Thursday, September 25, 2008

the deal for today

Today has been the 3rd day I've seen mystery man on the bus. You would think third time's a charm. Nope, we haven't spoken but I'm glad I saw that eye candy so early in the morning! Hehe. Anyways, tomorrow I'm supposed to meet and talk with the first years in my program. Hopefully that goes over well. And me being on top of my game, I did a lot of homework this week so I wouldn't have to suffer with the consequences of homework overload this weekend! I'm headed out to the clubs this weekend. 2 nights in a row. Frankly, I don't want to party both those nights but I've apparently been ordered to go.. eeks. Malibu & Pineapple juice anyone!? Yummy! My good guy friend's girlfriend is coming out with her little friends too with their fake IDs. Oh what fun. This is the same girl I think who doesn't really like me because I hang out with her boy more than she does. Eeks.

K so today felt the longest shift at work even though it was only 4 hours. Well, I've been with the same retail store for 2 years now and I've seen in change. For the worse that is. I'm so sick of it and that really sucks. With my school schedule it's just so hard to find another job that will let me work 1 shift a week. They are just so adaptable that way. Plus we hired these really young girls that are so young and naive and worst of all annoying. AH I need out.

Oooh and I almost forgot. I went to a sample sale today.. and I got a Triple 5 Soul dress which costed me $35. Not bad not bad!! Ooh and one more thing.. I'm dressing my nephew up as a sailor for Halloween! WHAT A STUD! <3

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