Monday, February 8, 2010

the last week before the Olympic break...

The weekend has been absolutely hectic for me. I had my Panasonic training all weekend and also had to go to work at the night club and finish homework assignments. I was a straight ping pong ball, and I seem to have tired myself out. With the Olympics coming, it will be crazy busy as well because of course we are given a two week break from school, but at the same time exams begin when we get back along with papers. Just my luck. Plus I want to fit in a bunch of fun Olympic things! This Thursday is a media event for Panasonic so I will be meeting media from all over the world which I am really excited about. Plus we get free food and everything!

This weekend was fun at the club as I met these two random Australian girls and danced with them all night. I love meeting new people. You can't find very many friendly girls around anymore so it was such a joy.

Also, Valentines day is not too far away and I am celebrating it for the first time.. weird. Ohhh consumerism. <3

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