Sunday, October 26, 2008

fashion facts

Here are some interesting fashion facts which I found absurd. Something mindless to read before you start the new week.

  • The modern era of perfume began in 1921. This was Coco Chanel's classic Chanel No. 5
  • Fashion designers of the 1500s didn't have models. Instead they showed their designs by creating doll clothes, like miniature versions of their designs and take them to shows
  • Approximatley 200 years ago, children only started to have clothes distinct from those of adults. Before the used to just wear miniature versions of adult clothing
  • In the 18th century fake eyebrows were fashionable. They were made of mouse skin!
  • Today's average woman uses 6 pounds of lipstick in a year. What most do not know is that an ingredient frequently used in manufacturing lipsticks is fish scales.

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