Tuesday, September 30, 2008

didn't anyone tell you to eat your veggies!!!

So, ever since school started I've been trying to eat healthier. I guess my mind is telling me that eating healthier is eating lots and lots of vegetables. Almost every day I've been bringing carrots, celery, cauliflower and mushrooms. I did this for a straight 1.5 weeks and then brought my favourite pasta to school one day. I felt sooo sick after. I guess it's a not having carb thing and then going back to carbs. I dunno, but all my favourite foods have left my stomach churning! It really sucks because I still love the taste of them but thes veggies are just killing it! I dunno if it's a good or bad thing. Ahh my body's messed! My meals have gone a little something like this:

Breakfast: yogurt, a fruit, coffee
Lunch: a stack of vegetables, a fruit, crackers sometimes
Dinner: a vegetarian dish, sometimes a dish with chicken

I used to hate veggies before! What the eff is up! I don't mind as this keeps me a little slimmer, but I guess it's also school which is causing stress which is causing me to change my eating habits as well. <3

song of the day: Get Shaky

This song is by The Ian Carey Project, and I'm obsessed with it! Don't ask me why Lindsay Lohan's music video is in here. There is no actual music video, this clip is just for the song! It's soo addictive and when I hear it at the clubs I got nuts. <3

i love VINTAGE

Not a lot of people like it, but I love it. First of all, I love shopping, second of all, I always love a challenge. The two of these combined equal vintage shopping. I love looking out for cute things and how I can revamp them and make them my own. As you know, I went out this weekend totally smashed. But, I wore a cute little polkadot dress, and got a million compliments on it. It looks a little retro, and it's super cute. Wanna know the truth? It was an old granny polka dot skirt which I made into a tube top. Everyone complimented me on the cute mini dress! And on top of everything, I just paid $5. Shhh! Creativity never hurt. <3

Dita's sexy line

Well you and I have been both waiting to see Dita's sexy Wonderbra line. Well here are a few pics. It's so her and so 50s vintage. On top of it all she's soo gorgeous, but I don't have to tell you that. <3

she is the Divine Right of Denim

Just when you think all the stars are already designing, our favourite Hills girl, Audrina jumps to it as well. She is the face of the line Divine Rights of Denim and now she will be co-designing as well. This will be starting at $58, I guess she learnt from Lauren's mistakes. <3

believe it or not

So some models can't even walk in 6 inch heels, what more shoeless heels? Unheard of right? Pretty intense, but I'm digging this. On the runway that is. People will do anything to have their line talked about. In this case it's Aminaka Wilmont who has the soleless shoe. It was spotted during London Fashion Week. Take a good look at them. They are pretty effing intense! <3

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"baby go crazy, break the rules"

Oh dear. All in all a messy weekend! Fun, but messy. I got super drunk yesterday and had more than a blast. The club was super busy and I got free drinks! It was just a gong show. The music was hot but there weren't that many hot guys. It was very unfortunate. But I got to spend the time with my good guy friends! As you know my guy friend and his girlfriend broke up but all her friends came. He really didn't want them there, and whenever either of us don't want another person to be there we always intervene and make the situation better. So that's exactly what I did, me being a good friend I danced with him to piss them off and make them go away. It was hilarious and he thanked me 100 times over. Ooops. I was drunk? haha. On top of that there were these couples that kept bumping into me and falling all over the place. So finally I couldn't stand it anymore and pushed them. Oh well, they were too drunk they didn't even know what hit them. I know, it was a bitch move but I'm just trying to have my fun as well!!

I've been super busy so please don't blame me for not posting more! I send my love! xoxo. <3

Saturday, September 27, 2008

"let's have some fun this beat is sick"

Hope you're weekend is going swell so far! As for mine, my Friday started off a little bit wierd. The first and second year mingler was actually really fun. I got to meet all the first years and they were mainly boys! So that was definitely a plus. Then I rushed home for dinner and to get ready to rock, which ended up being an alright night.

