Saturday, September 27, 2008

"let's have some fun this beat is sick"

Hope you're weekend is going swell so far! As for mine, my Friday started off a little bit wierd. The first and second year mingler was actually really fun. I got to meet all the first years and they were mainly boys! So that was definitely a plus. Then I rushed home for dinner and to get ready to rock, which ended up being an alright night.

I had to recover from a minor hang over this morning. drama, no crazy stories. Especially coming from the group that used to create the drama back in the high school days. I think this one was definitely a record. Some minor past memory bring up and spotted a few wierd happenings, but I guess that's bound to happen when you mix that crew with alcohol, a 45 person party bus and a club. Meanwhile, ofcourse I was getting the usual text messages from the usual weekend boy. The only really down side of the night was I forgot to bring my camera. And if you know me, I ALWAYS have my camera. It was devastating.

Anyhow, after making myself recover from my minor hang over, I went glasses shopping. Not sunglasses, prescription reading glasses if you will. I got a sick pair and they are being made! I'm so stoked to get them. They are the Dior 3139 in black. As shown here:
They are sophisticated and I can't wait to get them because my nephew broke mine! Omg omg OMG! and on top of everything... remember how I was saying that my good guy friend's girlfriend was coming out clubbing tonight!? Well, funny story. Him and I were talking on the phone when he got back into town. After we got off the phone, she was talking shit about me and he got pissed. It led to a bigger deal and got more serious and complicated and the broke up. Eeeeeks! That's not my fault is it?! I'm innocent!!! Party party more tonight! <3

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