Wednesday, June 24, 2009

tuesdays at Celebrities

As you know, Celebrities is the it gay bar downtown. Tuesday nights are straight night, and everyone goes. The doors have started to open at 8pm due to the crazy line ups. It's insane! So last night my best guy friend from LA and all the guys and I went out. We decided to go there early and get stamped. We were there at 7.55pm and already there was a crazy line up. Isn't that insane!? We got stamped cuz we went through VIP and went to grab a bite. We headed there at 10.30, and the line was half a block down! It was crazy. I'm not even emphasizing.

The music was delicious and the night turned out to be pretty good except for the fact that the dance floor was packed and all. But that's what is expected when you go there. It was so hot in the club but we had lots of fun. I remember last summer I went there almost every Tuesday, but now I feel like my body just isn't handling it as well as it did! I'm old! <3

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