Friday, September 17, 2010

best dream ever

So last night I had the most amazing dream.

I dreamt that I had relatives in New York, and my family and I took off to New York in the spur of the moment because we were invited. But the thing was that they didn't live in Manhattan. They lived in the outskirts, but on the most gorgeous property looking over water. We would have fabulous parties and they were quite well known in New York. Anyhow, we were invited to a benefit to raise money for AIDS I think it was. Everyone was there and it was simply amazing. It was a red carpet event. Everyone was mixing and mingling, and I got the opportunity to meet Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen and shake hands with them, take pictures with them and so on. They were down to earth, normal, gorgeous little people. I was asking them all the questions I could dream of.

It was probably one of my best dreams ever. <3

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