Thursday, June 18, 2009

graduation day!!!

I officially graduated today! I strutted across the stage in that gross gospel gown that makes everyone look bad. And I didn't have to wear that dumb hat because you only did if you bought it for $10. Then I received my diploma! You know that little paper that all of us slaved over for 2 years with 8 courses a semester!? Yepp.. I got it!

It was such an exciting event.. and I was kind of nervous to be honest. I wore the cutest outfit with a black waist high skirt and a baggyish tank top and a boyfriend blazer with the sleeves rolled up and kitten round toed heels.

Ofcourse with me, drama follows. A guy who used to like me and broke up with his girlfriend ended up there... with his ex!? I was like woah. And to top it all off she gave me the bitch look. The stare down. My special. So I went up and introduced myself. Sorry hunny, I'm not a threat. I just thought it was funny. The weather turned out marvellous and overall, it was a good day! My parents also got me a beautiful bouquet of roses! <3

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