Saturday, October 4, 2008

take a walk with me

So life has been stupidly busy and ever so exhausting. If you're in school, you probably know exactly what I mean. Yet somewhere in the back of my head, I'm still thinking about Halloween. I have my plans in place and I'm sooo stoked. I'm still trying to figure out my costume though and putting all the pieces together. Nowhere at this time has high waisted shorts as everyone is bringing in their fall/winter 2008 stuff. So I headed to Value Village!!! So fun, even though they didn't have the shorts either. SO, I resorted to high waisted granny pants. They are a dark navy colour with tiny white pinstripes. I'm going to cut and sew these to make them to shorts! Then I'm sewing 4 big red buttons on the front. I'm wearing some sort of white shirt I'm not sure of which one yet though! And I'm making my own birdcage veil with red roses. I also need to findred shoes! And, I may be wearing white gloves. I'm so excited, but this means I have to get through all of exams as well. As terms of a social's gone. I'm up to my eye balls in projects and midterms. It's so depressing. I still try to stay in touch with people and I always get those infamous texts every weekend! At least others are having fun! <3

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