Thursday, November 5, 2009

day 1 of VFW

Last night was the Opening Gala of Vancouver Fashion Week, and boy was it busy. It was the utmost disaster. I was working front of house dealing with guest list and it was ever so disorganized that even I was embarassed! Anyhow, we finally got to mingle and I saw a bunch of people that I recognized.

Later that night, I got poked in the back from a photographer and a designer for Killah and the guy representing Steve Aoki's line Dimmak. I got chatting to them and they wanted me to model for them this Sunday. I'm still not sure but we shall see.

Tonight was super hectic. It was our first fashion show night where models actually hit the runway. Lots of fun and lots of cute things but with that comes lots of work and craziness! <3

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