Sunday, August 23, 2009

same old, same old

So, last night I went to 3 friends' birthday's they were having at a local bar. That venue is so gay by the way. But anyways I went. It was literally like a high school reunion. This consisted of my graduating class along with a grade below, and even people entering grade 12. Like, great. Anyhow, I did see people I haven't in a long time including this one girl who used to be my really good friend and she decided to freak out over nothing and has held a grudge since. Also, Australia man was there too. It was quite the interesting night seeing all the boys I used to have flings with and all the drama filled people. I also saw people I haven't seen since middle school. Weird.. I know.

The thing is, I knew that the night was going to be whack when there were bouncers outside of a pub checking IDs and giving us stamps.. like WOW.. what are you a wannabe club? And then you see people drunk sitting outside of the club in a mini skirt with their top almost coming off. CLASSY.. haha It was all in all a weird night. And also a reminder of WHY I don't hang out with these people on a daily basis!<3

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