I had to recover from a minor hang over this morning. Wow..no drama, no crazy stories. Especially coming from the group that used to create the drama back in the high school days. I think this one was definitely a record. Some minor past memory bring up and spotted a few wierd happenings, but I guess that's bound to happen when you mix that crew with alcohol, a 45 person party bus and a club. Meanwhile, ofcourse I was getting the usual text messages from the usual weekend boy. The only really down side of the night was I forgot to bring my camera. And if you know me, I ALWAYS have my camera. It was devastating.

Anyhow, after making myself recover from my minor hang over, I went glasses shopping. Not sunglasses, prescription reading glasses if you will. I got a sick pair and they are being made! I'm so stoked to get them. They are the Dior 3139 in black. As shown here:
They are sophisticated and I can't wait to get them because my nephew broke mine! Omg omg OMG! and on top of everything... remember how I was saying that my good guy friend's girlfriend was coming out clubbing tonight!? Well, funny story. Him and I were talking on the phone when he got back into town. After we got off the phone, she was talking shit about me and he got pissed. It led to a bigger deal and got more serious and complicated and the broke up. Eeeeeks! That's not my fault is it?! I'm innocent!!! Party party more tonight! <3

Thursday, September 25, 2008

picture of the day

YUM.. hot off the press, just found it today. Hope this eye candy makes your day! <3

the deal for today

Today has been the 3rd day I've seen mystery man on the bus. You would think third time's a charm. Nope, we haven't spoken but I'm glad I saw that eye candy so early in the morning! Hehe. Anyways, tomorrow I'm supposed to meet and talk with the first years in my program. Hopefully that goes over well. And me being on top of my game, I did a lot of homework this week so I wouldn't have to suffer with the consequences of homework overload this weekend! I'm headed out to the clubs this weekend. 2 nights in a row. Frankly, I don't want to party both those nights but I've apparently been ordered to go.. eeks. Malibu & Pineapple juice anyone!? Yummy! My good guy friend's girlfriend is coming out with her little friends too with their fake IDs. Oh what fun. This is the same girl I think who doesn't really like me because I hang out with her boy more than she does. Eeks.

K so today felt the longest shift at work even though it was only 4 hours. Well, I've been with the same retail store for 2 years now and I've seen in change. For the worse that is. I'm so sick of it and that really sucks. With my school schedule it's just so hard to find another job that will let me work 1 shift a week. They are just so adaptable that way. Plus we hired these really young girls that are so young and naive and worst of all annoying. AH I need out.

Oooh and I almost forgot. I went to a sample sale today.. and I got a Triple 5 Soul dress which costed me $35. Not bad not bad!! Ooh and one more thing.. I'm dressing my nephew up as a sailor for Halloween! WHAT A STUD! <3

I sniff....

...perfume that is!! Did you think coke? That's just trash....

Anyways, I went perfume sampling today and smelt all the 5 fragrances from Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers line. The bottles are super kawaii for real! My favourite looking harajuku girl was Love, but my favourite scent was Angel. Mmm.. I can smell it on me now. They only have them in the 30 mL bottles which is sooo tiny. I don't even think it's that worth it if that's all I'm going to get. So I managed to save some money. I'm hoping they'll come out with a larger size though! <3

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Prada is rattled!!

Eeeeks! Yesterday at the Prada show in Milan not only one but TWO models slipped/tripped on the runway! Well the heels were ridiculously high. It was almost depressingly expected. Some men in the audience helped the ladies to their feet and they continued walking without shoes. <3

coincidence or fate?

