Wednesday, September 17, 2008

the anticipation

So today I don't have school due to some team building event put on by the Student Association. Frankly, I'm not into that sort of thing. Especially when they say there is rock climbing involved. Hell no! This china doll does not climb rocks thanks. But anyways, the Common & N.E.R.D concert is tonight. So I'm supposed to work tonight and my guy friend called me up saying, "hey do you wanna go to the concert?! I really really want to go!" I'm like "YAH!!!! But I just have to find someone to cover my shift". So I end up getting it covered, then he calls me back saying, "OMG... tix are sold out unless you have American Express." Like what the hell. How is that even possible!? I don't understand. I know AMEX probably has a deal with ticketmaster, and I know I waited a day before the concert, but still! I'm so angry. So anyways, my friend is going to see if people at his office have an American Express card. My fingers are crossed! Cross them with me now. I have butterflies just thinking about it. <3

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