Monday, October 27, 2008

people!!!! fashion goes from head to toe!!

I don't know about you but I find it so weird when people dress up but their hair does not match their outfit, or their toes are not painted while wearing open toe shoes! Just a reminder, just because you're outfit is hot, does not mean the rest of you is. Pay attention and work on the small touches such as a cute hair accessory into your voluminous locks. Every little bit counts in the world of fashion. Not saying that I dress up every day, because sometimes, being a girl, you want to have those scrubby feel fat days. But when dressing up, make sure you take a quick look in the mirror. Look presentable! This is also known as GROOMING. And please don't look like a gypsy with a million and one accessories. That's just straight tacky! Oh and one last thing, please don't spray 10 squirts of your Vera Wang Princess perfume on yourself. Either you didn't shower or you naturally smell bad and you are trying to show everyone that you own one designer perfume. Do your neighbours a favour and stop making them sick! :) Blame this post on the girl I saw on the bus today! <3

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