Thursday, July 29, 2010

me without my phone = trauma

Yesterday morning, I woke up happy as ever. I had a presentation for school and work later. I had some updates which needed to be done on my phone, so I accepted them. While this was happening I finished getting ready and went back to my phone.

All of a sudden, the start up screen just kept flashing over and over again. I took out the battery and powered on the phone. It kept doing the same thing!!! It wouldn't go past the HTC start up screen. My life was incomplete, and I'm not even as involved as my friends are with their phones!

I went to lunch with my Mom and she gave me her phone to switch my sim card which I was ever so grateful for. By the time I got home, I had googled the problem. I felt like such a tech nerd, going through the motherboard or whatever it's called on the phone, BUT I fixed the problem and although it erased some people off my contacts and the apps I downloaded, my phone works!!! haha the things technology does to us! <3

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