is pretty catchy. It's definitely not emo! No offense! They are originally from England, and the band consists of Jules De Martino (drums, vocals, guitar) and Katie White (vocals, guitar, bass drum). I think this girl is soo dope in terms of her style and how she presents herself. She's pretty too. They came to Vancouver on June 9th and performed at the Plaza Club! I'm pretty choked I missed it but next time I suppose. <3

designer band-aids

Opening Ceremony has included designer Alexandre Herchcovitch to design a line of band-aids believe it or not. The designer is from Brazil, and the designs include funky bold colors. They definitely stand out, but I guess it's the new thing to rock a super cute band-aid. They are said to be carried in a set of 20, and will be found across Brazil in drugstores. Rumour has it that in a few weeks they are coming to Opening Ceremony (a store which is in New York & L.A. if you didn't know). So if you happen to be in that area check it out!<3

he loves me. he loves me not.

Who really knows when you're single and free. On behalf of girls, let's be real, we all hope for prince charming to come riding in on a horse and carriage and take us away. But as we know and probably have learned by now, life isn't a fairytale although their are some offside people who try to bring us down. We should take these lessons to better yourself as a person. But that's besides the point. How do you know when someone actually likes you?! In today's world of dating there is so much game playing and beating around the bush. I love it but I hate it. Why do we have to beat around the bush!? Why are there even bushes in the way? I guess if there's a clear path he's the right one for you? or am I completely off. I reread that book He's Just Not That into You (ooh.. and they're coming out with a movie for the book), and I just feel that the book is so strict with it's rules that it gives guys no chance! I have high standards, but I guess when you really like someone you just hope they will like you back just as much. I just don't understand why the one's you like have to be so complicated until you're in the actual relationship. I've tried to stop searching for mr. right but it's almost impossible. haha Don't get me wrong, I do love the chase but I guess I'm sick of waiting. I know I'm young blah blah blah.. but when's my prince charming going to come? When will the glass slipper fit? <3

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Nintendo = fashion?!

Koei has created a game for Nintendo DS and is presenting POP CUTIE! It is a retail game which is based on trend-hunting and retail management. It simulates the day-to-day business activities of a retail clothing store. This game is supposed to offer those who do not have jobs, providing a virtual job. This way, they are able to run their own store. This will include everything from hiring and designing their store layout, creating advertisements, and running the cash register. Sounds pretty interesting... but you're not getting paid. So... why not just get off your lazy bum and get a real job?! <3

habitual jeans

Soo once upon a time.. there were these pair of great fitting Habitual jeans I tried on. They were a dark wash skinny jean and I can't find them anywhere. They used to have them at Aritzia, but now Aritzia doesn't carry Habituals. They are much like the above picture, but even so, they are not the ones I sought over! They even made me look like I actually had a butt. I should have bought them at the time, now I'm just regretting it. Habituals and Citizens are definitely my favs. <3

Zhang Jinga

I stole this off Kanye's blog but damn this girl has taste. She has just been added to my collection of favourite fashion photographers, and I'm overall pretty picky. The shots are just so beautifully done. They just speak for themselves. Below are some of the pictures I liked! Click here for Zhang Jinga's website. <3

fruit source

Everyone likes gummies right?! Instead of grabbing an apple or banana why not eat a gummy instead? These have probably been around for a while now but I have recently started to eat them. They are simply delicious. Minus what they look like (dried dog food) they are so tasty. They have different ones which offer 2 or 3 servings of fruit per 23 pieces (37 grams). I know some people who hate fruits and veggies but they have come to love these tasty treats. They do come in bar form as well. I think they're $2-$3. Oh Sun-Rype has stepped up it's game! They're not just juice.<3