Wednesday, September 1, 2010

camel is the new black

If you open any fashion magazine for the month of September, there will be an ode to the colour camel, as the new black. There will also be pages of fashionable options in this colour and how you should wear this neutralized, earthy tone. Working in retail, of course we too have camel in our store. I personally am digging the new trend, but everything in this colour at my work has washed me out and did not accent my best features.

Before going camel crazy, you want to try on a few basic pieces in this colour. You want to keep in mind the different tones of this colour and what actually works best for your skin tone. As for me, it made me look more yellow, but don't be discouraged. Try picking out a more creamy camel tone if you are having the same problem, or even a tone darker. I found an amazing blazer in a less orange camel colour which I would call creamy camel, a lighter camel.

I don't think I have used the world camel so much in a few paragraphs! <3

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