Sunday, June 21, 2009

party weekend

This weekend started off with me heading out to the Wild Coyote. I was promoting there, and I have never been there before. I heard a bunch of mixed feelings on it, such as it's really bad to it's really good. Anyhow, I got there lateish and realized that when I got there I changed purses and forgot to put my ID back into the purse I decided to take out. So I was rummaging through everything because they wouldn't let me in otherwise. I finally managed to find something. THANK GOD. haha It ended being a pretty good night basically filled with dancing.

Last night, the boyfey wanted me to go to his friend's birthday with him so I agreed to go. We went to a Starbucks first cuz we were both tired from the night before and then we went started to walk. We ended up going into Pop Opera a club that I've never been into before because he knew one of the bouncers so we got in free. It was weird just us two there. There were alot of girls there too. It was so dumb because no one was getting bottle service and they designated most of the seats to bottle service. So there was only a little corner to sit!

Anyhow, we left shortly and we walked to Canvas Lounge. I promote there in a couple of weeks and I hadn't yet been. I really liked it! The music was so good. One of the DJs was Betti Ford, who was really good. I met his girl friends as it was one of their birthdays. I had lots of fun there, and then we both headed home after the club. But I did have lots of fun. I was out til 4 both nights. Ugh. I'm tired... <3

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