Sunday, October 5, 2008

a whole lot of nothing

Yep! The above statement relates to my weekend. No going out, no drinking, no partying. Just me, my music, my phone, my noisy house and my piles of homework. Oh and I can't forget about the rain/hail storm!!! Friday, I ended up going shopping right after school to get material for a few things for my Halloween costume! Then I went to dinner, had 3 cups of coffee at dinner and headed home. I did most of my homework! Loads of fun. Saturday was about the same, I chilled in all day and did homework and went to a staff meeting, came home and did more homework! During my breaks I worked on my Halloween costume! It looks good! I'm so excited.

Last night, I was on the phone till 4 in the morning. There's always 2 people in my life who give me these expected drunk calls on the weekends. I feel almost empty if I don't receive these calls. The weird thing is that they lead nearly parallel lives. Well soon it'll be only one person drunk dialing because the other is leaving in 18 days!!! Jerk.

Oooh! AND on top of everything else.. do you like my new header/title, whatever you want to call it!? I was getting bored of the other one. <3

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