Thursday, September 11, 2008

ohh.. so that's what happened to Heatherette

Oops! I'm a late on this one, and I've always wondered, but haven't actually researched what happened to Heatherette! Well, they no longer exist. I loved Heatherette's crazy fashions. They were known for their attention to detail, bright use of colours and wild fashions. The couple designed for stars including Mariah Carey's Glitter shirt. Everyone just loved Heatherette both on and off the runway.

Anyways, Heatherette's Richie Rich is now a pop star. His new single is Celebutante (which I can't seem to download). He recorded a few records in Japan before Heatherette was created, and now he'll be coming out with a CD. It will be out October 23.

It's sad to see Heatherette gone from the fashion industry, but Richie Rich is working on his own line which he will debut with his record. It will be in NY Fashion we
ek along with 300 other shows. He says, " It will be an evolution of Heatherette with few surprises and lots of glitter, of course". Sweeeeeet! I can't wait to check it out. He doesn't quite have a name for his clothing line, but a possibility may be Richie. I'll post up pics of the line when I get my lil hands on them! <3

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