Friday, July 24, 2009

blah blah blah nothing to blog about

Ahh! I haven't found anything to blog about lately. No crazy news I'm hearing or nothing! Oy. It breaks my heart. Today I went downtown to run some errands and ended up meeting up with the boy. We went to see The Ugly Truth. After that we went to grab a bite and sat on the patio. Omg.. and this little boy whipped out his penis to start peeing on the patio in front of everyone. So embarrassing for his mother!! After that we went shopping downtown in the super hot heat. Shopping... if you consider not buying anything shopping... Ugh. I just can't afford anything at the moment even if they are ever so cheap. He made me put them down and turn away!! Can you believe it?! But it's a good thing.. Yes. I have convinced myself it is a good thing. I found 2 pairs of jeans I liked but couldn't decide between the two so he made me put it down. Then I tried on this AMAZING white leather jacket from Aritzia and I truly found love with a piece of clothing. It felt amazing and fit me ever so perfectly. Seriously. Too bad it was tres expensive. Ugh.. what's a girl to do. <3

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