Well it so happens the last two days I've been going to school and seeing the same good looking guy on the bus and skytrain. We've stood beside each other both days and have made slight glances at one another and we get off at the same stop. Go figure, we also go to the same school. Is this by chance or is it fate? We haven't said a word to each other at all unfortunately and even if I did, I wouldn't know what to say! He's tall, and very sexy and mysterious. And I could see to his good looks in sweat pants and a sweat shirt! Ah. <3

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

V is for Virginity

So I just watched tonight's episode of 90210. For once they were telling girls to preserve themselves for that someone special. Usually shows main stars are all over the place and straight WHORES. But not on tonight's episode.The main theme was about making the right decisions especially when in comes to sex. In today's society I find that girls will just give it up to any guy that says cares about them. Ahh.. so naive. Oh dumb little girls. Just because I guy says 3 little words to you doesn't mean that you have to spread your legs! They'll like you even more if you kept them closed for longer. So remember, stop being a slut and perhaps watch a little 90210! <3

forget fafinettes and snow white

A much as I love Disney and as much as I love Fafi, I have chose to go a different route in my Halloween costume! Yay me for deciding! I'm so happy I've figured it out early. I wanted it to be a surprise but I can't keep my mouth shut about it. Sooooo... I've decided I'm going to be a 50s pin up girl. I will be more clothed obviously and not wear only bra and undies thank god. I'm not thaaat scandalous jeez! It sounds dumb if I describe it. I just tried to and it just sounded lame, so I deleted it. Anyways you have 38 days, I believe till Halloween! So you'll have to wait. Oooh and FYI, Halloween is on a Friday! <3

two letters: e-w

Yepp EWW! So remember how I said they were making The Carrie Diaries? Well they will be making it into a show or movie eventually and guess who they would like to cast as Miss Bradshaw. Miley Cyrus. EW. First of all I can't stand to look at her, second of all she doesn't even look like Carrie!? That's the worst casting ever if they do go through with it, and such a waste. I know that's hatred right there but I 100% disagree with this situation.

P.S. The movie is out todaaaaaaay!!!!!!! <3

BC Fashion Week

Well well, it's BC Fashion Week and I will not be going. First of all, no one crazy I'm just dying to see, second of all I was very disappointed with Vancouver Fashion Week, oh and thirdly most of it is invitational. Designers include Jacqueline Conoir, Red Jade, Joseph and Elizabeth, Two of Hearts, Nicole Bridger, Lara Presber, Anna Kosturova, Dussault Apparel and Jason Matlo. This is on from Sept 22 to the 26! <3

Sunday, September 21, 2008

brain dead

I've been studying and working all weekend. Frankly, I'm exhausted. Have you ever had those moments when you're sitting but it feels like you haven't been because your brains so exhausted? Or is that just me. Cuz that's exactly how I feel now. I did go out one night but just hung out with one of my girl friends for a couple of hours. Either than that.. just straight slaving. The weather hasn't been too great either. I've been freezing for some reason but I guess fall has arrived! Time to bring out the wool sweaters and wrap up while looking sexy! Leaves more to the imagination anyways ;).

Oooh.. so I received a call from the ex-seer. Which is wierd, cuz usually it's texts. I was at home and he was out partying and drunk and wanted to meet up. Uh-oh! But thanks to my homework I nerded it up and managed to decline the invite. Yay me! It has become a weekly weekend thing. It's one of those things that I shouldn't but I want to at the same time and it's just all to frustrating and confusing.

Next weekend shall be fun though, I'm a bit scared for falling behind with school because I will be going out for 2 nights on the weekend. Only because they are legit reasons though! Friday is my friends bday and she's pretty much forcing me to go. Plus she dragged me into helping her plan it. Saturday, one of my best guy friends is coming back for the weekend for his cousin's birthday. So I will be spending time with the old summer crew again. Won't be staying out late or getting too wasted but I think I deserve it. Plus it's just right before midterms start which still gives me the time to study and what not! Ah planning and organization has taken over my life. <3

ooh lala

I love this high waisted skirt! Ofcourse, it's from the UK and Ireland at a store called Primark. The clothes are super affordable and they don't look cheap. They look high fashion. So many fashion possibilities in the world! <3

Saturday, September 20, 2008

"could take your picture ohhhh you could get one too"

