Thursday, October 23, 2008

Stylista Review

So I got around to watching the Stylista show today!! Omg. I would love to be on that show or perhaps having a job of that sort. The environment and the fast pace seems to suit me. I'm disappointed in some of the people which they chose. I mean they chose 11 people and those are the people they came up with!? I also don't agree with the person who was eliminated, Arnaldo. I think he deserved another chance for sure. I guess I'm being judgemental but I feel that I could do this! Grr.. some of them aren't even stylish! There's a few people I like though. One of them is DyShaun. He reminds me of Andre3000. Cologne is cute, but she hasn't really said too much. Both Kate and Megan have awful personalities. I'm sorry! This is another show which will be added to my list! <3

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