Sunday, September 21, 2008

brain dead

I've been studying and working all weekend. Frankly, I'm exhausted. Have you ever had those moments when you're sitting but it feels like you haven't been because your brains so exhausted? Or is that just me. Cuz that's exactly how I feel now. I did go out one night but just hung out with one of my girl friends for a couple of hours. Either than that.. just straight slaving. The weather hasn't been too great either. I've been freezing for some reason but I guess fall has arrived! Time to bring out the wool sweaters and wrap up while looking sexy! Leaves more to the imagination anyways ;).

Oooh.. so I received a call from the ex-seer. Which is wierd, cuz usually it's texts. I was at home and he was out partying and drunk and wanted to meet up. Uh-oh! But thanks to my homework I nerded it up and managed to decline the invite. Yay me! It has become a weekly weekend thing. It's one of those things that I shouldn't but I want to at the same time and it's just all to frustrating and confusing.

Next weekend shall be fun though, I'm a bit scared for falling behind with school because I will be going out for 2 nights on the weekend. Only because they are legit reasons though! Friday is my friends bday and she's pretty much forcing me to go. Plus she dragged me into helping her plan it. Saturday, one of my best guy friends is coming back for the weekend for his cousin's birthday. So I will be spending time with the old summer crew again. Won't be staying out late or getting too wasted but I think I deserve it. Plus it's just right before midterms start which still gives me the time to study and what not! Ah planning and organization has taken over my life. <3

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