Saturday, October 18, 2008

there is not good in goodbye.

Last night was my friend's going away party. I was very on and off this whole week about going. I posted that I was for sure going, but then backed out and eventually got convinced into going. I'm glad I did... I think. I got hammered last night which was long overdue. We just headed to a local bar and it was sooo busy! I even got hit on by my friend's brother and friend and he had to intervene it was quite funny. There were so many little details that you might as well have been there. But it was a very interesting night.

The sad part was that me and him said bye very abruptly and not the way I had pictured. They're partying again tonight but I have a million thins on my to do list which are mandatory. I hate goodbyes. It's weird how every time I get close to someone they leave.

On top of it all Canucks lost. <3


  1. The convincing part was all thanks to me! I was waiting to here about it! Aw, its so sad he's really leaving. Totally not the ending I thought you guys were going to have.. if you know what I mean ;)

    love, you know who. xoxo

  2. this is the least of it
    it's not even a full summary!!