Wednesday, September 17, 2008

tattoo convention?

I heard a while ago from one of my managers that there was going to be a tattoo convention coming to Vancouver in 2009. I've been trying to do research on it, but I haven't really been able to find anything. Apparently, huge tattoo artists are going to be coming including Ed Hardy, Christian Audigier, Dutchman and more! Finally a convention which doesn't disply the tatto artists fashion. Ew, I hate it when you see guys/girls wearing their clothes thinking they're hardcore. Anywyas, this is just the rumour, don't hold me to it. I hear it will be in April around the 17-19?! Anyways, I think I might wait it out and possibly get tatted up there! That would be siiick!

And no I wouldn't get Hello Kitty (as much as I love her) <3

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