So I really admire photography and am jealous of people I know who are in photography school or doing that artsy fartsy sort of thing. But I figured I should get my life together before going into hobbies. Anyhow, I love antiqueness too and I want an old school camera for siick effect. Well I stumbled across this Diana+ Camera and well I want it! This camera started in the 1960's. They rebuilt this camera with its old school look and made it to fit the modern day. The camera has tons of features. Sooo doope!! There's craaazy things you can do on this with a variety of effects. Here are a few pics it's taken. <3

what's a girl to do

Halloween is just a month away. Exams are coming up. This means I have to think what I want to be!! Especially if I'm making my costume. I doubt I'll have time for that this year. I love making them sooo much but I just don't know if I'll be able to. It saddens me. Especially that Halloween is on a Friday this year! So far, my ideas are Snow White, and I can take my nephew out before partying and he can be a dwarf. Or a fafinette. But no one will really know what I am. Which is GAY. I've featured Fafi on her before too. But they are so cute, and those of you who don't know.. you're just not cultured. hehe jk. Anyone else have any ideas as to what I shall be!? <3

We are the Superlative Conspiracy

That's what the brand WeSC stands for. They are a Swedish clothing brand known for skateboarding/snowboarding wear. They have stores around the world. Anyways, you would never expect to find WeSC in Bloomingdale's. They had a launch event there and gave away 500 limited edition headphones. They look like those old school headphones. They are definitely 70's but made of new lightweight material with great quality. I was so shocked to hear that they are at Bloomindale's now. I'm used to seeing the brand at a local skate shop. They will have their full collection for men and women from denim to outerwear to accessories. <3

Friday, September 19, 2008

we're off to see the wizard!!

Remember how a while back I mentioned that there were chosen designers to design those Ruby Red Slippers for the anniversary of The Wizard of Oz?! Well they were shown in NY Fashion week, and Gwen Stefani's were a big hit. They are FREAKING gorgeous! Like shoegasm worthy!!! Betsey Johnson's are sexy too. Check out a few of the designs! <3


featured model: Lily Cole

I've never seen a girl who looks like a real doll. The carrot top model was born in England, May 19, 1988. She is signed with Storm Models, who is also the mother agency to Kate Moss. She has worked with many couturiers including Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Anna Sui, John Galliano, Versace, you name it. Her looks are unusual and it just works for her. <3

The Carrie Diaries

Carrie Bradshaw excitement continues. Not only is the movie being released in a few days, Candace Bushnell and Harpercollins have done a 2 book deal about Carrie Bradshaw back in her teen years. It will be titled The Carrie Diaries. These books will be released in 2010.

superstar Lego

It seems like everyone's digging the whole cartoon/toy thing. It's funny, because in real life stars deny about being plasticized, when really they are. In Lego form that is. Mini-figures of stars have been created to celebrate Lego's 30th! Pretty cuuuute! <3

Madonna.. bahaha

The Beckhams

haha.. Amy Winehouse.. straaaaight up

Thursday, September 18, 2008

it was completely worth it

So last night, was such an amazing night for a Wednesday. This is how it went down. We started driving at 3.30. Got a little lost, picked up some other people and headed to Stanley Park. We got there and found parking around 5. There was already a line, so we waited till just past 5.30 when doors opened. I had to go to the bathroom sooooo badly. So I bolted as my friends found a space to stand. We were third row, and made our way to second. Pretty legit. Anyways, We had to wait till almost 7 for the concert to start but there was a sick dj spinning. He brought in all the old school and new school beats and he was just dope. As it grew darker outside, finally N.E.R.D hit the stage. Holy crap, Pharrell is even hotter than I expected in person. He's straight gorgeous. His style, his persona, his voice. Just everything. Plus he had on a cardigan and those geek glasses. It really just did it. He really got the crowd going. He brought up some guys and girls during the show. He picked a few really fat gross girls. I was pretty rattled.. but later he came on the ground and he held my right hand. Ah I'm in love. So after N.E.R.D was done, Common came out. He put on suuuuuuuch a dope show. They both performed together as well and everyone was going wild. Common pulled up one girl on stage and they were sippin on sangria. His set up was like a bar. Common did a freestyle about Vancouver too. It was SOOO siiick. The concert ended around 10.30. I think Pharrell is my number 1 famous guy for real now. He's so legit and I'm sooo happy I went. I can't even describe it all. It was just one of those things where you had to be there. I got sooo many pix and vids.. but I can't figure out how to rotate some of the videos. Its really making me angry. Alot of them turned out blurry cuz they were moving alot and what not though. Chooked. oh well. Here are some of the pics, videos are going to be on the next post. Too much media! Click to enlarge <3

