Sunday, August 9, 2009

whistler tester

So I was up in Whistler this weekend doing my promo thing at Crankworx. I will also be going up this coming Thursday to Sunday. Anyhow, we stayed at the Hilton Hotel and it was so fun. The beds were more than comfortable and we were just living in luxury.

Working the bars and nightclubs, we met so many people from around the world- Ireland, England, Australia, Brazil, Norway.. just everywhere! It was absolutely amazing! We got off work around 10 and then went to boogie at this nightclub called Maxx Fish. From the outside it looked like a bar but when we went in, there was loud, dirty, hot house music and I knew it would be a good night. Me and one of the other promoters were dancing all night! We didn't even dance with any guys but we literally owned the dance floor. It was sooo fun. I can't even explain to you.

The DJ was JT James. He's sicker than alot of the Vancouver DJs. It was just an amazzzing time! Round two coming Thursday! <3

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