Sunday, July 26, 2009

a day of randomness

Last night I was promoting, mingling and just doing my job. I met a few people and the night was pretty good overall. Before going out I went out to the beach. Right when we got to the beach, the sky started clouding over. Luckily it was so hot out. The type of humidity you just want to strip down in and jump in a bucket of ice. We brought my friend's dog and they went swimming. This guy, and his hook ended up getting stuck in Roxy (the dog's) mouth! It was disaster that we had to head back shortly. Also when I was out last night.. I ended up getting movie passes to Funny People! I'm pretty stoked. It's on Wednesday. I'm thinking of going to that and then heading to the fireworks!

Wait, I'm not done. So last night, I got home earlier than usual. I went to check my facebook and then bam! Staring me right in the face was a message from Australia man. *sigh* It's not that I don't like hearing from him, but he's a complicated one. I don't know. He always checks in on me at the right times.. but yet so wrong. And reminds me of the past. Oy. <3

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