Sunday, September 28, 2008

"baby go crazy, break the rules"

Oh dear. All in all a messy weekend! Fun, but messy. I got super drunk yesterday and had more than a blast. The club was super busy and I got free drinks! It was just a gong show. The music was hot but there weren't that many hot guys. It was very unfortunate. But I got to spend the time with my good guy friends! As you know my guy friend and his girlfriend broke up but all her friends came. He really didn't want them there, and whenever either of us don't want another person to be there we always intervene and make the situation better. So that's exactly what I did, me being a good friend I danced with him to piss them off and make them go away. It was hilarious and he thanked me 100 times over. Ooops. I was drunk? haha. On top of that there were these couples that kept bumping into me and falling all over the place. So finally I couldn't stand it anymore and pushed them. Oh well, they were too drunk they didn't even know what hit them. I know, it was a bitch move but I'm just trying to have my fun as well!!

I've been super busy so please don't blame me for not posting more! I send my love! xoxo. <3

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