Friday, July 31, 2009

highschool will always be highschool

So yesterday night, I ended up with all my high school friends which haven't seen in ages! A few of them have gone away and come back, but they are exactly the same. On a chill hot July night at a gathering they are still getting wasted. I'm not saying I'm above them or anything but I just don't understand how they do it almost every night! It's crazy! It was good seeing them though I'll admit. And to be honest they are a really close group which is nice to have, but sometimes I need downtime. I don't understand how they do it! And it's weird how somehow they know every bit of your life before you open your mouth. Small world I suppose. They felt exactly the same as how I left them in high school. <3


  1. Thought this might go well with the celebrity theme of this blog.

    Our new client is NOBU. The restaurant owned by Robert Deniro I think? It's actually a chain.
    If we go down to NY on a business trip, I'll steal another ticket and put you in a suitcase or something!

  2. and yes, I was working on a saturday:(

  3. wow working on a saturday eh!? someone is busy!!
    ooohh take me away to NY!!! haha you are privileged my friend.. your suitcase better fit my long legs! <3