Sunday, October 26, 2008

messy messy

Wow.. I haven't really ever had a bad hang over, but I think today would be it. After a hard long week, I went out last night. I got absolutely hammered really meaning not to. It just happened. I didn't even have to spend a single cent! It was great. Let's just say the night was really retarded. It was dancing the night away. As per usual when I go out. It was my friends birthday and he had to go home at 11 because he couldn't even hold himself up. Just reeeetarded! I also saw a bunch of people from school which was kind of weird because we're such nerds when it comes to school then we're just tossing drinks left, right and centre.

P.S. Friday I finished my Halloween costume! I good to go! Halloween is in 5 days!! AHHH so exciting <3

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