Monday, October 6, 2008

what is the world coming to?!

What is happening?! Are you aware what is happening with our economy?! It's fluctuating and stock markets are crazy. What do you invest in?! There is no where to turn because even banks are all wonky. Who knows what will be happening next. I am majoring in business so sorry to spring all this technology junk on you but you should be aware! Why do you think gas prices went from 150.9 to 123.5 in the last couple of weeks?! It's like the titanic! Just going down, and honestly I am a little bit worried. There are also tons and tons of job cuts being made so hopefully you have a secure job! The last big economic downturn happened in 1987! Retailers are also suffering as everyone is trying to save their money. They even had to lower a pair of $785 Jimmy Choos to $485! So if you have the money, buy now as prices lower. If not, hoard that because who knows what will happen next. They need to lower interest rates to inject more money into the economy I'm telling you! This will help consumption and expenditures! <3

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