Friday, July 30, 2010

baby you my everything

Tuesday night, I went to the DRAKE concert! I went with the bf and two others. It was such a good night. So we got there and found our seats. I was so excited I didn't look at the actual section number. Rather I looked at the seat numbers. Number 50 to 54. We sat down and our seat were the second to last row on the first floor. But since it was at the Centre of Performing Arts, it was a pretty small but intimate concert, compared to Rogers Arena.

Anyhow, we sat down and then these 4 girls came and were like these are our seats. The usher ended up telling us that our seats were down more. So we kept walking until it said row C which was our actual seats. Meaning we were in 3rd row!!!!!! It was amazing and it was so close! It just blew how all the people ran up from the back into the aisles. Oh well. I have clip of him singing best I ever had. You can see how freaking close we were, but it doesn't justify it.

Overall, Drake is a really good performer BUT his opening acts blew. He is better looking in person. He brought up a girl on stage and made out with her too. Ah well, same thing every night when you're famous. That's all their into anyways. <3

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