Tuesday, September 30, 2008

didn't anyone tell you to eat your veggies!!!

So, ever since school started I've been trying to eat healthier. I guess my mind is telling me that eating healthier is eating lots and lots of vegetables. Almost every day I've been bringing carrots, celery, cauliflower and mushrooms. I did this for a straight 1.5 weeks and then brought my favourite pasta to school one day. I felt sooo sick after. I guess it's a not having carb thing and then going back to carbs. I dunno, but all my favourite foods have left my stomach churning! It really sucks because I still love the taste of them but thes veggies are just killing it! I dunno if it's a good or bad thing. Ahh my body's messed! My meals have gone a little something like this:

Breakfast: yogurt, a fruit, coffee
Lunch: a stack of vegetables, a fruit, crackers sometimes
Dinner: a vegetarian dish, sometimes a dish with chicken

I used to hate veggies before! What the eff is up! I don't mind as this keeps me a little slimmer, but I guess it's also school which is causing stress which is causing me to change my eating habits as well. <3

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