Thursday, September 18, 2008

it was completely worth it

So last night, was such an amazing night for a Wednesday. This is how it went down. We started driving at 3.30. Got a little lost, picked up some other people and headed to Stanley Park. We got there and found parking around 5. There was already a line, so we waited till just past 5.30 when doors opened. I had to go to the bathroom sooooo badly. So I bolted as my friends found a space to stand. We were third row, and made our way to second. Pretty legit. Anyways, We had to wait till almost 7 for the concert to start but there was a sick dj spinning. He brought in all the old school and new school beats and he was just dope. As it grew darker outside, finally N.E.R.D hit the stage. Holy crap, Pharrell is even hotter than I expected in person. He's straight gorgeous. His style, his persona, his voice. Just everything. Plus he had on a cardigan and those geek glasses. It really just did it. He really got the crowd going. He brought up some guys and girls during the show. He picked a few really fat gross girls. I was pretty rattled.. but later he came on the ground and he held my right hand. Ah I'm in love. So after N.E.R.D was done, Common came out. He put on suuuuuuuch a dope show. They both performed together as well and everyone was going wild. Common pulled up one girl on stage and they were sippin on sangria. His set up was like a bar. Common did a freestyle about Vancouver too. It was SOOO siiick. The concert ended around 10.30. I think Pharrell is my number 1 famous guy for real now. He's so legit and I'm sooo happy I went. I can't even describe it all. It was just one of those things where you had to be there. I got sooo many pix and vids.. but I can't figure out how to rotate some of the videos. Its really making me angry. Alot of them turned out blurry cuz they were moving alot and what not though. Chooked. oh well. Here are some of the pics, videos are going to be on the next post. Too much media! Click to enlarge <3

Life in the second row

"Hey Pharrell I ain't trying to kill your mood
But I can do the Star Trek sign see, killa dude"

right before he held my hand


Together now!!

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