Monday, September 15, 2008

impacting One Tree Hill

Tonight was my TV night. You can count on this every Monday. Well, One Tree Hill has been going under ever since the writer's strike was over. I hate to admit it as it's one of my favourite shows, but today there definitely was a come back. The script was so good. This episode was called Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. You have to have followed the episodes to get it, but basically the town's good friend had been killed and the group was trying to recover. It felt so real in everything that they did and how they acted. They guys name who died was Quentin, and he was also the star basketball player. It reminded me a lot of when a friend died who was on the football team in high school. Coincidentally, they both had the same jersey number... 44. R.I.P.

On a lighter note, Gossip Girl was dramatic as usual. But Serena and Dan ended their relationship. This too was sad on a different level. They still love each other but their lives are so different. Sigh. Trouble in paradise. <3

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