Life in the second row

"Hey Pharrell I ain't trying to kill your mood
But I can do the Star Trek sign see, killa dude"

right before he held my hand


Together now!!

Common & N.E.R.D. Vancouver concert videos

A taste of the evening

special edition My Little Ponies

Remember back in the day when we used to play with My Little Ponies and watch the cartoons? Well, Hasbro and Give Kids The World Village have teamed in celebration of 25 years of My Little Pony. There are 25 My Little Ponies made. They are 18 inches and they are one of a kind special edition ponies. The one above is by artist Claw Money. Other designers of the ponies include people such as David & Courtney Cox Arquette, Leanne Rimes, Amy Grant and Kimora Lee Simmons. The ponies will be auctioned off till October 2nd. <3

you will never guess who the next Cover Girl is..

Ellen Degeneres. Wierd eh!? She's dope and hands down hilarious, but whhhhhattt!? Who would have thought she would be the new face for CoverGirl!? She has signed a contract with them and the ads should be out in January. This is the reason they chose her:

"Ellen is the quintessential CoverGirl. She is smart, confident, natural, and beautiful from the inside out. Her beauty and down-to-earth personality fit perfectly with what CoverGirl represents. We look forward to our partnership - stay tuned for more news,"

the wonderful talents of Ms. Stefani

On top of her L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers collection, Gwen Stefani will be designing the uniforms for W Hotels. She is to design dresses for the female bar staff at their hotels. It's going to be the best uniform yet. It kinda makes me want to work at a W Hotel. Can't wait to see the designs! <3

deodorant and diamonds

Rumour has it that, Secret Flawless is giving away 10 one carat diamonds worth $15 000 to 10 winners. If you find a fake diamond at the bottom of your Secret Flawless deodorant, you will win! On top of that if you enter the code from the label you could win a shopping spree, dinner and movie tickets. <3

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Tree Hill ending

The ending of the last episode of OTH was so sad. I mentioned this on Monday night's post. Anyhow, I found the voiceover of the ending and thought I'd share.

Quentin Fields was a basketball player.
he was also a son,
a brother,
somebody's team mate,
and somebody's friend.

I never knew Quentin Fields,
I guess now I never will.

Grieve is like the ocean,
its deep, dark and bigger than all of us.
And pain is like a thief in the night,
quiet, persistent, unfair,
diminished by time, fate and love.

I didn't know Quetin Fields,
but I'm jealous of him,
because I see how his absence has affected the people who did know him.
So I know that he mattered to them and I know that he was loved.

People say Quentin Fields was
a great basketball player.
Graceful, fluid, inspiring.
They say on a good night it almost seemed as though he could fly
...and now he can.


So I've been up since 7.45am.. I don't know why, on my day off. Anyways, it's now 8.50am. OMG OMG!!!!! I got the call, I'm going to the Common & N.E.R.D concert tonight! My stomach is up to my heart and my heart is beating so fast!!!!!! Wish me luck. I'm meeting up with my boyfriend Pharrell tonight. Jealous much. ;) hehe What do I wear?!

<-Some random pick of me looking ever so happy!!!

caught offguard

Ahh.. Gwen Stefani is my fave and I totally missed this one. At least I'm only a month late, but she's already had her baby. It's another boy. She gave birth to Zuma Nesta Rock on August 21, 2008. Sorry Gwen, but I don't really like the name. Kingston was way doper. The baby weighted 8 pounds 5 ounces. She's such a yummy mummy thought! <3